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5 Wrestlers that could Been the Best

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5)Lex Luger-The body and the mic skills but didn’t have a passion for wrestling others did. If Luger had been even a good wrestler he would have been near the top.

(4)Big show-A great heel and a popular face. When he was younger he was one of the most agile big men in the history of wrestling but his weight kept going up and up. If he wrestled during the territories era he would have been thought of in the same breath as Andre the Giant.

(3)Raven-He had it all, great all around skills, great heel character. The problem was WCW and WWF tried to tone him down, if they had let him roll he would have have been one of the greatest of all time instead of just a ECW hero.

(2)Goldberg-A big strong bulldozer of a wrestler that had no passion for the wrestling business. Bill Goldberg had tons of charisma, short interviews and short matches which people loved. If Bill had had been a student of the wrestling game and learned his craft he would have been the best ever instead of just wanting to cash a check.

(1)Michael P.S. Hayes-One of the greatest heels of all time. Hayes mic skills were top 10 of all time, his charisma level was off the chart but his wrestling ability was average. With Gordy in the Free Birds P.S. Didn’t have to worry about his wrestling ability which limited him. Take a look at his matches with Rick Flair in Atlanta, you can see his weakness. If Michael had the wrestling skill of Bam Bam Gordy his career would have dwarfed Flair.

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  1. tad locust's Avatar
    I fully agree with raven, hes one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. Luger was an overated arrogant asshole behind the scenes. Goldberg was a flash in the pan just like ultimate warrior. Show has been relatively underused and lost his intimidation. Hayes was a good draw in WCCW but was a tag team wrestler in the big companies. This is a decent list and i agree they all had pontetial.
  2. mrbluto's Avatar
    The reason I put Luger and Goldberg on the list was they had IT but did not have the passion to be better at their craft.
  3. Rick BoA's Avatar
    I could never see Raven as a main event talent in one of the big companys.
  4. Saiga's Avatar
    lex luger was alright in his prime. i think people get the misunderstanding that he was limited but he could have a real good match from time to time.

    goldberg could have been like brock lesnar (except with the wrestling background) in wcw. if only he was surrounded by the wrong people he could have had a good work ethic, great matches n could have been an overall good wrestler but the problem is that he was a mouse who happened to walk into the biggest snake pit when the company was full of snakes.
  5. Absolutely PERFECT!'s Avatar
    1. Perfect! Nothing else needs to be said.

    2. Rude! Efn Hogan held him back

    3. Orndorf. Same as Rude.

    4. Rob Conway. He had everything just no REAL opportunity.

    5. HOLLY! Alabama slama! Nuff said! Now that was a real finisher!
  6. mrbluto's Avatar
    The blog got edited. I did not put any dead wrestler in my top 5 because we don't know what would have happened in the future.
  7. Eric Bischoff's Avatar
    Right on with Raven.
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