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    I can see Ward crossing back, but after all that has gone on there is only one way I see that happening. Coulson is at a point where he doesn't trust anyone. The only way for him to let Ward back on the team and still be able to trust him is if they were in on the turn together. Like they came to the conclusion in secret that the only way to stop Hydra and Garret would be to get a guy on the inside. And the only one of them that Garret would trust would be the one that Garret feels owes him his life.

    As for Fury, I don't think we will see him by the end of this season which is only a couple episodes away. He is supposed to be keeping a low profile and acting dead. I more see that Maria Hill will show up and confirm he's still alive setting it up for him to reappear at the beginning of next season.

    (Fuck a character limit)
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    Lol, yeah I knew intantly when I saw him get killed in the movie that he would end up not actually dying. But I thought they would use what ever he used to save Coulson and Skye and we would find out more about the alien thing but I was only half right.

    Yeah Falcon was pretty awesome in the movie. I'm wondering if he will be in the next Avengers movie since it seemed at the end that he was sticking with Cap. Am. I'm also wondering if Bucky/W. Soldier will make an appearance in the next Avengers or if we'll have to wait till Cap.Am. 3. I didn't think to much of the guy that played him in the first movie but he did great job with the character in the second one.
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    Thanks man, lol!
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    Oh shit sorry. Yeah I'll do it soon man :3
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    Just posting here so you know. That copypasta is friendly banter :3
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    The person that answered when May was trying to contact Fury in front of Coulson to prove she wasn't the trader said Fury was dead when she asked where he was. So I didn't spoil anything, you just weren't paying enough attention when you were watching it. Lol
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    Haha. I was at lunch when I sent that. Now I've finished my work like a good kid and came on here.
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    You definitely need to go see CapAm2. The you're probably gonna need to go back and watch the uprising episodes. There are alot of things that happen in the movie that spilled over to the last episode. Like the death of Fury and there was someone in Hands group that was Hydra. I don't want to give it away so I'll stop there.

    I had a feeling Garret was going to turn on Coulson from the first episode he was on. Ward is badass but his turn actually shocked me, the whole time I kinda saw him as a Dudley do right. But with Garret being his S.O. it made sense. The whole time from the first few episodes I thought it would be May that turned on the team.

    As for the blue alien guy, I don't think they will fully reveal that by the end of this season.
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    Im at school and can't get on fb. I'll send you something in a couple hours when I get home.
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    Hey yo Kash, what's up broseph?

    How's it been man? Just wanted to know if you're all caught up in the goings on in the Marvel cinamatic universe? AofS has been fucking great lately. Since the new Capt. America things on the show have just been turned in such a great way. I don't want to give to much away incase you're not all caught up but hit me up when you are.
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