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The Streak is not the Undertaker!

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Okay, it's awesome that the Undertaker has a 18-0 streak. It's awesome to watch his matches at Wrestlemania (albeit knowing he'll win). And it's awesome to know that out of all wrestlers past/present Undertaker is the one wrestler that has been allowed to win every year in his career!

PROBLEM: WWE seems to be starting to push the streak as what defines the Undertaker and his character? But it's not!

I've only noticed it in the past few years where they have been really pushing the whole "who's gonna defeat Undertaker's streak?" thing, but it seems like nowadays and going forward the WWE is going to push the streak as the defintion of the Undertaker's character!

But hold on, Undertaker, despite his awesome win record at Wresltlemania, isn't known for that! At least I don't know him that way. I know Undertaker for being the supernatural power that he is that comes from the mysterious "Darkside". For having 10 guys beat him up at the same time but still standing at the end of it. For showing his incredible "powers" live on Raw.

Let's face it, the Undertaker is WWE's best character in history, period! Noone else has been pushed or gone over as he has. Not even Hulk Hogan's character! People have seemed to connect and just love Undertaker's character since his early days.

So what's the deal with the whole streak thing? It's an obvious and widely talked about fact that Taker is getting older and won't be wrestling as much anymore. He might just be appearing around Wrestlemania time each year for the rest of his career. So is that all that's going to be pushed - the streak? No more awesome "gong and graveyard" moments on Raw and Smackdown? No more haunting, itimidating, Lord of Darkness Ministry type Undertaker?

I don't know. I think WWE really just needs to push the Undertaker character itself towards the end of Mark's career. It's the character that people first cared about. The streak just happened to happen.

What do you guys think?

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  1. Toby Fox's Avatar
    In my opinion the streak is the Undertaker
  2. nrb6304's Avatar
    The streak is what sets Undertaker apart from everybody else. Its why Triple H and Shawn Michaels and John Cena could NEVER get to his level no matter HOW MUCH they try. Undertaker is THE (dead)MAN because he has THE streak.

    BUT I feel that next year it'll be the end of the streak. Undertaker is about to retire. We all know this. And this year they have already planted the seed with Triple H saying "When the streak dies, you die." I don't see Undertaker making it 20-0. 19-1 where I see it ending.
  3. Iscariot's Avatar
    Well, I think that since Undertaker/Mark Calaway is nearing the end of his career, The Streak becomes more important in defining his otherworldlyness. (If that's a word.)

    Now I think the Streak will never be Broken, but it must end. Maybe the ending of the 20th match?

    Personally I would have loved to see the final match being against Kane (also at the end of his active career.) It would be the last match on the card. They would be equally matched, getting their finishers in, and several near-falls and underway SFX would erupt during the match... (Think: Light flickering on the stadium, fires erupting at the turnbuckle etc.) Then the final Tombstone, and the ring explodes in a shower of sparks, flames and (artificial) lightning, When the smoke clears all that is left is a scorchmark, the mask of Kane and Takers hat.... Commentator: "It seems...The brothers of destruction has gone home, whereever the hell that is." Now that would be a proper sending off!
  4. tad locust's Avatar
    The streak is the only PG method of his character. He cant Cruicfy people,hang people,set people on fire,abduct people,or anything like that.
  5. Eddy Parera's Avatar
    Taker won't lose anytime soon, I read somewhere that WWE officials want Taker to be in shape and be able to perform his signatures moves and some more to fight for several years. He may retire from rings but he'll compete in every Wrestlemania until he can't perform his signature moves.

    I believe they will try do that, because it's the biggest streak, so they want it to keep going to be undefeated by any kind of Sports Streak.
  6. rockymaivia's Avatar
    My thing is that the streak is simply a PART of Undertaker's character, and represents his ability to overcome every opponent he's put with. But as tad locust mentioned, I think the PG era doesn't allow Undertaker's character to be what it traditionally really is. I personally his best was when he was the Ministry taker in 1999, but I don't think we'll ever see that again.

    Nevertheless, the Taker was originally built as the mysterious man from the Darkside with supernatural powers that noone in the locker room could overcome or comprehend. Now it's purely all about the streak it seems, and I think it's wrong to focus just on that given that his nearing the end of his career. I remember when Taker would come out or even do something people used to get scared!! Like full on chills!
  7. maar13's Avatar
    I think that want they want to push is that all his rivals aim for that and their biggest mistake, like it was for Shawn Michaels, is believing That the Streak is what defines The Undertaker.

    But the core of it all and that is what they are pushing with Taker, is that The Streak does not define who the Undertaker is, The Undertaker is who defines The Streak, it is 18-0 because Taker has done it and has defeated everyone before of him, The Streak is not what there is to overcome, What they will need to overcome is the man that built that streak and that is what that is all about. the Streak only represents part of Taker unbreakable will but he defines The Streak, not the other way around.
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