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    Yeah... I don't think I've ever felt as -I won't lie- up-fucking-set when reading comic books as I was when I read The Walking Dead #100.

    Man, I wish you had read that shit!

    So good/wrong.
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    Not yet. Every time I tell myself to go something pops up. Although I'm still on the Peters Inn mailing list. Maybe when it stops being hotter than hell I'll take a trip over.
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    -Am I wrong in thinking they made light of Lane's death on the last ep, i thought it would dominate the characters and plot. Im thinking the penultimate ep should've been the finale as it made for much gripping television, but maybe I'm missing the symbolism of the last ep or something like that because it was abit of an anti-climax.
    -Glen has to be dropped, I know he is Weiners son but he's too awkward and looked like he was going too rape Sally at one point.
    -January Jones is no longer pregnant so fat Betty storyline should fade away, hopefully.
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    Speaking of the series, I'm disappointed to learn that Kirkman was involved in the second series. Especially the whole Zombie in a well farce. Clearly he wasn't on form there.

    Lastly, yes I have a PS3, but as you read in our little thread, I'm lacking in the means to actually use it lol. How I haven't heard about the game is quite strange as each issue I've downloaded has the letters page intact, and there's been nothing mentioned about it at all
    BtW, I'm totally gonna write to the comic, something I've never felt the need to do... Watch this space--lol.

    Oh, and, Walts return is imminent. I just got a little light headed as I typed that.
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    The incredibly high death rate has my arse literally on the edge of its seat as I read about these unfortunate survivors. Like, Kirkman has gone for the whole nobody is safe situation, and for me, that totally works. Like, Abraham is a character that I've come to enjoy a lot, but I find myself fearing for him every time a zombie appears in his vicinity. I know she is a major selling point, but I even feel like that about Michonne, although the chances of that woman being bit have to slim-to-none.

    This next story-arc is definitely one to rival the prison one. Totally digging Jesus. What an original character he is. Shame it'll take, like, three or so more seasons until we see him in the series.
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    Just a quick thought.. Imagine a movie with Louis C.K and Danny McBride. That shit would #own.

    Anyway, yeah, I'm exactly like you are with The Walking Dead when it comes to comics. TPBs or bust. I follow Garth Ennis and Darrick Robertson's The Boys, and I'm eagerly awaiting the next volume (which should be in a couple of days). I don't think I could possibly read one issue and wait another month until the next for a plethora of reasons. Reading 99 issues of TWD was one of my all time favourite comic reading experiences (topped by Y The Last Man issue 1-80). I have the audio of The Rise Of The Governor, so at least my TWD fix isn't completely over for this month. I know by now I shouldn't, but I still find myself shocked at some of the things Rick says and does. The change in him from issue one until now has been drastic, but Kirkmans subtle approach to it has made it feel as though no shark has in-fact been jumped.
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    Being an Uncle Buck mark, I kicked myself for not realizing who that woman was in the break up scene. Still classically uncomfortable even on the sixth viewing.

    Yeah, to use a black woman as the mother of his two blonde children was a complete stroke of genius. Peeps getting panties bunched up over that clearly missed the point.

    Yeah, Channing (weird name if ever I heard one) is actually really good in 21, and his chemistry with Jonah Hill works extremely well. The whole movie -while essentially just a teenage fun-fest akin to SuperBad- has set up the franchise nicely, and I for one am certainly looking forward to part deux. The cameos and supporting cast will have you breaking out a smile or two as well
    Can't say I followed the original series, but, believe me, the theme tune is ingrained in my psyche. When we first got Sky TV back in '90, that show was one of Sky One's highest rated shows, and they used to play the commercial for it during WWF Superstars lol.
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    -Fuck me, Kind of had an idea something bad was going to happen to Lane but didn't see that coming, a bit dark of Mad Men. Good drama though.
    -Looks like Don is going back to his womanising ways after watching the last ep.
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    I got to season 7 of the office. I'm up to about episode 12 or 13, but have sloooowed down ob watching it these days. Once a week if that.

    Ron Swanson sighting in 21 Jump Street. Marked out. Film wasn't even that bad, all things considering.

    Also, yeah, I downloaded The Walking Dead 1-99 last wee, and am currently awaiting the arrival of issue one hundred with the rest of the world. I'm blown away with how good it is. The additions of Michonne and The Governor should add some needed spice to the TV show.
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    So, I've watched Louie season 3 episode one, like, five or so times, and the opening routine has a fella cracking up every time. It certainly ranks up there as one of his funnier stand up moments throughout the show so far. Like, right up there with the Royal Family-cockmeat gag from season two.

    The break up was painful to watch.

    Great start.

    (I need another new show to watch BtW-izz-ay.. Recommended viewing? )
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