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    You might want to look in the NOC section.
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    Only a few more posts in the JBW thread to go. When it hit's 50,000... can you please lock it?
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    Cbot is closed!? Is there going to be a new thread to take it's place!?
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    Ey Bob, fancy moving this to where tit's meant to be?
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    While I'm thinking about it...

    I'm listening to this podcast now. The interview with Lex was nice and makes me want to read his new book. The interview with Carrie Dunn made me want to start searching a bit more British wrestling. Nothing news worthy, but if you get a chance, check it out.
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    Agreed... It really seems as if the squeaky wheel gets the oil. Sadly, society continues to feed the oil to the squeaky wheel instead of seeing the faults causing the wheel to squeak in the first place. Had that happen, perhaps they would fix the root cause instead of succumbing and giving them what they want as to not hear their noise, rather than helping to deal with and potentially fix the actual issues.
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    I find it sad that the political aspect of it all takes more precedence over teaching the actual history of the world. I am all for supporting the movement forward of culture and society, but let’s not write out or "alter" history in a way that we see fit to not "offend" others. We don't want our children to feel like "failures" so we pass them when they fail. How do we not see that this is not changing their abilities but delaying the moment when they realize this from "child" to "young adult"? This makes all but sense to me.

    Fucking hippy bullshit!
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    Those who argue as to "who is right" when determining which regional dialect uses the "correct" word? Yes... they are all sub-par.

    Speaking of the difference in how kids are taught in school these days, I got a cringe out of hearing that my 10 year olds teacher did not teach lessons out of their text books. Instead, she puts problems on the "video board" and has the kids come up to answer them. I asked him how he thought he "learned" anything by that, to which he replied "By what the teacher teaches us." This, mixed with the realization that they are now avoiding teaching kids how to problem solve without the aid of electrical devices such as calculators and iPads, has me seriously invested in his school work along with a more grim outlook on the future of society (as if it could get any darker).

    Sad to put all your eggs in one basket and hope that none of them are cracked when you go down the bumpy roads of life.
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    It's how it works over here; re-write things in the history books so that only what one wants remembers in the new generation is what is remembered by all. I see it happen all the time in my kids' history books and when confronting the teacher about the "truth" behind what they present to the children, they can only use the current history book as a defense mechanism...

    How can a history book that is being subjected to questioning over its accuracy be used as a source to how accurate the book is?

    More or less, the origin of the word isn't as important in society as what is the popular opinion of those with sub-par intelligence. We all know that, Mr. Star
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    Haha... Wiki scolded me for the changes I made to their website;

    *In [[English in the Commonwealth of Nations|Commonwealth English]], biscuit is improperly used to address what they (being those in England) actually called a "cookie". "Scones" is another version of a fabricated word in which English people on the internet attempt to use as how "proper English speakers" should address the terminology for the word "cookie". No matter how many failed attempts to suggest other meanings for the word, a biscuit is still a baked piece of bread to those arrogant Americans who will not hear the cries of their neighbors across the pond... The ones who gave them the language they use and all. Americans do not care what others refer to an item as, so long as one admits that the more "popular term" for said word is the one America chooses to accept as common place.
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