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    Oh yeah, threads like that one always have the potential to turn nasty! It only takes one little thing to set some off!

    Exactly, always look on the positive side of the situation!

    I think I'd have to go for teleportation. The ability to just go anywhere I wanted instantly would be awesome! I would also LOVE to have an Iron Man style suit, but that's not really a superpower, just a really cool toy i guess lol! What about you?

    Nah, not serious at all right now. We saw each other a lot over the summer, but because we're apart, now we just talk
    Yeah I'm always of the opinion that if you love someone enough that you can make any relationship work, no matter what the distance
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    Cheers for the FR!
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    Sounds awesome

    Yeah I see what you mean. They just left you behind and went off to do their own 'young peoples thing', things you couldn't do since you had your kid to look after.
    I know that one too. I knew a couple of people in my school that were into doing drugs and that but they were pretty brainy lol! No idea what they're doing now though.

    Ah, seriously, I've seen some pretty comedic arguments on this site! I've even been involved in one or 2 myself! EWN never ceases to entertain!

    That's a distinct possibility! I've always though that I possessed superpowers

    Yeah, we're just having fun for now! We live over an hour apart, I haven't seen here for a few weeks now, and probably won't for a few more weeks since I'm studying in college, but we talk daily though
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    Ha! No worries

    That's great to hear! If my kids will be anything like me personality-wise, I'll be happy!

    Yeah, I'd never take drugs so much as to get addicted to the stuff, I'm too aware of what it can do to one's life. Luckily I'm not in a circle of friends that take anything more than weed, I'd have steered clear of them if they did. I can count on one hand how many times I've smoked weed, so it's all good.

    I know right?! i was out last night, and I actually walked all the way home in about 15 minutes when it should have taken at least half an hour!! Kind of crazy really lol!

    Ahhh right I know him. Not had to many interactions with him, but I know who he is. Yeah some of the threads here hold many treasures to brighten even the gloomiest of days lol!
    I am seeing this girl at the moment, but we're not officially dating. Not really sure if we'll ever officially go out, but we're kind of just fooling around right now lol!
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    Yeah sometimes you have to give in and take something lol!
    Ah no worries

    That's cool. I can imagine that juggling studying and raising your kids must have been a handful, but it's awesome that you've managed to do it

    Nah I don't think that weed's bad at all as long as it's in moderation. I very rarely smoke anyway, usually just on nights out. But I'd never take any harder drugs, I'm dead against cocaine, heroin and anything like that crap. A little weed never hurt anybody though!
    I'll do my best to get home safe lol! I can usually find my way home even when I'm wasted, so I should be fine (touch wood!!).

    Ahh that's not that old! Just a few years older than me!
    Wow congratulations! Very happy for you Is your better half on the site then? Or did he just know about it?
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    Haha! I'm like that now! I refuse to take any medicine unless it's last resort! I think it's because I like to think I'm indestructible and that my body will fight the illness without the aid of medicine! But this time, I had to 'tap out' and 'submit' so to speak and take some stuff!

    Massive respect to you! I admire people who can manage to have a kid at that young age. Takes a lot out of anyone to raise a kid, so to do it at that age is very commendable. Respect *fistbump*
    How old are you now then?

    Well a friend of mine has suggested I go over to his place on Monday to 'get wasted' if you catch my drift. Knowing the guy there will be more than just alcohol involved!
    I don't make a habit of participating in that kind of recreational activity, but you're only young once, and I'm not going to be able to do it for many more years, so what the hell I say!
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    Right?! I remember this really nice gooey, pink, sugary medicine I used to have when I was a kid, tasted so nice I pretended to be ill sometimes so that I could have some XD

    Aww that's too bad! You must have had a kid when you were pretty young then?

    I'll be turning 23 on Monday now. Half way to 46 XD
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    Yeah I've been taking some medicine drinks too that don't taste too great lol! But I'm trying anything to get better.

    Oh, no lol! Clubbing is definitely not my scene! I'll take a night in the local bar over a night of clubbing any day! It's just once you finish high school, it's traditional to go on a 'lads holiday' to Ibiza, Malia, Kavos or some other clubbing island in the Mediterranean. I went with a group of friends when I finished high school. Had a great time, but yeah, it's not my thing to go clubbing really!

    If you look at the bottom of the homepage of the forums, there's a little thing that says if it's someone's birthday. Tip for you there
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    Yeah it can be a lethal one that sex on the beach! I recall drinking a fair bit of the stuff when I was on holiday with some friends in Ibiza a few years back! Good times!

    I've been drinking a mixture of Ribenna, honey and lemon to sooth it, seems to be doing the trick, but I just wished it would go away. It's my birthday on Monday, so I want to go out celebrating that night!
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    Ah that's fair enough. I try and stay away from the sugary stuff too. You tend to feel ill after too much sugary drinks I find!

    Ah I like the occasional Sex on the beach! That's a nice cocktail!
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