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    Clear your inbox, you popular bastard.
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    Do you have a 360 or a PS3, by any chance? Telltale Games has released 2 episodes so far of their Walking Dead game, and it's just phenomenal. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy better than the television show. And it's just as easily as good as the books. You're basically playing an interactive version of what you would find on the page, only now you're dictating the narrative. And they're really breaking new ground in terms of the sophistication of storytelling by giving your choices and decisions real weight and emotional heft. By the end of each episode, you almost feel as wrung through the wringer as the people in the actual story.
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    With The Walking Dead, I wait to buy the multi-issue volumes- I prefer digesting them in larger chunks- and the most recent Volume (#16) only runs up to issues #91-96. So, yeah, I'm behind you. Sucks, too, 'cuz I just got to where they made it to the hilltop city where Rick wants to restart civilization, and it might be the best the book has been since they first arrived in Woodbury.
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    Need a new show, huh? Well, I've got a pretty big hard-on for Mad Men at the moment. Definitely can't go wrong there. I'm not sure if you've already seen Sons of Anarchy or not, but that's a definite watch, too. Oh, what about The Shield? Yeah, watch The-fucking-Shield, like, stat (read: immediately). Sooooooo good. Trust me: you'll love the hell out of it. I could talk all day regarding everything that I love about it.

    I still need to see 21 Jump Street- I grew up on the original series, and it's always been a big-time guilty pleasure- as I've heard nothing but surprisingly good things. Many of rumblings that the real surprise was Channing Tatum turning out to be genuinely funny.
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    Did you happen to catch who the girl in the break-up scene was? It was the little girl from friggin' Field of Dreams and Uncle Buck. And seeing her all grown up made me feel old as fuck. Awesomely appropriate given how the entire episode dealt with, well, Louie getting old.

    Louie's wife being played by a black chick made me genuinely LOL. He's just doing like how he did with his mom's character and having multiple people play the part, but I still knew that much of the fanbase were going to get hung up on it. Sure enough, I look around the web a bit right after the episode and all kinds of digital pants are getting pissed in.
  6. headed there now boss!!
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    Cheers man! You can expect a promo request today/tomorrow too, so keep an eye out for that!
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    Good to see you back bossman
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    Holy shit. That's this week already, yeah? Good thing you said something because I legit forgot all about it. Haven't seen any ads or promos in well over a month. The only comedy on FX that really seems to be getting advertised is that new Charlie Sheen show (the appeal there continues to escape me).
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    Hey man, can you give me Gretzky's finisher/finishers and also 4 or 5 signature moves?
    I'm just updating stuff in the batcave and need to make sure everything's up to date.
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