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Wrestlemania Preview and Predictions Part 2

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Welcome to Part two of my Wrestlemania preview and predictions. Sadly I had to split it up too two blog posts because it was too big to fit into the one. Here are your main event matchs and my predictions to go along with them.

Michael Cole (with Jack Swagger) Vs. Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler (Special Guest Ref – Stone Cold Steve Austin)
Who am I kidding here if I try to come up with a way Michael Cole can actually win this match. To put it plain and simple that isn’t going to happen. This match is all about Lawler’s Wrestlemania moment, after having an illustrious career like Lawler has he is still missing that one moment at Maina. I foreshadow two interferences in this match, first we all know Jack Swagger is going to get involved in the match at some point, the other interference I believe will come from good ‘ole JR Jim Ross. If he isn’t calling the event (or just the match) I see him being in Lawler’s corner and possibly getting involved at one point. Oh yeah and suspect a stunner to both Swagger and Cole, I have a feeling the crowd will love it when that happens. Like I have said above Jerry Lawler is going to be winner here, I suspect a emotional Lawler at the end of the match and this will be without a doubt the feel good moment of the night.

Winner: Jerry Lawler

World Heavyweight Title Match: Edge(c) (with Christian) Vs. Alberto Del Rio (with Brodus Clay)
The build-up to this match has been steady and progressive since elimination chamber, one disappointment that I have is that Christian is not in this match. In an ideal world we would have a triple threat match but of course this is the WWE and they love to let us down once in a while. Either way Del Rio is our winner here, it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to have Edge beat him after he won the Royal Rumble and is on a roll. Sadly, it is my opinion that Christian is going to turn heel on Edge and cost him the title. The main reason for this is because I don’t see Del Rio winning cleanly, it’s either that or Brodus Clay interferers in the match. This match has the potential to be very good, all four men have great chemistry together and we both know Edge and Del Rio can wrestle very well so I’m looking for this match to set the standard for the rest of the night.
Winner and New World Heavyweight Champion: Alberto Del Rio

The Undertaker Vs. Triple H
10 years ago when these two faced it was one great Wrestlemania match, however 10 years later these two should not be main eventing once again. Taker is undoubtedly one of the greatest of all time and HHH is also. I believe that this match will be good but it will be nowhere near Taker’s last two efforts. There are two reasons for this, the first being ring rust and the second being injuries. Taker hasn’t Wrestled since Bragging Rights and has been rehabbing hard since to make it in time for Maina. The same goes for HHH he hasn’t wrestled since Extreme Rules and completely tore his bicep while shooting a moving. Ultimately Shawn Michaels will get involved in this match and I believe that he will cost HHH it when he has it won because he doesn’t want him doing something that he never could, this could possibly lead to a match a SummerSlam if Shawn decided he wants to go again. The outcome of the match is like every other Undertaker match at Wrestlemania. Taker will go 19-0 and go on to make it a round 20 next year against John Cena (my guess).
Winner and 19-0: The Undertaker

WWE Championship Match: The Miz (c) Vs. John Cena
Some may question The Miz’s ability to headline Wrestlemania I on the other hand believe he has come on leaps and bounds in the last year, from opening Mania to main eventing it. His charisma is getting better and better every week and his wrestling skills are improving also. He has totally dominated Cena for the last month. But I believe superman will overcome the odds and beat The Miz and win the title. Now I don’t expect this to be a five star classic because neither are that good. However, the most intriguing part of this match comes after it finishes, I think there have been too many interferences already on this night so I believe that the rock will not come down during the match. But I think he will come down after the match, and because every year we are sent home with the lasting image of Cena winning the title I believe they will try to shake things up here and have The Rock and Cena face off in the middle of the ring and trade blows, in the end though the rock will Rock Bottom him and People’s Elbow him in front of 75,000 people. And we will end the show with the Rock on the top rope with confetti raining down and fireworks going off thus sending people home happy.
Winner and New WWE Champion: John Cena

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  1. evilash's Avatar
    I strongly think that John Cena will beat The Miz for the WWE Championship. Then for The Rock to appear and exchange words with Cena for a bit...leading into The Rock vs. John Cena for the WWE Title, with the result of that match going either way. Rock as new WWE Champion is the biggest shocker in years, or Cena beating Rock and earning his respect (probably on Raw or something as The Rock is due to appear the night after Wrestlemania)

    The Rock has been telling people recently that he is very open to wrestle again - and what better way than to enter the ring again, than by having his first match back on 7 years to be in the main event of 'Mania.

    Also, I believe Jack Swagger will TURN on Michael Cole - turning him face. Swagger being the man who was discovered by JR - a fellow Oklahoma native - would make sense. Plus, Swagger has pretty much faced almost every face in the company, to I think WWE is looking for him to possibly turn face. But that's just a hunch.
    The real outcome will probably be Lawler beating Cole, and Austin having a beer bash with "The King" after he has stunnered Swagger and Cole - making Lawler's one Wrestlemania match very significant.

    And yes, Alberto Del Rio will win the World Heavyweight Championship, with Christian turning on Edge and ending the excitement of the possibility of a full-fledged E & C reunion. If it doesn't happen at Wrestlemania, it will happen at Extreme Rules; the next PPV on the WWE calender.
    Updated 04-03-2011 at 12:53 PM by evilash
  2. evilash's Avatar

    Just to add to my predicitions - a while back, IWC websites said that Vince and WWE Management said to have HUGE plans for Del Rio for the future. Though, this was before he shockingly won the first 40-Man Royal Rumble Match and now main events Wrestlemania.

    But I believe that when Del Rio wins the World Championship and ends his brief feud with Edge, he may, eventually, chase after the WWE Championship also and be made a serious threat to John Cena - the Face of WWE today. Who knows, maybe next years Wrestlemania will be John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio for the Unified Undisputed World Championship!
  3. CDave3's Avatar
    1. IM HOPING Cole wins, But since he posted that stuff on twitter, Jerry lawler will get the win. Look for a stunner from austin to cole.

    2. Del rio for the win. once again if wwe wants new stars let del rio win.

    3. Taker, doesnt make sence to have him come all this way and lose.

    4. MY HOME TOWN BOY MIZ, I hope this guy wins. , Cena to attack the rock After the match, setting up HIS HEEL TURN.
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