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    LMAO... I plan on it. Interesting that WON gave the Gimmick of the year to Joseph Park. I wonder if that was just due to them having such low expectations mixed with the fact that there really wasn't any other major gimmick changes in 2012
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    Couldn't think of anything outside of G.I. Bro man... Great wrestler but crazy gimmick. How will people treat it knowing that they are down voting Booker?

    Check this out...

    According to this, WWE has been named the worst promotion in the past two years by WON along with RAW getting the worst show award last year. Should we blame Punk for this?
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    Just a theory... The only evidence to help further the thought is that once Russo join WCW, there seemed to be an influx in the amount of stories involved with the Cruisers; sadly most of them involved something on a pole.
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    I think it was that he had too many ideas flowing at once. Vince did a good job in managing which ideas would go to which stars. It's one of the main reasons why the mid-card had so many storylines when Russo was there; if it was 'useable' but didn't fit with the headliners, the idea would find its way to a talent that could use it to advance their own character.

    This, of course, being my own perspective because I haven’t heard either Vince confirm this as truth outside of Russo saying that the boss would decide which ideas went through to television.
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    Neither does anyone who ever says they loved the Attitude Era

    Russo is actually a creative person, but lacks the filter to understand the distinction of a creative idea with possible longevity once put into motion versus a creative idea with a very short life span. That's why all his ideas seem to change almost bi-weekly as he will start one thing and then forget the program he indented to begin with. Give him a mentor who can make these decisions for him and he is gold; problem is that Russo isn't a team player. If you have a "creative team" involving Russo, it is him reporting to the boss and that's it.

    I look at the Triple cage like the Hindenburg. Were Zeppelins a bad idea? No, but because the first tragedy involving them was so widely displayed, it steered so many away from what was actually a pretty unique concept that could work.
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    I will admit to having watched the tower of doom match a few times since the closing of WCW. Just such a different concept that was used so poorly.

    My favorite Russo involved 'shoot' was when Piper got a live mic on Russo during a TNA PPV. Pretty damn funny.
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    Looking at the listing and it's pretty impressive...

    Liger vs. Pillman
    Regal vs. Finley (Street fight)
    Eddie Guerrero vs. Flair
    Sting/Luger vs. Stieners vs. Harlem Heat
    Rey Rey vs. Malenko
    Guerrera vs. Kidman

    There's a pretty solid set list right there and that's not even half man. I'll have to check into this DVD set.
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    I've heard that was a good set. What's your take on it?
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    No, the one I watched didn't have a host (I watched on Netflix though, so it could have)

    Looked like this

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    lolz - You pulled a me...


    The HIAC was pretty good. Did you catch the Rise and Fall of WCW by chance? Pretty good film and a (somewhat) less biast film from WWE about JCP/WCW... You know, the promotions that WWE didn't start but ultimate are supreme too because WWE fans think that anything not called WWE is against the law.
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