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WilloTron 5000

And I quote - a week in the WWE

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Well the final edition of Monday Night Raw is upon us ahead of what is being built up to be the biggest Wrestlemania to date. Therefore it looks like we're heading for the busiest week in the WWE calendar. This is going to be the week where all of the loose ends are tied up ahead of 'Mania', the week of finalisation ahead of 'the big one'.

The 21/3/2011 edition of Raw saw the Orton/Punk feud firmly cemented and i finally realised that their match could be one of the best matches of the night. It certainly has the potential. And to me, thank god no members of the this 'shambolic new Nexus' are allowed to be in Punk's corner. If I was creative, which i'm not, i'd take a long hard look at the members of the new Nexus. I see little in any of them, I kind of like what 'the army tank with a ferrari engine' Husky Harris has to offer. However Otunga's claim to fame is his wife, Mason Ryan's potential lies in hosting Dave Batista tribute nights and
McGuillicutty just has no charisma, considering the high regard his father was held in.
This edition of Raw also saw Michael Cole just dig himself a bigger hole where i see Jerry Lawler having the fairytale Wrestlemania victory. Although I like Cole and his character shows much potential as an announcer and in ring personality. Something the WWE hasn't had for a long time. A fine heel commentator. Furthermore, The Miz unveiled his cleverness in rotating the 'W' on the WWE championship belt. Now I like Miz for his character, in ring work and his climb to the top of WWE compared to where he was 4 or 5 years ago. But i expected more! I wanted to see Miz stamp his personality on a new design of belt, rather than refurbishing John Cena's corny creation. Of course not quite to the extent that TNA went to with the Immortal strap for Jeff Hardy. But a new belt for The Miz with class. Ah well, beggers can't be choosers eh?

As a proud Englishman I was thrilled to see Corre member Wade Barrett taste gold, Intercontinental gold to be precise. And to quote Matt Striker, 1/3 of superstars who win the I.C title go on to win the either the WWE title or World Heavyweight title. So the future's bright for Wade. But the Corre look dominant, purely because they hold 75% of Smackdowns gold. And why not, this does show dominance, dominance in fact that shows that the 'New Nexus' pale in comparison to the Corre. In my opinion showing that in the original Nexus; Barrett, Slater & Gabriel were the superstars who carried the group, with Otunga, McGuillicutty and Harris just there for the ride and the odd beatdown. Although i'm desperate to see Skip Sheffield return, definantely one to watch as are The Corre's progress.

Therefore this is only brief however we're entering a a week where anything could happen and as i said loose ends are being tied in regards to Wrestlemania.

In terms of 'one to watch' it's got to be the WWE all this week including Wrestlemania!

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  1. el gabo's Avatar
    Nice to see I'm not the only that likes Michael Cole's character. I think he is doing a great job as a heel right now. The box and security surrounding him is genius IMO. This was a rather good RAW for a change.

    The Punk/Orton was getting kind of boring until last week and this week, Punk took it to another level. I love how Punk calls him Randall. Really shows great psychology by his part. although I think it's very likely Orton wins the match because of the injured knee. They would be talking a step backwards if he wins at WM but...

    Cena-Miz-Rock was really good also. Cena got really corny in his promo but, it IS John Cena. Rock got is groove on and showed some action. Great idea of Cena AA'ing Rock at the end. Gives us more suspense towards WM. Overall, a really good RAW this week.
  2. WilloTron 5000's Avatar
    i get a lot of stick for liking Cole but i think the character he portrays is great and something we haven't seen for a long time. I agree i think the Colemine is great, again something different!

    Yeh the announcers call Edge 'the master manipulator' but i'd say CM Punk is on a par with Edge as far as that name goes haha.

    True, really enjoyed the Rock/Miz/Cena exchange. Also thought Undertaker/HHH as well as HBK getting involved was great too

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