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5 Wrestlers that could Been the Best

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5)Lex Luger-The body and the mic skills but didn’t have a passion for wrestling others did. If Luger had been even a good wrestler he would have been near the top.

(4)Big show-A great heel and a popular face. When he was younger he was one of the most agile big men in the history of wrestling but his weight kept going up and up. If he wrestled during the territories era he would have been thought of in the same breath as Andre the Giant.

(3)Raven-He had it all, great all around skills, great heel character. The problem was WCW and WWF tried to tone him down, if they had let him roll he would have have been one of the greatest of all time instead of just a ECW hero.

(2)Goldberg-A big strong bulldozer of a wrestler that had no passion for the wrestling business. Bill Goldberg had tons of charisma, short interviews and short matches which people loved. If Bill had had been a student of the wrestling game and learned his craft he would have been the best ever instead of just wanting to cash a check.

(1)Michael P.S. Hayes-One of the greatest heels of all time. Hayes mic skills were top 10 of all time, his charisma level was off the chart but his wrestling ability was average. With Gordy in the Free Birds P.S. Didn’t have to worry about his wrestling ability which limited him. Take a look at his matches with Rick Flair in Atlanta, you can see his weakness. If Michael had the wrestling skill of Bam Bam Gordy his career would have dwarfed Flair.

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  1. Rendall's Avatar
    Sorry mate, no offence but I don't really agree with any of your choices. You could in theory say the same stuff about any wrestler; hey what if David Arquette had twice the muscle, HBK's talent or The Rock's charisma; maybe WCW wouldn't have went down the pan, but hey; that's just hypothetical.
    But hey Absolutely PERFECT!, you where spot on with Perfect and Rude, now that's wasted talent; man how the business could do with a couple of guys like that right now. WOW where you talking about Hardcore Holly, seriously, oh well you seen something there I never did.
    Lastly for me the biggest waste of talent ever was Dynamite Kid, it's a shame that he rarely gets spoke about when people talk about the best ever; simply because his career was cut short due to paralyzing himself. Any younger fans out there who don't know who he is, seriously I advise you to search online for some video's; way ahead of his time.
  2. Bob Bowman's Avatar
    Pistol Pez Whatley
    Million Dollar Man
    2 Cold Scorpio
    Owen Hart
    Rick Rude

    Rude should have been WWF Champ and the rest should have been world champs in their companies.
  3. Deano x's Avatar
    Raven was the gimmick of the 90's. Oddly enough Scott is one of the most creative men I ever met in the business and should have had a long tenure on the creative side of something. He was just too edgy for the mainstream product. This is why he was able to shine in ECW. With the hardcore fanbase and more edgy style he fit right in and was able to run with his ideas. Paul E gave most of his guys the room to be creative with their own characters.

    I have to agree, Goldberg would have been good however limited mic skills would have held him back. The " Who's next" gimmick would only last so long. ie...flash in the Pan

    Luger...Luger...Luger. Had the opportunity over and over and hat the stroke considering his friendship with Sting. Honestly, I think it was the drugs.

    PS. I think you are spot on with Hayes. So much character but just not the athletic skills to get over in the ring but wow....what a promo he could cut.

    As far as Show goes, he could still be great if WWE would stop clowning him and having him in no feuds or running around doing the trumpet with the santino brigade.
    Updated 03-31-2011 at 08:31 AM by Deano x
  4. NaterD4's Avatar
    If Owen Hart hadn't died in that fall, imagine all the awesome matches he could of had. Kurt Angle was going to be coming in a few months, Hardys were starting to become superstars, RVD would be coming to WWE in a couple of years. Booker T and Brock Lesnar. Owen is definitely right at the top of my list.

    Perfect and Rude I agree with. They both were misused.
  5. el gabo's Avatar
    Owen f'kn Hart!!!! One of my favorite all-time wrestlers.

    I also agree with some of you that say Rude should of been champ. He's way better than Miz and would have been a credible champ. Funny how Championships change from one wrestler to another in a blink of an eye these days. Way back when, they changed twice a year.
  6. Stomberg21's Avatar
    The Bizzare One Goldust
  7. paul.lima34's Avatar
    Ultimate Warrior
    the only reason that he wasent one of the very best,
    is that he chose not to be!!
    if he had wanted to be, he would have been bigger than hogan ever was!
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