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    So, Walking Dead season two is kinda great, but, not as great as An Idiot Abroad: The Bucket List, which gave me a headache because I laughed so much.

    Parks & Rec has been just as good as it's ever been. Lol at the fancy dress party.

    Good times.

    I still have seven episodes of Arested Dev to watch as well.

    Great times.
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    Nice little pun! I caught it.
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    thanks, it made me smile when I found it
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    thanks bro and I'll keep that in mind
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    hey IA would you mind changing the name of this thread
    I was originally going to make a new thread for each one of these but I thought it would be better to just have 1 thread for it. So could you change the name to "Ask Broc: NFL Expert"
  6. Yeah, Buster losing his hand was classic.

    "Loose Seal!"

    I'm most surprised about the show coming back on account of the fact that it was only ever successful from a critical standpoint. I mean, it was always a money pit; nobody ever fucking watched it. The fact that it ever even made it Season 3 surprises me to this very day. Them bringing it back at all and making a movie seems like they're kind of gambling on the post-Arrested success of Jason Bateman and Michael Cera to bring new viewers in.
  7. If you're interested in seeing more Giancarlo, I highly recommend a ground-breaking little cop show from the '90s called Homicide: Life on the Street. It was from the same people responsible for The Wire- Homicide, incidentally, also focused on crime in Baltimore- and it has one of the finest dramatic ensembles ever assembled for network television. Shows like The Shield (my favorite show of all the times) even owe a lot of its aesthetic to Homicide as Homicide was the drama that introduced television to the approach of filming with handheld cameras. It's very authentic and gritty stuff, and it features one of the greatest performances/characters in television history with Andre Braugher as Det. Frank Pembleton. Shit, Braugher, and Braugher alone, is reason enough to watch the show. All of the amazing writing, directing, and other terrific performances are just sweet, sweet icing on an already delicious (and badass) fucking cake.
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    That was crazy about the mask! Such a random detail that would never have foretold what was going to happen, but hindsight made it a vision of the future. I sure hope this show receives plenty of awards when all is said and done.

    I also just read an interview with Giancarlo Esposito, and apparently he feels he had a lot to do with the decision to give Gus so many layers, and Gus could have been far less interesting if not for his desire to make him more than just a recurring guest role. I think I need to see more of this Giancarlo guy, as he has OWNED this season.

    I'm almost at the end of season two of Arrested Development, and Buster getting his hand bit off by a seal is the biggest highlight so far.

    "I'm a monster!!!!"

    ^Too funny.

    With the amount of top actors, in the show, who must have work coming out of their arses, the producers of the show are pretty damn lucky to have them back for a fourth season.
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    Just checked... Walking Dead on the sixteenth of this month. Fantastic.

    I still remember reading your post saying we have to wait until next October to see season two. Well, October is here, and I can't wait to see just how far the Zombies have infested the earth. Plus, twice as many episodes makes me a happy guy. I can't wait for the return of one handed Merle.
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    I rewatched the first season of Arrested Development to really get acquainted with all the characters properly, and am about 10 episodes deep into the second season (I have all three on DVD). You was soo right about that show. It's genius, and I'm honestly gobsmacked by some of the jokes, but it's the fact that it's a fascinating continuing story, rather than meaningless episodes, is what has me hooked. I love every character on that show, but Tobias takes the biscuit. He's just gone through his blue phase. Genius.

    Walking Dead?

    Oh, and TUF season 14(?)... Thoughts on the upcoming fight between Miller and Bisping? I've never seen a full Miller fight, so I'm not sure if he's worth the attention he gets, but there has to be something behind the multi coloured hair and charisma, right?
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