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    Kashy D!!!! Place to be!!! You gonna be hittin up the old chatster tonight my man? Broski! I'm thinkin there may be a few more people than our magnifique, Tour De Force of a two-man show at last weeks fisticuffs! IIIIITTT....will soon be.....TIIIIIMMMMEEEE!!
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    Now I really liked miles' character, and tbh, I didn't think they used it as much as they could. On the other hand the guy who played faraday, IMO was played a really good part. DF gets the nod...

    Desmond (you know what I'm saying brother?!) or sayid?
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    Driveshaft ftw!!! You all everybody! You all everbody!

    I have to say that charlie's death scene, was one of the saddest things Ive seen on tv... Forget black beauty! "NOT PENNY'S BOAT" and then the gulp! Oh man...

    Hanks or Leo, I go with hanks. Loved him in castaway and DCode.

    Sidenote: did you ever see the Dhama logos on the show? On the shark? And other places... Man what a head fuck!

    Oh yeah, it's my turn... Erm... Kate or Juliet?
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    How's the gob mate? Did you get to the dentist?
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    Oh man, Tbag or hiro is a hard one. I really liked them both, although tbag did do some freaky things and had a really weird voice/accent. Hiro on the other hand was quite comical towards the beginning of season 1. I always liked his passion, he didn't know what he had to do, just that he had to do it.

    I go with hiro mate... Gets the nod.

    Locke & Ben or jack & sawyer
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    Make sure you play through the tutorial/dojo when you get started on Fire Pro, itll teach you how the system works, its real easy and when you get to the character creation, you'll see its very deep too.. You could make an all striking character and dominate the world lolol, my Psycho Siaki character is a submission artist with lots of counters to the moves, St George is an agile big man with a move set similar to the Dynamite Kid.. You'll see what im talking about when you get into making the game.. But make sure its a MUST to do the tutorial before jumping into the game my brotha..
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    Xmen: last stand channel 4!!!!!! Now!!!
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    Hubba bubba made a drink?!?!?! WTF! I never new they made a drink! I feel like my childhood is imcomplete now!

    Now you've gone and done it... LOST! can of worms opened!

    I really can't answer this one at all. Both characters had a lot of character in the same ways. They loved and lost, fought and conquered, did and didn't believe, the list goes on. They both told a tragic story, yet both were the characters you got behind. Hurley's sense of humour, and one liners, and the constant use of the word dude may just edge him over the line by a gnat's bollock. Very, very close though...

    Heroes or prison break? Ooh, good one!
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    I will reply to your PM later. xD

    That was a lot, and I want to be able to give a decent reply. ^^ I hope you have fun at work.
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    Oh man, do I have to?! Mrs Leggo really likes both of them, but I suppose half of the female population does too.

    I'll go with Depp, as I really like him in Pirates of the caribean.

    Here we go then, let's see...

    Hubba bubba or bazooka? (bubble gum)

    A non disrespectful Sidenote: LMFAO!!! Oh KD, you gotta get me a photo of your he-man hair! Now I'd pay to see that bruv! Lol
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After reading a blog on here the other day suggesting that WWE should implement a Cruiserweight Division, I thought I'd throw my two pennies worth into this idea, and, fingers crossed,

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