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    No... THIS is Kurt Angle at his finest:

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    Yeah it is! It's time for a milk bash!

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    (10 chars)
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    Oh, yeah I already knew that bro. Giddy was telling me yesterday.
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    This either means you're supporting /mlp/ in the Winter Cup or something else lol
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    LOL @ "Handle things tastefully". I doubt that has ever ()been thought of for you...

    But it is always a good bit of fun to come in here and see the randomness along with the actual meat of a conversation. Without you and Irk to spice things up, it can seem like just a stuck up string of people who think their opinion matter more than others.
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    It's due to the content blocker my company uses (since I am at work after all); if I was at home, I am sure I would see it.

    And yes, you should count yourself as one of the lucky users who has found their niche and has settled in nicely. I haven't seen you in conflicts with virtually anyone outside of Denny and his "fake beard of epicness" to which makes for quite a funny read when Den Den actually tried to defend its legitimacy.
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    Hahaha... Is it the one where Spidey is in the tree, because if so, that is hilarious.

    And honestly, the mods around here are pretty easy going. I have seen other sites where people are banned without a chance to give reason. These guys here can take an argument being just a difference of opinion and allow it to be just that so long as you present your view as your opinion and not how the world should conform. If anything, you should be proud to wear the sig and the fact that you're the only one who could have the sig and get away with it... Well, you and maybe Irk.
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    I guess I am not see the Spidey one. It's now a red x so I can't view the pic. The last one of yours I saw was the Coattails one and it made me laugh. What does the Spidey one say?
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    Give it time and another random comment taken out of context; you're sig will change soon enough.

    But the coatails on IS pretty funny. I'm hoping for one where he compares you and Denny to the Odd Couple, The Producers (Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder respectively), or Eddie Winslow and Waldo from Family Matters. It will be epic and we'll all laugh about it, but you shouldn't worry. It will happen soon enough.
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