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    Yeah, that's an astute observation, right there... I wonder if it was intentional? Either way it was fucking gruesome!

    Well, I tried watching the first three episodes of Terra Nova, but didn't find it great. I think I'll stick with it, but the wow factor just isn't there for me.

    I have the last two episodes of season one of Boardwalk to watch, then I'm'a catch up with season two. I fucking love that show, though, and I really should be up to date, but, well, there's just so much stuff to watch.

    Louie season 2 ended on a hilarious note.

    "Wave to me!"

    "OK, I'll wait for you!!"


    Parks and Rec is still golden, and Ron Swanson is still one of the all time great characters. Andy jumping over that counter in the last episode had me roaring, and April as Ron's "understudy" has taken giant steps towards greatness.
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    A year? Man, it sounds sooo far away (it is).

    I think that Mike will take it all rather personally, as we never really got to see the history between him and Gus, and I reckon that they were very close outside of their working relationship.
    I can see Jesse and Walt being/feeling forced into cooking on a huge scale. A multi million dollar business surely like that can't just cease to exist, and there are likely to be, like, tons of powerful figures who's pockets will suffer in it's absence.

    When Jesse finds out it was Walt who poisoned Brock I think it'll be Mike who let's him know, somehow.

    I never even thought about Don Eladio, and as technically the "bad guys" need to get nastier as the seasons progress, they could end up being waaay more heavy with Walt, and we could see one of his family being killed for real.
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    So... Like... Wow!

    Walt!?! I can't believe it was him that did the poisoning... Wait, no, I totally can. It's completely in character for him, and it appears that he is still more than capable of hurting Jesse to save himself, just like he did with Jane.

    Gus. Wow, Walt sure got him, huh?

    Walt Vs Jesse for the next season?
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    Wow@the ending of the last episode.

    To understate the obvious, next weeks episode is going to interesting.

    The desert scene was marvelously shot, and the shadows of the clouds moving over them made it an amazingly powerful moment... I don't think I blinked once.
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    Downloading last nights BB -and Boardwalk Empire- but last week was fucking amazing. That episode was like a movie.

    Jesse was so good in that last scene, and I loved the part when Mike said "either we all go home, or no one does."... That said a lot about both Gus and Mike, and their feelings towards him.

    Jesse and Walt =/= Mike and Gus.
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    I see someone banned him already so he won't be interviewing anyone anymore. How's the mod life treating you? I bet it's tough.
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    Hi. Got some dumbass sending me a stupid question, apparently he's done the same to you. Just wanted to point that out. By the way, congrats on being part of the Mod squad.
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    hi why did iron shelk quit wwf/wwe
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    Ahh, well, it only took me nearly four full seasons to come to that conclusion.

    Note to self. Must read up on these things.
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    Man, I am counting the minutes until I watch Sundays episode. Should be in about an hour, but last weeks episode with the Gus flashback had me hooked on Gus. He IS one of the best characters on TV today. From the police interview, to the flashback itself, the actor who plays Gus (his name escapes me, and BB is the first I've ever seen of him) absolutely owned, and after that episode, he almost came across like a babyface.

    I had a strange thought the other day... Could the program be grooming (for want of a better word) Walt to somehow, like, become a Gus type overlord? Like, by the time he does finally get taken down by Hank, he is at the top of his game, and is THE man.
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