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    Just going to tell you read up on the Joe Paterno case, the Penn State scandel.
    He did all and what he could do, but no one was willing listen he did tell... Yeah he might been one of the most powerful people that was at Penn State, but the people above him refused to listen or look deeper into what was happening.... Should Joe have went to the police when he first found out this, simple answer yes.....
    But it was more covered up then you, I or anyone knows it....
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    Well, right now you should be watching The Bucket List, and laughing out loud until it hurts. Let me know what you thought of it... I will probably/definitely check out season four of the office, as I love the characters now so I'm eager to see how things pan out. Can't believe Carrel's gone, though. Wow that sucks.... And, YES! Parks and Rec just gets better and better (how is that even possible?!?). This past episode proved that. Paul Rudd as Bobby Newport? I sure do hope he's staying around for a while. Andy sneezing and knocking himself silly and the following shenanigans (brain-helmet may be the best name for a head I've ever heard), Ron and Chris having lunch after crushing the dreams of that guy who wanted to build a dam, Tom, Leslies campaign, and more made that episode one to remember... Eastbound and down season three must be on it's way soon, too... Good times.
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    Edit: se2ep2 is where I'm up to.
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    I'm up to date (se2 ep1), and I think you must be on about their mother returning. Yeah, you really start to appreciate that no matter how broke they are, they're a family, and they stick together. Lol, I do feel for Fiona, and if I'm honest, my penis feels for her too! The episode where little Debbie took that little kid has been my favourite so far, and the plan they devised to get him back to his family was genius. Plus, the name Kash will now be synonymus with illicit gay sex with young ginger boys and married Muslim men. Nice. I've also fallen in love with The Office. Season three was a huge serving of greatness.
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    Lol, you VM'd yourself.. I only just read it, and as soon as I saw the pic, the majority of the film came flooding back to meHmm.. Chuck REALLY isn't my thing, and I'm pretty sure I've never seen an episode of the OC. Lol, I'm not hopeful for the US version of Misfits now.... The US Shameless has me hooked, though, and I actually prefer it to the original, due in part to the fact that I've only ever caught a few episodes of our version.
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    Can you please ban me? I'm a terrible poster/troll and I don't deserve to post here. Also, my mother drank well into her third trimester.
  7. Yeah, Gilgun was Woody in the original film.

    And if the Josh Schwartz that you're talking about is the one that I know of, he's responsible for stuff like The O.C., Gossip Girl, and Chuck. I haven't really watched any of those shows, so I don't think I can be of much help. I do know that Chuck has a pretty dedicated fanboy following, though.
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    Just checked.

    Josh Schwarz is supposedly co-writing a US Misfits.

    Name ring a bell?
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    I'm downloading them as I type this.

    Gilgun is one of my favourites at the moment. Being Sheehan's replacement in Misfits (is there a US version of Misfits in the pipeline?), he was always going to face a hard crowd on that show, mainly from me, but after watching episode 7 he finally won me over in that role. And, yeah, you just saying he looks like Punk has just freaked me out a little. Coz the first time I saw him on Misfits I was like, "who's this CM Punk wannabe?!". Was he in the movie? It's been a while since I saw it.

    Finding that he is in TIE just made my day/night.

    We did discuss '86, but I didn't ever get around to watching it.
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    *Begins looking for torrents... For the first season.*

    Lol, I've always been meaning to check that out. You've inspired me once again.

    I'm also going to be getting The Office: I saw three episodes on the plane to S.A, and I've been charmed big time. It was from, like, season six or something (the wedding).

    Too many great actors in that show for me to ignore it anymore!
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