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    Yeah, she voiced Vanelope to perfection.

    Silverman is also extremely underrated in the hotness department. I think we'd make a perfect couple. Y'know, what with the whole weird looking nose thing we've got going on.

    MIB III will tug on your heart strings. I'm not the only bloke who it poked in the eye either. Be warned lol.
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    It started a few years ago actually. I've had not shed a tear for the bad stuff that's happened over the past eight years or so, but a movie can have me sniffing and leaking at the eyeball like nobodies business. Have you seen MIB III? Maaaaan. That ending kicked the shit out of me, and I don't even like the MIB movies all that much lol. Wreck It Ralph too, but I blame that on the fact that that little kid is quite possibly the cutest thing ever to hit a movie screen. What a sap!

    Going to CbOt now lol.
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    Sounds like a party! I'd love to meet Kung Fu Panda. Without J-Black I would never have heard of a Mc Surf & Turf (Filet o'fish inside a quarter pounder. Boom.). Let me know if you get to go, and tell him about your English buddy who is forever in his debt for his MickyDees tip (not that I've had MD's in over two years, but if I did, it'd be Mc S&T time! )

    Gonna check The Book Thief out then. If I manage to sit through it all I'll let you know how I liked it. Sounds like a year jerker, and I love a good shedding of a man-tear these days lol (it doesn't take much, seriously, I blame the drugs lol).
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    What is The Book Thief all about? It's on MegaShare and after seeing your post about it the other day I was going to check it out.

    Thor driving fast cars is going down well so far. "Ahh, James Hunt. It suits you, it rhymes with **ENGINE REV!!**"... I LOL'd. I used to see a girl from Crystal Palace just by where that race track was where that comment was made..

    Most kids usually want to watch an animated movie over and over and over... Consider yourself lucky lol.
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    Morning! It's 21:43 here. Well, that's what the clock says, but it's officially tooth-hurty (sorry, pain made me say that lol)

    The biggest story is I was too drunk to duck. Reccomended to those with the flat end of a bottle is heading towards their over abused/previously punched poor nose. People think twice about trying it on, though, as it adds a level of meanness to my otherwise handsome mug

    Ahh, sounds like good times. I bet you've seen all of the good Pixar/Dreamworks movies. I have too BTW. Recently watched Turbo. Loved it like a kid lol. Speedster snails FTW

    You know, since I've has my car I've not even bothered to check the actual price per litre, but £40 goes pretty fast. That girl lives 50 miles away from me, and it's cost me a fair bit for a just a couple of trips there and back. Don't worry, I made her pay for my parking haha (Gentleman right here, folks! )
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    Oh, BTW, I'm just starting to watch Rush based on your TV thread raving about it. Should it suck, I'm blaming you for spoiling my Saturday night.
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    I am the new guy. Fuck Ash and 'droo, that's my spot yo!

    Did a radio show today, but no gigs till the beginning of next month. Currently getting over manflu and battling a toothache that's probs gonna cost like two hundred to fix.

    Picked up groupie who turned out to be pretty cool on Boxing Day. Her pick up line was "I love your nose, can I touch it?" I said "only if you touch my *cough cough*", she obliged, so I did too. Lol, life as a broken nosed MC has it's moments haha

    Also feeling the strain of having a 2 litre engine car. Seriously, petrol shouldn't be this expensive!!

    Hows Bray? What time is it in the Big O.Z?
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    A post in the EWNCW thread needs approving mate.
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    There's not an awful lot of difference. VeggieMite is waist to spread, and it's not as tar-like and rich.
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    Hanging? It's bloody freezing here, bruv!

    It's going good, buddy. I'm hungry, though, and whenever I'm hungry and I speak to you I always feel like some lamb. Having lived with Aussies in the past (sexy female Aussies lol) and they always raved about the lamb. I also got to sample VeggieMite which was amazing because it came in a squeezable tube. Fantastic!
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WWE needs to reestablish a level of ranking where certain guys are only involved in one scene at a time. For instance, if you are in a tag team, you should rarely,

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