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    Yeah, deffo not for kids. Joker be a very very bad mutha fucka!

    Cried? Maaan... I'll have to wear my big boy pants when I watch it then, 'cause I've kinda been known to drop a few man-tears when watching shows or movies I'm invested in. I'm a bit of a puss like that lol. Think it might be an age thing lol the older I get the worse it is for me. Don't tell no one, though
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    Killing Joke was one of my first Batman GN's. So good even to this day. Alan Moore = God. I've also got The Joker which shows off his really dark side, and I'm pretty sure that's where Ledgers character was based off of. Definitely in the looks department at least. Scary stuff lol.

    There's an SoA comic? Hmm.. I might have to check out the torrent sites for that one. Deffo gonna get on the show some time next week to see what all the fuss is about.
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    Shame on me. I've yet to read Hush. I'm saving that one I think. The Long Halloween was pretty awesome stuff.

    I'm currently reading Avengers vs X-Men which is really good, better than what I expected for sure.

    But the only comic I currently keep completely up to date with is The Walking Dead. That series just keeps on getting better! Love the TV show as well, despite some dodgy episodes. Saying that, I'm one of the few that actually enjoyed Agents Of SHIELD, so my opinion on comic shows and movies should definitely be taken with a pinch of salt lol.
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    I love me a Batman graphic novel. And if it's by Frank Miller even better.

    You'll be there on the opening night, I've faith in that fact. I can imagine Kevin Smith will be coaching him along the way, which would help Danny Dyer be a good Bruce Wayne. Well, maybe that's pushing it a bit, but, yeah, he can pull it off.. Fingers crossed!
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    Lol yeah, I know you're a huge BatMark! Returns and Rises rank up there as my all time faves.

    Have faith. Benny boys got this. The only thing that'll let Bats vs Supes down is a dodgy script, which, given the characters and premise will be pretty hard to screw up.
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    He is indeed.

    Much like when this recent Dredd came out, I totally swerved Batman Begins for months after its release. Y'know, cause of the two movies that preceded it. Kicked myself once I finally got around to it. The funny thing is, I watched American Psycho, like, just before it, and just couldn't shake the image Bruce Wayne as a murderous businessman.

    Looking forward to seeing how B-Fleck pulls off the cowl. Personally I think he's got it covered
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    I'm more along the Adulthood type of Londoner than the Danny Dyer variety lol. Know what I'm saying, blud? Lol!

    Just watching the last HP now, definitely enjoyed reliving this franchise lol. Think I might do the Dark Knight trilogy again. Lol can you tell I'm a tad on the bored side?

    Ahh, Juno shirt was deffo the masterpiece
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    Hey, I'm from London. Ignorance towards the Irish is our speciality My Great Nana was actually born in Ireland. Where abouts? Well, like I said... Ignorance. I will say however that I'd love to visit some day

    Yeah, the overground trains here are pretty much the same. Miss one of those bad boys on a cold day and you better hope you've wrapped up well lol.

    Lol, I just went on a TeeShirt posting spree. That website is a load of fun lol.
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    Top o' the mornin' to ye'!

    I ain't had a hangover in over ten years. It's in the blood now lol.

    I love a taxi/cab. Before I had a car I'd end up getting a cab to work two or three times a week because it's like a twenty five minute slap to the train station. Not great if one's running late but brilliant exercise (ugh) lol.
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    Yeah it was. I had to be shocked back to life an everything. 28 staples to put me back together as well! Ahh, FunTimesGoodMemoriez

    Lol, the designated driver patrol! I've recently got my first car and have had to pick up my bro when he's been too wasted to even find a cab. He's the worst sort of drunk--one of those bumper cars who bounce around trying it on with anything with blonde hair and a pulse. First time I went out with him I was like "bruv, have you never heard of having a but of game?".. Lol the other night he got so wasted on shots he puked up at the bar. No one saw him because it was packed, so he just carrie on knocking 'em back. We must of had about twenty of those test tube shots each. We basically bought the whole box that this girl with bunny ears was walking about with selling them in the club. Messy times lol.
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