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    Kasheester, forgot to put this bit in lol. Man that's near 900 words. <<Gets carried away.

    My bad KD, I didn’t go that far in the calendar. Brock and Overeem are scheduled to fight at UFC 141 on 20th December. That’ll be an affair, to say the least. Again though, I don’t think I’ve seen Overeem fight, could be wrong. I’m shit in that I pretty much only catch UFC, but I have seen some WEC though. I think Brock for this one though, again just bias and sticking with the ex-pro wrestler, feel like he’s one of us, lol, I dunno.

    Stately here: He's not been on for a while. Don't thin he's been on alot, but still. lol

    Anyway mee auld mucker, I gotta get some sleep. I pinky promise I'll reply to ya later on today/night/morning.

    Stay safe Money(squared)
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    P.S. PS lol. Power Slam is the best mag. I think I’ve been reading it on and off since about 99. Later on in the years, pretty much every month, I think. I’ve still got a load of old copies in loft; I keep them ‘coz my Uncle bought them all, and once he was done with them he gave them to me, still does, it’s memories and if we ever wanted to look back at stuff, we got a lot to look through. Also got some old WCW mags from around 99 onwards, and WOW (World of Wrestling), did you ever get that back in the day? WOW was like second best. We get FSM now some of the time, it’s not bad, but I prefer PS. Did you know Stately Wayne Manor was a member here? Though he’s not been in the mag much at all recently. Maybe ask him about it, lol.
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    I want the Bis to rule TUF! So I’m hoping he wins the show, and the big fight. Again though, I don’t think I’ve seen much Miller. I know I suck!

    Yes, it’s Dan Henderson. I’m goin Shogun. Dan’s getting on a bit – 41, and Shogun could overwhelm him. Saying that though, Dan’s won 6 of his last 7 fights; loss to Jake Shields. It’s fighting, lol.

    Mitrione-Kongo? Hmm Kongo I’m gonna go for, just a punt.

    Mirko-Roy? Tricky one here. I kinda got a soft spot for both guys. Both could do with a win. But Mirko is coming to the end of his career, and Roy needs to win to keep his moving up. I don’t know who will win, but maybe Big Country.

    Edgar Maynard III? Edgar to retain the belt I reckon, no real reasoning.

    Penn-Diaz? I’m goin Diaz then. You like him, I’ve read wee bits about him, and I’m not a big Penn guy. Yeh so Diaz.

    137? DARCE in EVERY fight! Callin it here. It’s bound to happen!

    What about yourself on those KD?

    SHIT! 20 a day!? What they about man!? That is pretty crazy! Haha.
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    UFC Live? Shit man, I woulda been there for sure, if I wasn’t going out. I can imagine you chatting to yourself haha. “Ohhhh you see that DARCE Kash?!” “Yeh man!” Haha Glad I didn’t miss much though, and I should be here this Saturday for defs man! Gotta see Aldo surely. It would be soooo gutting if he just outright chokes (in the figurative sense,) and loses, he could though, it’s fighting. I like K.Flo aswell though, he’ll have droped all that weight again. Be pretty impressive if he gets another title at another weight. But yeh, goin Aldo.

    Haha I know. The rest of the card is a lot of Brits, so guess it gets more exposure in the big one. Next Bi? I’m the exact same, about Leben. Seems like your classic meathead type.

    Btw Kashy, I just use Wiki to go through the upcoming events if you ever wanted to look at some of them. On the right hand side, under the venue, date, etc, it has event chronology, and you can click through them.
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    Hey man, sucks about the boots, but it’s your own fault, you know what they say “if you buy cheap, expect cheap” lol. (something like that). And hahaha at the Cristal, I can just picture it all – “Hi there my lady…oh ‘what am I drinking’ dahling? Oh it’s just some Cristal, nothing special dahling. Waiter, fetch the finest Cristal.” Lol, classic! Shots or cocktails are always a good thing to get going. Sometimes I’ve made it my mission to go through every cocktail at one place in one night, it’s great, but fuck, it gets pricey!

    Ahh yes you’re right about the Diaz thing, I remember reading about that. That’s funny, haha. Don’t mess Dana about. Nick was in Strikeforce wasn’t he, and he was the kinda badboy, hothead, or something? I’d prefer GSP, he’s one of my faves. I woulda gone with him aswell in the fight, but that’s a bit bias ‘coz I don’t think I’ve seen Diaz fight? I think GSP over Condit aswell, but shocks happen, everyone has two fists for that one punch.
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    I can't wait man!

    Thanks for the motivation!
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    Lol thanks man! I think it is good and I never talk good about the promos I do.
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    Lol that guy.

    He is a GTS hater lol I had to show KENTA's GTS and he was all "Did Punk stole it from KENTA?"
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    Promo sent. What do you think?
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    Can you ban "squarecircle" please? Dude is being a douche in the "in one years time" thread (WWE Section)

    Match is coming.
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