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WWE and TNA: The Cruiserweights

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This has probably been said before about WWE and cruiserweights but i'm hoping to come across from a different angle, so hear me out. I was just watching the rise and fall of WCW and i'm still on disc one (the bischoff section) and i realised the one reason why i loved WCW back in the day; Variety. They would have their main storylines but then they would showcase the luchadores because they drew ratings. Bischoff may have buried them on the main event scene but always gave them time to shine. The important aspect about WCWs cruiserweight division was that it contained high flyers from mexico and japan but also technical wrestlers like malenko and jericho which made it an entertaining division!

I really do think WWE should take a page out of WCWs book and try and add a bit more variety to Raw and smackdown. I know they tried and failed to replicate WCWs success with the short lived light heavyweight division and then dropped the ball in the early 2000s (when they signed super crazy, juve, Ultimo, Rey, psychosis) but i think the talent they have now could enable them to do it. During the WCW days the luchadores were among the most popular and highest rated segments and todays wrestling fan hasn't changed in that respect.
Most people want TNA to bring back the X-Division (and i am suprised they haven't with bischoff there) and when people are asked what is their favorite part of TNA it was always the X-division!

The same with WWE; i know the kids love cena and orton but they also love Rey! People love Evan Bourne, Daniel Bryan and JoMo. We don't need to see them rushed into the spotlight to end up in limbo like sheamus was.

They have the opportunity now to pull this off because they have current and developing talent to do this; Rey, Sin Cara, Bourne, Bryan, JoMo, Primo, Ryder, Chavo, Hunico, Epico and many more. They now have a culturally diverse "cruiserweight" division at their disposal that rivals WCWs in their hey day. This would not only benefit the IWC and wrestling "purist" but what kid wouldn't want to see luchadores flying around the ring in a spot fest?! This is the one area Vince's personal preferences have let his product down.

TNA would definitely benefit as X-division and knockouts matches always did better ratings than the main events for them.

I definetly believe there's room for these matches in today's entertainment driven world. With wrestlers in general tending to be alot smaller and faster than the 80s and 90s, i for one would love to see a non-story driven match where two cruiserweights are just thrown together in a high paced match up. It would balance the show and offer everyone something to watch and would pull in new fans, old fans and attract people who prefer wrestling over the soap like entertainment. Bischoff even acknowledged that part of his success in WCW was due to the company becoming the premier american wrestling company to showcase a variety of high flying talent from mexico and japan. TNA should focus on signing, or lending for one night, one talent every one or two weeks and let them put on a showcase. They have agreements with CMLL and AAA, they have them with ROH, they have them with NJPW. Do x-division world cups, too. They will gain more publicity in very profitable countries like Japan and mexico this way.

What do you guys think?

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  1. tad locust's Avatar
    Alot of the wrestlers who appeared on WWE superstars were cruiserweights and put on great matches,they could benifit from the title. I agree that the little ass kids would enjoy it too. As for TNA,Hogan and Bischoff are out for themselves and dont give a fuck if the X division goes to hell [and it has].
  2. Saiga's Avatar
    i agree with most thats being said. a lot of talent of wwe superstars who have become jobbers would definetly benefit from this division had it been revived again.
  3. jonestown420's Avatar
    besides tyson kidd, the guy is a joke
  4. Kingcobra82390's Avatar
    I agree. I for one love high-flyer's i would love for that to happen but i highly doubt it.
  5. Lowki's Avatar
    Personally jones, Kidd is athletic as hell when given a chance.
    Yeah king, hopefully TNA realize there's a void in that area and fill that gap; would improve their product.

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