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    Nah, I just got home from work, and I'm downloading it now. But you just made me that much more excited to see it as after last weeks episode I was expecting something special this week. The last two weeks moved the story along nicely, but they never really had a WOW moment, so to speak. Though, Skylar showing us her conniving side in getting the car wash was an eye opener, and lends weight to your prediction about Pam and Hank Vs Walt and Skylar. The more I think about that the more I think that would make for some blinding TV.

    It should take about an hour to download if I'm lucky, which will give me time to watch ep 3 again.

    I'll hit you up when I've watched it (twice, so's it all sinks in, and I don't start throwing lame predictions out there lol)
  2. Wrestling fans are some of the whiniest people on earth. Remind to stay away from this place on Monday nights, as the reactions at the end of every RAW seem to consist of equal parts piss and moan.
  3. lmfao @ Viper
  4. Thanks for wishing me luck, bro, but I'm not even sure that it's something I want to do. Seeing as that the remake isn't going to be a cable show, I'm kind of leery about the whole thing. Everything on the major networks these days seems to be some variation of the House formula, and I'm not really looking to get involved in anything like that, even if the money is good.

    FX is putting together a new superhero show based on the comic book, Powers, and my buddy and I are trying to get another friend of ours to get us an in to work on an episode of that. One of the major players behind The Shield is putting it together, and we've been hearing some really good buzz about it. Plus, it's a cop show and a superhero show, and what writer wouldn't want to work on a project like that? That shit just sounds like all kinds of fun.
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    Bruv, that sounds awful. And being a US citizen, it also sounds like it could get/has been expensive. I've had two minor back injuries myself, and the sort of work I do was blamed, but had I taken the necessary time off from work the first time it happened, the second one would never have happened. To this day, I can't sit in a comfortable position for longer than twenty minutes before comfortable mutates into its ugly opposite. It's far from needing surgery, though.

    I would say that the anti-inflamatories part is reason to at least consider surgery in the near future, as those things are nasty little bastards that cause gastric problems (which I'm sure you're aware of) and all sorts.

    On the bright side, it must give you plenty of time to catch up on the to-watch list

    Good luck with the meeting, bruv. I'm sure you've got it in the bag.
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    Thats great news about the meeting, but, I've never watched it. I know my mum really enjoyed it, though, and Robson Green is quite a big name over here. He used to be in a program called Soldier Soldier, but his big break came after he did a cover of Unchained Melody with Jerome Flynn... Robson & Jerome were HUGE for a while in the early nineties, and Unchained Melody was at number one in the charts for fookin ages!

    So... Wasn't really much help, was I?

    BTW, how's the back, man?
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    Hahaha! I think i'm tsking Bodom's place as the longest active poster on this site.
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    Ahh, thats a shame about Memphis Beat. I was wondering to myself what Jason Lee had been up too since they cruelly canceled Earl, so I looked him up, and thought I'd ask the expert

    Another thing America has given us are crime dramas... Lot's and lot's of crime dramas. CSI (insert state) is loved by many a British citizen.
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    I'll give Men of a Certain Age a spin, as Ray has a certain charm that some makes it impossible to hate, try as I might. Although I wouldn't go as far as to say I love him lol.

    I was meaning to check out Memphis Beat one day, too. Any good?
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    Also, here's a few more.

    My Wife and Kids
    Sponge Bob Square Pants
    Family Guy
    South Park

    As you can see, all the real gems are well hidden.

    As for Louie CK. He's so obscure here I couldn't even get Lucky Louie on DVD, and when I finally found it on Amazon, it never worked on my DVD player due to region codes. Although it does work on my laptop, and I'm gonna hit that up soon. Arrested Development IS my next port of call. If I can't download it, I'm gonna buy it. By the end of next week, either way, I'll be watching it. I did some IMDb-ing and Michael Cera is a guilty pleasure of mine (Year One, SuperBad, Scott Pilgrim, Youth in revolt.).

    But with HBO becoming very prominent due to our new TV channel, Sky Atlantic, theasses have been exposed to some fantastic stuff, so things ARE at least on the up.
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