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My pick of should've been world champ by now

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My pick of should've been champs by now

This is my first blog so don't be to hard on me if my blog has something you really disagree on

Mark Henry

This man debuted in 1997, the only titles he won was the european and ecw championship and only won them once (fast forward 14 years) for the first time in his life hes the number 1 contender for the world heavy weight chapionship, those are the 3 main highlight of his entire career and if you ask me thats just sad, but kinda funny lol its so unrealistic for a man that size to be taken by some one like ted dibiase.Wwe makes older talents like Big show,Kane and maby great Kahli lose to up comming younger talent like cody rhodes really? really? that just harms there career. People always say younger talents are not being used properly but when they are used they destroy people like Big show, who didn't deserve that in his career,ill stop there thats another topic for another day, anyway where was I oh yh how mark henry's career is crapy, I know Mark is getting a great push right now but I bet you its ganna stop later this year, heck I wouldn't be surprise if they just pushed him to face Orton, ive seen this before In henrys career remember the taker fued anouth said.

Vladimir Kozlov

Well what can I say,when Vladimir first joined he was an unstoppoble scary russian he was domminating smackdown (like how Henry is now) he also had a streak, no one could defeat him in a one on one match,he was not one of those big guys who couldn't really wrestle cause he could wrestle pretty guy actually, he was different from the average big domminace time,thats was one the reasons his gimmick was speacial so wwe decided to move him to raw, you would think being on raw will help his career but it helped destroy it.I remember him vs shawn to see who would face taker at Mania but just before there match vickie and Vladimir were talking about how no can defeat him and by the way you guys already know this but yh he lose to shawn (just felt like mentioning) I thought that he would still be good if he didn't have a streak but I was wrong again. Some month later hes whith the foolish santino dancing away, he managed to get the tag team titles which they even more turinshed and sadly now Vladimir got released,what I think should of happened months ago his career, its sad tell the truth but kinda funny not funny that he got released but how he was domminating smackdown to dancing whith santino.

William Regal

I had to do a bit of research on the guy and let me say if you like a real wrestle hes your guy,hes a true technical master but hes such a under rated wrestler. Im sure wwe could of made his career much better,he did win lots of titles like Intercontinental Champion; World Tag Team Champion; European Champion; Hardcore Champion; WCW Television Champion; and was the 2008 king of the ring.I think if wwe have just taken the time to make his gimmick more extreame,he would of got a lot of heat from it,imagine English Men Regal, getting americians angry by insulting them,telling everyone he hates america and he thinks hes better,im sure whith things like that it would of put him over, maby not to extreame now I think about it but it has to be belivable but its too late for regal to change his career.I think it would be better if hes a manager maby he,wade barret and drew could form a team,that would benefit all of them and shake things up in the tag team division.

Chavo Guerrero

Ooooooeeewww,its Chavo,this guy is good in the ring,multi Cruiserweight champion,bad at mic,hes great in tag team matches well,when he was younger, hes former ecw champ and um, thats it, I guess? I mean I think this guy could of done a hell of a lot better,if you take some time and really look at his cruiserweight title matches its quit good.I know theres no way he can amount to anything now but back in the day he was good,but now,all he ever does is metion eddie.I think if he would of stole more of the light properly when eddie died he would of been at reys level by now.People say that the only reason reys at his level now is cause he used the death of eddie to help his career,(way better then chavo did) but even if he didn't do that rey would still be good but not how he is now.I would rathere see chavo have a title run because eddies death helped,rather than have chavo now who can't even beat hornswoggle. Look at cristian,I beat you if edge didn't retire cristian would have never been champion for now,that just goes to show if you see an opportunity to shine, take it cause it might be your only one in wwe's case.

Matt Hardy

I know a lot of guys are ganna give me heat for mentioning this guy but people lets forget about every twisted thing this guy has done after leaving wwe,just for a moment,lets pretend hes still in wwe,ok this guy has put his body on the line for us so many times in very extream conditions,theres a reson hes was called one point in his career MR Hardcore,after him and Jeff splited up for the first time,he was actually doing good in the ring,he was becomming more and more of a solid wrestler but the thing was,he was at a level were no matter how extreame he could be he couldn't make it to a maineventer, he was stuck in the upper midcarder.Over the years he had started to drop back but for some reason when he got hoocked up whith lita,he became popular again, along the way long after he split up whith lita,he got the ecw championship and that was probbaly his last ever title he got if im not mistaken,and I guess the last ever pop he had was betraying his overated bro.I think that if he would of turned heel when he broke up whith lita,it would of saved his career,his gimmick could of been a never smiling serious persona who is always doing revengle things to superstars who does the slightest things to him,like trip him up I know it would of worked But I guess we will never Know.

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  1. AntonioRivers's Avatar
    of all those wrestlers...I would say Regal would have been the one to rock the championship, he might have even had a good run, after he won the king of the ring, if he didn't fail another drug test. Since then he lost out on that shot.
  2. Theiconsting's Avatar
    Koslov lol the rest deserve it
  3. Renevious's Avatar
    Forget what all these haters are saying. I posted a blog months ago talking about guys who weren't being used properly, and in it I mentioned what they could be doing with Mark Henry. I got so blasted for that idea that it almost made me want to just give up on the blogs, but fast forward to today and you see WWE doing exactly what I suggested. AND IT IS WORKING!!!! What a shock! Anyway, I'm with you on pretty much all these guys except for Matt Hardy. I've never had a high opinion of him, and it isn't anything personal. It's just that in all his years, he's never actually proven himself. When I was live in attendance at WM 25 and saw him beat Jeff, it was the closest I ever saw him get to being something. But it took no time for that to just float away into nothing. Chavo was another one I mentioned in my blog that earned me a lot of heat. The main reason people gave me shit was because I had the balls to say the simple fact that inside the ring Chavo was just as good as Eddie. Now, I admit that Eddie had all the character and charisma, but Chavo had every bit the amount of wrestling skills as his uncle. I wish him the best. And all these haters who are bashing Kaslov must have short term memory loss. You are absolutely right about what he was like when he first came out. I loved his persona. He kept it real. He had the plain tights, no music, and a mean streak that wouldn't quit. The dude was a machine. He was like the closet thing to a real life Ivan Drago that the WWE could have put together. The potential for this guy would've been great. I'm not saying he should've been champ, but he definitely had what it took to make it to the number 1 contender spot and put over a face in a strong PPV main event. Alright, well this isn't my blog, so I'm not going to keep on. Despite the obvious grammatical errors, I really did enjoy the read. Thanks man. WWWYKI
    Updated 08-31-2011 at 09:35 AM by Renevious
  4. deadly56's Avatar
    Thanks for commenting I really appreciate it I feel a lot better about posting this now.
  5. deadly56's Avatar
    Thanks for commenting I really appreciate it I feel a lot better about posting this now.
  6. Renevious's Avatar
    The way I always look at it is this: If it's an intelligent thought, then there is no shame in it. It doesn't matter how popular or unpopular and opinion is, it's all in the way it is presented. I don't really post new blogs anymore, but when I did, I encouraged and welcomed both the positive and the negative feedback. The only catch is that I was always respectful in how I got my point across, and I would ask people commenting to do the same. I come to this site to read about things going on in wrestling because I am a wrestling fan and have been since the mid 80's. I can't stand when people can't contribute anything more than just "YOU SUCK" and "F U" etc etc. I say unless you actually have something worth while to contribute to the discussion, just keep your mouth shut.
  7. Sahu's Avatar
    William Regal is still my fav westler..I always expected a World Title reign for him..he's the most under rated superstar in history of Pro-Wrestling...

    Mark henry deserves few more championships like IC or US..but not WHC...same with Chavo..

    When MAtt Destroyed Kane in Lita angle, I felt he'll become the World champ..but somehow he missed it n that the end for him...

    They mt have used Vladimir better!!
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