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    That's awesome! Did they ban you?
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    I don't know why but I always thought Andie MacDowell to be more attractive than Julia. Both seem to fit that same mold of dark hair, more (for the lack of a better term) average type girl who rely upon personality as opposed to looks.. Andie's kinky hair is what did it.

    Just goes to show that everyone has their own taste. None is right or wrong, just an individual. That's why I do my best to stay away from making asolute statements because there is no way to be 100% accurate when involving personal choice.
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    The only thing that the show did for me was to show JS's talent and to help further revive NPH's career. Others found the show to be an amazing comedy, but some made the same claim for shows like Joey and anything with the chick from Seinfeld. It's another show that I don't find myself "in the know" about, which is perfectly fine by me. Perhaps when it's played to death on syndication I might begin to enjoy the show, but from what I have seen so far, I don't feel I am missing out of the best show on television the way I felt when I caught Entourage in the middle of the second season.

    Honestly, its these 'songs of praise' that scare me away from the likes of Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, and Mad Men. This type of over-hyping could also why I didn't see Skyfall as the all be it all so many claimed it to be. Just like with the show Suits, you enjoy it or you don't but you should check out once to make your own decision ya know
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    I understand... But honestly, HIMYM sucks. I have tried like hell to get into it, but it just doesn't strike my fancy. I don't see how it had the ability to hook so many into blindly following in it's implied legend. There were some funny parts, but there were also funny parts to the Flying Nun as well; both of which just weren't my bag, ya know.
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    More like the past 30 post have been directed towards television in some form or fashion (HIMYM hate/love and all) so I thought the idea was "fuck the television thread, keep the action flowing in CBOT" so I was following suit like the good little drone I am.
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    I thought you guys merged the TV thread with CBOT?

    Well I guess I deserve one of these

    for assuming and carrying on the conversation like that.
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    I swear...hobert bugs the nerves out of me....
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    Hey, did you get that PM I sent ya? Also, I plan on checking out your TWP post later because from what I've heard about it thus far, it sounds pretty juicy. I'll get back with you later when I'm at work and fully online; right now it is time to play with the kiddos. Cheers
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    So just read what you posted on TWP. Brutal, but totally honest. Kudos. Personally, while I have nothing against Krysys, they were foolish to do what they did
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    I actually told Krysys that trolls might actually help the site at that point... I mean, there was no interest from any of the users to use it except to laugh at the trolls.
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Bringing Meaning Back To Tired, Old Titles

by Robstar on 11-25-2013 at 08:20 PM
Way back when I was a lad, each title meant something special and individual in it's own right. Granted, there were fewer, but each one represented a certain tier and level of accomplishment and herein I think, lies the answer.

WWE needs to reestablish a level of ranking where certain guys are only involved in one scene at a time. For instance, if you are in a tag team, you should rarely,

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Can Anyone Convince Me Why.....

by Robstar on 10-25-2013 at 03:30 PM
....Paige will make it on the main roster??? I have my doubts.

For starters, she's English. American audiences are notoriously hesitant when it comes to deciding on how they feel about any wrestler not from North America. Think Cesaro, think ADR, think Sheamus, think Regal, think any Japanese wrestler. I'm going to go right ahead and say it, a lot of wrestling audiences need to be lead

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How The Ratings Are Ruining The Ratings In WWE

by Robstar on 02-25-2012 at 05:54 PM
I've mentioned this in a couple of threads now, but think it warrants it's own thread.

I think that WWE's obsession with ratings breakdowns are seriously hurting the product and the wrestlers. Before the WWE had such and intense and detailed breakdown of what was rating when and where (with WWE deciding the WHY for themselves), guys had the time to get over. WWE were obviously

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