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    As far as the characters go, the redneck with the crossbow and the increasingly despicable Shane are the only two that I'm really finding compelling at the moment (Shane's evil deed at the end of last week's episode was one of the highlights of the entire series, in my opinion, and I've got my fingers crossed that they'll continue to explore the lengths that these people will go to survive as that's one of the more fascinating aspects of the comics) . That T-Dog guy is particularly worthless, and I struggle to see why the writers haven't just fed him to the walkers yet. I'm also not a big fan of Lori, and part of me wishes that Rick would just falcon punch her right in the vagina already. The weak characterizations are shame, too, as most of the cast are more than capable. Shit, even Andrew Lincoln's wonky accent hasn't been enough to stop him from delivering the dramatic goods when he needs to.
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    Yeah, I didn't know that An Idiot Abroad: The Bucket List had already debuted until a day or two ago. I'm going to try and get my hands on whatever has aired over the weekend.

    Walking Dead has definitely been an improvement over the wildly uneven first season- the difference in quality between the fantastic pilot episode and the dreadful one where they end up in an old folk's home with a bunch of Mexican gangbangers still sort of puzzles me- but I can't help but feel that it still hasn't completely found its footing. The stuff directly involving the zombies is usually golden, but the characters spend too much time standing around having the same inane conversations multiple times over. There's just an efficiency missing from the storytelling, leaving every episode with a bunch of fat that would have been better off trimmed.
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    I'll be sending you my Mayhem stuff in about an hour rudeboii
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    The Sleeper has his own shoes they are called Nike LOCSTARs!!! Page 1 of the character thread.
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    Dickies is the brand of jeans I wear. If thats what you're asking.
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    KITT from Knight Rider sounds good, lol.
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    I've read through it, and I agree with pretty much everything.
    Like you say, it sounds like the most logical way to do things. I'll get into more detail when I have more time to send a PM later on!
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    Got your message.
    I'll get back to you as soon as A - I've finished Rage (already a day late lol) and B - I've talked with the others about it.
    So bear with me on that one!
  9. Anyways mate sorry that was so long I just figured I would give you an idea of who the "Pooted Hairs" is. Take care!
  10. I was injured in Iraq when a IED (roadbomb) blew up beside me. It killed my two buds to the right of me and sent shrapnel into my right ankle, knee, hip, and side. It's been a long recovery process, but I'm finally getting there. Two bronze stars, and Iraqi campaign medal, and a purple heart later here I am!! Lol

    When I write blogs I normally always put that I'm not just a TNA, WWE, or RoH mark but I'm a Pro Wrestling mark. The name on the banner doesn't matter to me as much as the in-ring action and drama put forth by each promotion.

    That is also one reason why I have been so drawn to the E-fed here. With my knowledge of wrestling and how to cut a worthwhile promo, it's really helped me to push my guy. I still have alot to learn in this whole thing, but I enjoy it. It's not so much an ego thing for me, because I still haven't won my first match here yet lol. I was just trying to progress Daniel May and Shining Light's feud and I think I did just that.
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After reading a blog on here the other day suggesting that WWE should implement a Cruiserweight Division, I thought I'd throw my two pennies worth into this idea, and, fingers crossed,

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