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    Yeah it was. I had to be shocked back to life an everything. 28 staples to put me back together as well! Ahh, FunTimesGoodMemoriez

    Lol, the designated driver patrol! I've recently got my first car and have had to pick up my bro when he's been too wasted to even find a cab. He's the worst sort of drunk--one of those bumper cars who bounce around trying it on with anything with blonde hair and a pulse. First time I went out with him I was like "bruv, have you never heard of having a but of game?".. Lol the other night he got so wasted on shots he puked up at the bar. No one saw him because it was packed, so he just carrie on knocking 'em back. We must of had about twenty of those test tube shots each. We basically bought the whole box that this girl with bunny ears was walking about with selling them in the club. Messy times lol.
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    Lol I used to drink way too much back in, like, 05-07 and ended up with an ulcer that burst one night. Vodka was to blame (among other things), so nowadays it's strictly beer, but when I go out I do end up necking way too many J├Ągers. I'm sensible, though... I guess you only live once, though, so I've got to actually live, which means getting wasted on occasion lol. Speaking of drinking, Watching HP has got me REALLY wanting to try a butter beer lol!

    I actually haven't owned a proper TV in over 2 years (due to choice, fuck terrestrial TV channels), but I could get used to some 3D once in a while.

    Ahh, quiet drinks with mates is cool, especially when the cards come out for the drinking games. We did that before my last gig on the 28th--how we managed to still perform and get the crowd hyped I don't know, but it was a brilliant night. Plus I got paid, which is always nice
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    I've not had a sober Saturday in years lol. Working six nights a week for the past five or so years means that I refuse to allow myself to not have a drink. Growing up in a pub sort of saw to it that I've no problem with indulging in the amber nectar

    I've been meaning to get into SoA. Among other shows. It's just a matter of fitting them all in lol.

    Dredd is so good. I also watched The Avengers on my bros 3D TV--it was like watching it for the first time again--never knew 3D was that good.

    Been anywhere nice?
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    It wasn't the best of them in the slightest. I just finished Order Of The Phoenix. I forgot how good that one was. Lol, this is the one where Harry and Ginny got together. Yeah, RomCom central this one lol.

    I've been watching movies non-stop these past couple of days--nothing I've not seen before, though. Dredd, Dogma, DJango (lol the fact they all start with D is conincidential ).

    I've had a few too many beers as well, so I'm feeling it a little here.

    I did manage to fit in a pretty decent set on my Internet radio show, though, so at least I've got out of the house today lol.

    What have you been up to?
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    Yo yo! How's everyone's favourite ghost user?

    I'm good. Just watching Harry Potter: The Half Blood Prince. I've kinda been on a marathon with HP these past couple of days lol.
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    Oh? You mean that was fictional?
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    Erm, I watched The Sopranos, so I guess I'm qualified.
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    Awwww, I know. Thanks. Same to you.
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    Very true.
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    Sorry, love, I had to eat.

    I'm studying in sports journalism right now, but I dunno...
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