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5 Wrestlers that could Been the Best

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5)Lex Luger-The body and the mic skills but didn’t have a passion for wrestling others did. If Luger had been even a good wrestler he would have been near the top.

(4)Big show-A great heel and a popular face. When he was younger he was one of the most agile big men in the history of wrestling but his weight kept going up and up. If he wrestled during the territories era he would have been thought of in the same breath as Andre the Giant.

(3)Raven-He had it all, great all around skills, great heel character. The problem was WCW and WWF tried to tone him down, if they had let him roll he would have have been one of the greatest of all time instead of just a ECW hero.

(2)Goldberg-A big strong bulldozer of a wrestler that had no passion for the wrestling business. Bill Goldberg had tons of charisma, short interviews and short matches which people loved. If Bill had had been a student of the wrestling game and learned his craft he would have been the best ever instead of just wanting to cash a check.

(1)Michael P.S. Hayes-One of the greatest heels of all time. Hayes mic skills were top 10 of all time, his charisma level was off the chart but his wrestling ability was average. With Gordy in the Free Birds P.S. Didn’t have to worry about his wrestling ability which limited him. Take a look at his matches with Rick Flair in Atlanta, you can see his weakness. If Michael had the wrestling skill of Bam Bam Gordy his career would have dwarfed Flair.

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  1. TheBoogeyMan's Avatar
    How could you leave out Owen Hart???
  2. gravesismizfan's Avatar
    5. Carlito great Mic skills he was an awesome heel draw a lot of heat plus a great face excellent in ring
    4. Robert roode he is everything u want in a wrestler pure greatness when on Mic
    Wrestles extremely well.

    3. Brian kendrick . Ring a bell how can someone that gifted of a wrestler never amount to anything on the scales of how he worked the Mic especially when heel as the Brian kendrick which I think tna should do

    2. Shannon Moore he is extremely held back into getting a real push but he gas never held a singles title i don't count him winning wcw cruiserweight title with helms and other but he ie talented y no respect?

    1. Shelton Benjamin clearly he should of been a world champion he is the best pure athletic in wrestling besides aj styles and Morrison but he was great no matter whether he was heel or face he broke his body and gave us Kodak moments. I'm afraid though that Morrison Will be having same trouble
  3. Alphacool's Avatar
    The biggest piece of wasted talent in the WWE right now is "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters. better heel than a face. On another subject with Rude and Perfect in the late 80's and early 90's never getting to the top because of Hogan I the same thing has happened to Carlito and Shelton because of Cena.
  4. ANT's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rendall
    Sorry mate, no offence but I don't really agree with any of your choices. You could in theory say the same stuff about any wrestler; hey what if David Arquette had twice the muscle, HBK's talent or The Rock's charisma; maybe WCW wouldn't have went down the pan, but hey; that's just hypothetical.
    But hey Absolutely PERFECT!, you where spot on with Perfect and Rude, now that's wasted talent; man how the business could do with a couple of guys like that right now. WOW where you talking about Hardcore Holly, seriously, oh well you seen something there I never did.
    Lastly for me the biggest waste of talent ever was Dynamite Kid, it's a shame that he rarely gets spoke about when people talk about the best ever; simply because his career was cut short due to paralyzing himself. Any younger fans out there who don't know who he is, seriously I advise you to search online for some video's; way ahead of his time.
    Yeah I hate talking about stuff like this, but Dynamite kid IS one of the best ever. Every wrestler plays their role in wrestling history, well seen or not. Dynamite kid and Chris Adams were huge in England and Davey Boy Smith. Without Dynamite we wouldn't have had Benoits good points, without Randy Savage or Adams, would we have had HBK's flying elbow or super kick? For me Big Show is Great so is Luger, Luger never went hollywood, but he's a multi world champion. Without Raven no SES without Kevin Sullivan (FCW days )maybe no Raven. Without David Von Erich, or jake roberts maybe a guy like Edge wouldn't have had a chance in wrestling at all. No Goldberg, then no lesnar lashley sheamus or batista. They might not have even tried or stayed in wrestling. Nah all the above to me are legends, maybe robbed of fuller potential but legends nonetheless. oh Austin Idol anyone remember him, big legend before wrestling became must be on tv to be good. Other robbed of full potential wrestlers would indeed be richards, Warlord, Barbarian, Eric Watts, King Tonga(Haku) Chris Chavis, Scott Steiner, and Rick; and of course Mr Kennedy; injury and bias destroyed these careers from being way better than they were.
    I forgot about hayes, well the thing is you are soooo right about him. Talentless clumsy goof leeching off the real talent of garvin, gordy, and roberts for decades, have you ever noticed guys like him get high in management in WWE, sad. However, yes even he could have been one of the best.
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  5. RevelationMachine's Avatar
    I think Jake the Snake Roberts is one of the best wrestlers to grace a ring. It's a shame how destructive drugs can be.
  6. Kingcobra82390's Avatar
    I like Raven always have. He could have been big in WWE and still could have been for TNA but they dropped the ball big time on Raven. Luger to me was average. Big Show is not doubt underused he is a big man that can actually wrestler. I always like Goldberg i agree with him too. Never seen Michael Hayes wrestle but agreed great on the mic.
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