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A few things that need to be changed in WWE

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Today, im going to list a couple things i see wrong with the WWE.

1.Entrance music- Sheamus-mainstream rock song, doesnt match his character, you supposed to be booing the shit outta this guy! To bad you cant hear it because of the entrance radio. the list goes on.

the miz- again, we are supposed to be booing this guy, yet its almost impossible with his music
Randy orton, cm punk they both have the same problem.

Lets go back to the time where the entrance was about the wrestler, not the song.
Kurt angle 'you suck' perfectly with his entrance remember that? now, if he had some alternative rock song do you think he would get the same reaction?

You can go on and on about it but most people probably don't understand it because they like the music, I can understand that.

TNA does what the WWE used to do. Beer money, the beautiful people, styles, joes and so on they all have music that matches their character, and it doesnt usually play on the radio. If i ever hear Orton's,Punk's,Cena's,sheamus, miz on the radio im gna throw up

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  1. NaterD4's Avatar
    Since CM Punk is using Killswitch Engage as his theme, it's not making him a good heel? What kind of idiotic logic is that? What do when the music stops and starts up again is what determines how well they're doing their job not the music.
  2. Automatic's Avatar
    HAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHH, I see we are dealing with a massive TNA mark here, no problem. For the record: I WATCH TNA TOO. But actually Sheamus' and Ortons theme music fit perfectly with their character. Punk has a great theme. Miz' theme is ok. Kurt Angle's theme was also perfect for his character as it reminded the gold medal and that you could chant 'you suck' too it was not purposedly done by WWE. Angle's theme was the only theme song in the history of WWE with a chant. And I find TNA theme songs too generic, nothing special, not really fitting the character.
  3. straightedge916's Avatar
    you gotta be kidding me!! Who gives a shit?? And you are the biggest TNA mark i know! Kurt Angle's song "You Suck" used to fit him. "What if he had a alternative song?" Listen to his TNA theme. If you are gonna blame WWE for the entrance music, something is wrong with you. This is WWE not MTV.

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