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Wrestlemania Preview and Predictions

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Wrestlemania is only a few days away now; the entire wrestling world revolves around this event and this particular time of year. You will not find better storylines and in some cases better matches than at Wrestlemania. At the Royal Rumble it was looking like it could be one of the weakest Wrestlemania’s for many years, however, the following two months produced some captivating television with old faces returning and good progress in storylines. Of course there is the usual sleeper Wrestlemania matches but most of the card is looking like it could be better than the past two efforts. Now, let’s take a look at all the matches and who I believe will come out on top.

8 Man tag team match – The Corre (Wade Barrett, Ezekiel Jackson, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel) Vs Big Show, Kane, Vladimir Kozlov, Santino Marella
This is up there for least interesting match of the night for me personally; this match is first and foremost nothing but a filler match for the show, I believe it is being used to get as many people as possible on the show, they could have easily went with Barrett Vs Show but this way they manage to give some other superstars a chance on the big stage. The match also acts as poor man’s money in the bank match; one could argue that most of these men would have been involved so it’s a great way to utilize the free time. The match itself can obviously one of two ways, firstly, the more likely option of the Corre coming out victorious. With it being their first Wrestlemania and two of them members holding prominent titles it would be a fools move to have these young guns lose first time round, they need to assert their dominance now and not come over weak to the audience. On the other hand the ‘veterans’ could come out on top, this would be WWE’s way of saying thank you for all the work you put in week in week out. But all in all I can only see one outcome and that is the Corre standing victorious when the bell sounds.
Winners: The Corre (Wade Barrett, Ezekiel Jackson, Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel)

6 Person Mixed Tag Match – Snooki, Trish Stratus and John Morrison Vs. Dolph Ziggler and LayCool (Michelle McCool, Layla)
This is likely to be the worst match of the night, I would much rather see Morrison Vs Ziggler one on one than this train wreck. One of the good things that we can take out of this match is the fact that we get to see Trish in action again and it allows Morrison and Ziggler to be on the card. However, the major downside to this match is the involvement of Snooki. Now I have never watched The Jersey Shore and I never intend to watch it and what right someone like her has to be on the biggest card of the year is beyond me, I would much rather see Kelly Kelly or Natalya on the card because they have earned their spot there. Vince on the other hand is thinking all about the money and wants to gain as many pay per view buys as humanly possible, it is my humble opinion that Snooki will have nothing to do with that because no one cares about this match. Saying that there is no possible way I see the babyfaces losing this one, you would not let your so called ‘celebrity’ lose after paying so much to get her. The best parts of this match will be when Morrison and Ziggler are in the ring together and to a lesser extent Trish and McCool, the sooner this is out of the way the better.
Winners: Snooki, Trish Stratus and John Morrison

United States Championship: Sheamus (c) Vs. Daniel Bryan
This match has had a pretty weak build up in my opinion, however, given enough time this match as the ability to be the match of the night. Sadly though this will be one of the first matches on the card and get a maximum of 20 minutes but more realistically about 15 minutes. As most of us intelligent wrestling fans know Daniel Bryan can put on a killer match any night of the week when given the creative freedom but we all know he doesn’t get near enough of that in the WWE. Sheamus when given the chance can also put on a stellar match and he is one of the better younger performers in the company. I personally have never been a Sheamus fan I’m not really sure why, Bryan on the other hand I love and want to see him succeed in the WWE. I personally think that this feud will go further than Wrestlemania I just don’t know which way they want to go, they could have Bryan win the title back or have Sheamus keep it. This is possibly the toughest match to call but I can’t see the WWE taking the title of Sheamus so quickly.
Winner and Still Untied States Champion: Sheamus (c)

Rey Mysterio Vs. Cody Rhodes
Because I sparingly watch Smackdown! I have very limited knowledge on the storyline for this match. From the results I have read though it seems like it has a very good storyline behind it. With it all starting when Rey caused a facial injury to Cody resulting with him having to wear a mask, also, according to some website Cody was handpicked by Rey to be his opponent at Wrestlemania. I for one am very pleased Cody is getting a good decent feud and match at Wrestlemania; at least he’s doing better than his former partner. Predicting this match is also a tough one, on one hand you have the young upstart who wants to prove himself and the company need to establish more stars and there is no better place than at Wrestlemania. But on the other hand, you have a seasoned veteran who deserves the win for all the injuries he has worked through this year. And it is because of that I see Rey winning however I don’t think it will totally devastate Rhodes because after the match is finished I predict Dusty coming down and attacking Rey and a following beat down to make Rhodes look like he can handle himself with the big boys. This feud will also go past Wrestlemania.
Winner: Rey Mysterio

Randy Orton Vs. CM Punk
This match without a doubt has the potential to steal the show, ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage Vs. Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat at Wrestlemania III comes to mind when imagining what this match could become. CM Punk is arguably the greatest heel in wrestling today, the way he makes every single crowd hate him even in his home town. As for Orton, he is turning into a poor man’s version of Stone Cold, now I am not in any way saying that is a bad thing because Austin was one of the best superstars ever. But because his popularity has sky rocketed over the last year it makes sense to put him up against someone who everyone wants to see get beat up. The match itself will be ok, both men have the ability to pull off a good match or two (especially Punk) but this match will be about the ring psychology being used by the two men, I believe they will tell an amazing story and I personally am looking forward to it. As far as the result goes, I can only see Orton winning this one, for the pure fact that he is coming in with a ‘injury’ and is seemingly at a disadvantage.
Winner: Randy Orton

Part 2 coming soon....

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  1. MATTHEW's Avatar
    I hope Punk wins, but most likely not!
  2. nrb6304's Avatar
    I think that you and the rest of the IWC aren't giving Snooki's name value enough credit. Yeah sure the IWC doesn't give a damn about Snooki's match, but dude you don't get onto the cover of The Rolling Stones by being a nobody. It just doesn't happen that way. Here let me put it to you in terms that even the IWC can understand. John Cena has never had a #1 New York Time's Best Selling Book and John Cena has never been on the Rolling Stones cover.....SHE HAS. I know 20-25 people that are ordering Wrestlemania JUST to see Snooki's match.
  3. tad locust's Avatar
    This is the most predictable wrestlemania card in recent memory.
  4. Saiga's Avatar
    for the majority of this years wrestlemania, the heels winning have a lot more to gain in the process
  5. mrbluto's Avatar
    Rhodes has to win this match, it keeps his heel heat going . Cody wins and is about to unmask Rey Jr when Cin Cara stops him. Rhodes now have his next feud and Ray Jr can retire.
  6. CDave3's Avatar
    1. The coore will win no doubt.

    2. I agree. I wanted to see ziggler vs Morrison also. But know cant get it so with that being said Morrison will and his team will win, Making snooki popular on EW, AND TMZ.

    3. Im not a fan of sheamus but i have to go with him to win, doesn't make sense to kill his title run.

    4. I hope cody rhodes wins this one, Im tired of the wwe always favoring rey.

    5. Allthough i dont want it, Im gonna have to go with orton to win.
  7. CDave3's Avatar
    K, Then lets here all the winners.

    Quote Originally Posted by tad locust
    This is the most predictable wrestlemania card in recent memory.

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