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Is John Cena Really Greater Than The Great One?

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Randy Orton said something interesting this past week on He said Cena would “own” The Rock. He said “…I think Cena is 10 times the performer in the ring that The Rock is. This Monday in Chicago, he’ll prove it.”

Most of us scoffed at the idea. After all, John Cena is nowhere near the league of The Rock, that’s partially why we all hate him. But last Monday, John Cena came out and did a shoot promo on The Rock, telling The Rock that Rock hates him because he wears the wrong colors, listens to the wrong music etc. and most surprising that his audience is kids. But Cena is damn proud of that was tells The Rock if he has any legitimate concerns about him not working his tail to the bone to further this business they have something to talk about. If not, who is The Rock to judge him?

It was a really good promo, even better considering it came from MR. Vanilla John Cena. But The Rock is the best promo guy in the history of the WWE, he’ll set Cena straight, it’s been years it’s finally time the people had a champion (no pun intended) to explain to Cena why exactly we all hate him.

And The Rock basically says the equivalent of: “Oh yea? Well I’m gonna whoop your ass!” …Really? What…what just happened? Where’s the classic Rock comeback? Where’s the long list of legitimate problems The Rock and the people have with Cena? Just off the top of my head he could have said that the people judge him, and the people are not entertained. Or he could have said that he left out one thing: that he’s untalented and does not deserve to be the top guy. The Rock could have said ANYTHING except what he said which was nothing.

For the next few hours I just sat here, stunned and checking updates on this site. There had to be an explanation. The Rock can’t just get owned by Cena. That’s like Santino Marella outshining Stone Cold Steve Austin. That doesn’t happen. The Rock is the best promo guy ever. He can’t just have nothing. Was Randy Orton right? Is Cena really better?

But then it hit me: The problem The Rock and the people have with Cena isn’t something that can be broadcast to the world on WWE television. John Cena is their top guy and Vince McMahon is the reason for that. The Rock can’t go out there and shoot on Cena and say he’s not talented, he’s overrated, his 5 moves he only ever does, his super hero gimmick, his pandering to children, his plain boring 1980′s babyface persona, his corporate ass kissing, his watered down presentation, his bad attempt to be funny, his inability to wrestle, etc. etc. etc. The Rock isn’t going to stick around. Even if he were, the WWE is PG now and is not a habitable place for people like The Rock anymore. The Rock can’t basically go onto a sitcom, expose the lead character for being the absolute horrid thing he is, and then leave and hope that the show can continue with it’s now buried lead performer.

But if this is truly what happened, that leaves a number of unsettling problems. 1, Cena is an major tool for acting like he punked out The Rock, giving him that straight face when he damn well knows he’s got the boss on his side and The Rock can’t do anything about it. You don’t go out there and shoot on someone when their hands are tied. It’s a major dick move. And I hate Cena because of his spot in the company, not so much him as a person. But if Cena knows The Rock can’t hit Cena back, the way Cena acted makes me dislike him as a person now too. And 2, if these legitimate gripes with Cena can’t be brought up as more than jokes, by even someone of the Rock’s caliber, then the WWE is really owned by John Cena and nothing will ever change that. Cena will continue being this super overrated lead of the company and Vince will never allow anything on his show to challenge him.

I have no problems with PG shows. If that’s the point of them. John Cena and WWE PG is as if I were watching Dexter and halfway through the season Big Bird came in and the entire show changed. But this isn’t Sesame Street. It’s Dexter. Same way John Cena running WWEPG is not WWE (WWF). When the Rock originally debuted he was Rocky Maivia, A super chipper smiling one dimensional babyface who did everything short of hugging babies. Does that sound familiar? And how did the fans react? Well, it was the beginning of the Attitude Era. The fans HATED him. They chanted Die Rocky Die and Rocky Sucks. This was supposed to be their big babyface star! But what did The Rock do? He changed, became a bad guy and took that reaction and fed off it, and bettered himself as a performer. Now The Rock is one of the greatest of all time. John Cena didn’t debut that way, he eventually had a rapper gimmick that naturally got him popular, but then he did a reverse and became the super chipper smiling one dimensional babyface. Because now there was an audience for that-children. Anyone over 12 and anyone who remembers the Attitude Era or the ECW revolution hates him. But because he’s so over with kids, he watered himself down, comes out every night, does his unfunny safe promos, does his 5 moves, and leaves. He will never become great if he does not have any reason to push himself to be. The Rock coming back, made Cena entertaining for a few weeks. It pushed him to be better. But now with Vince, WWEPG and kids behind him, he really has no reason to be. I feel like, WWE will never have the next big star like The Rock and Austin, because this environment is inhospitable to them. And if that’s the case, I really have no reason to watch it anymore either.

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  1. maar13's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by jrsckilla23
    I Think The Rock will say something after wrestlemania he ain't go down like that trust me. If people from the attitude era remember what Austin did to The Rock in wrestlemania 17 and The Rock was absent for about a month then comes back confronts Stone Cold and you all remember when they shook hands and The Rock tells him "The Rock Will Never Forget" then ROCK BOTTOM.

    I totally agree with the post 100% just for the fact that Cena always brags about i gave my life for this business and i bust my ass for this business all that bullshit that he says cuz he wants to people to like him for every time he say's that....and Anti-Cena will never like that guy whether cenation likes it or not. There are other great talent there in the WWE but they don't brag about it like Cena always does come on people you need to realize that Cena really did take the E out of World Wrestling Entertainment.
    Yes I agree that it is getting tiresome with the crap about giving his life for the business and living for the moment (Not that is actually crap, but because it has been the same speech since 4 years ago at least), Hell at some points like inthe press conference it seemed like he was running for office intead of being a freaking wrestler. I still don't think they will make him heel, but not because he becoming that will hurt sales, I thing they have become a little lazy into going with who will replace that void, Orton won't because while Orton is over, he si adifferent kind of monster alltogether. I guess is really tough to find someone more appealing to Kids and that can be as appealing to teenagers and young adults in this new kind of enviroment but is not impossible.
  2. rofecoxib22's Avatar
    @rofecoxib22: I don't really understand what your point is. You seem to agree with me, that Cena is backed because it's PG. But you take offense to people taking offense to that? If you're fine and entertained by WWE that's good and well, but people like me are not. Your argument is that no one can critisize wrestling and we're pathetic and stupid if we do so. that doesn't make sense. I'd also note what Clikka said was it was a soap opera for MEN, not kids, but I digress.

    You kinda took it to heart snowman.... I do agree with some of the things you said...but what i am targeting are those individuals who seriously can't seem to get beyond the point that Cena is the top guy and that he does the same moves all the time.... so my point to them is so what get over it... without a top guy people can't really connect...its like watching the ufc...unless brock,rampage, or some other entertaining character is involved then they lose a great amount of their audience from regular bouts (look at their last ppv buys since brock's loss)..... without the top guy or good vs evil gimmick then you are close to watching a technical match with about 20 headlocks and 100 submission moves (which don't get me wrong are very good moves) but not as impressive as watching a fight where there are ups and downs and someone almost getting their head knocked see thats where Cena being the top guy comes into need someone who can sell the idea of being an underdog at times, has conflicts, and by the end finds a way to overcome all of their inadequacies to triumph in the end.... am I a Cena mark... maybe a little but not by a long strectch....but honestly who could they use at this time that has as much charisma as he does and when i say charisma I mean someone who the audience (kids mostly and some teenagers and adults) can buy into their character and root for him to win.... Who would you pick to replace him?? Internet favorites---Morrison,Ziggler, Orton,Bourne(are these guys good yes, but they all with the exception of Orton at times need a little more time to fit into their mold) and just to prove my point Alberto Del Rio (love him or hate him) has been in the WWE for only a year and is going to be in a headlining match at Wrestlemania in comparison to Morrison,Ziggler,Orton(maybe) and Bourne.... so for now Cena is the guy and monday night he proved that he could go toe to toe with the Great One...not saying he is better than the Great One but he held his own.... if you think back remember when Hogan and the NWO came to WWE and the Rock did the Rock Bottom on ( I'm pretty sure a reluctant Hogan).... This Monday night was the same scenario....Cena is being passed the torch so to speak for the new era eventhough we may not like it but it is what it is .... a new era which is PG and a new audience... people have a choice nowadays too....if you don't like something then change the channel but I am willing to bet that if you come back in say a few years or so the PG audience will have grown up a bit and things around WWE will have shifted to a different gear (maybe the Attitude era part 2)....thanx for your intelligent post....keep us interested with your blogs and i hope to respond to another one
  3. Automatic's Avatar
    @ Snowman: No, I've read the whole article, but people should stop comparing The Rock and Cena, it's not fair to Cena. Rock will always win, because he had more freedom.
  4. gokhanx99's Avatar
    could anyone picture cena performing a more perfect DDT
  5. candlelarbra5212's Avatar
    Clikka, your an idiot, I can't be bothered writing everything thats wrong with your comments.

    Snowman, great blog, you are correct in almost every way. Don't listen to the idiots on this blog. They are Idiots.
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