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Rick Starr

WrestleMania Road to Success or Failure?

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Hey Splashers! We are just one week away to WrestleMania! For those of you who like Wallpapers I made my very own HHH vs Undertaker Wallpaper. It's no Kupy, but I'm working on it. Check the bottom of the blog for the thumbnail. Alright, lets get to it!

WrestleMania! Throughout its 3 shy-decade of a legacy it has been called many things: “The Grandeur”, “The Spectacle”, “The Spirit of the Immortals”, “The Super-Bowl of Wrestling” and countless others. It was wrestling's first Pay Per View, and to this day it is Wrestling's BIGGEST pay per view. Through the years, it didn't matter if you were a WCW fan, a ECW fan, a TNA fan, or even a NON-wrestling fan, WrestleMania brings billions to watch, like a moth to the flame.

Like many legacies, WrestleMania has some great years, some good years, and then there are those not so good years. For me, the first 4 were easily some of my favorite moments. I remember sitting in the Boston Garden watching the very first WrestleMania via Closed circuit, because I didn't have cable in my area. We all had to sit on over-packed bleachers, and the sound quality was horrible as it echoed through the Gardens. But I was only 13 at the time, and didn't care. The next year, I finally had cable, and said good-bye to the Gardens.

Some of my favorite years are 1-4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 22 ,23, and 25. I'd have to say 22 is my favorite in most recent years, although the Taker/HBK 1 match at 25 was undoubtedly the best match I've seen. Their rematch at 26 I think was a watered-down replay of their first epic match. I know I am a minority, but that's the way I feel. As for the rest of the Mania's There were a couple of great matches in them sure. But one or two great matches does not make a whole show. I left out 2000, because I honestly didn't see it. So I will won't judge either way on that show.

Which brings us to present day...WrestleMania 27. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been on the fence about this one, as a lot of different aspects are truly bothering me. The biggest one is the removal of the Money in the Bank match. As we all know the WWE has upgraded this match type to it's own PPV, properly named “Money in the Bank”. Many fans had a beef with this, as they felt it was taking away from it's signatory at WrestleMania. I honestly thought it was cool to see MitB twice a year, but now its GONE from WrestleMania! Did they replace it with any other original match type? Not yet and that's a big strike against WWE.

The next issue I have is the Cole/Lawler match, apparently being pushed as one of the main matches for WrestleMania. Lets be serious for a second. Lawler, while he deserves all the credit for what he has done, is a commentator. Micheal Cole I gotta respect the guy, he is finally coming off as a heel, rather than just an annoying little bug, but he is still a commentator. We know that Jack Swagger is in Cole's Corner, and we know Stone Cold Steve Austin is reffing. Do I really need to do the math for you on this match? While seeing Austin come out and Stun and pour beer on a few people will be cool. That's the ONLY thing that this match really has to offer.

Another issue I have is WrestleMania or the better WrestleMania's have been known for having several specialty matches. So far I only count 2: The Undertaker/HHH No Holds Barred. And the Codey Rhodes/Rey Mystero match where if Rey loses he looses his mask. I've heard interviews where Rey swore he would never remove his mask again. However he is getting older, and is on his way out of the WWE (maybe a year or two left). If the WWE cuts him a bonus check for the right price..who knows.

Now the chances of Undertaker loosing is slim to none. Granted I think this match will be one of the top matches nonetheless, but I just don't see him loosing. There were rumors that HBK was going to jump in and cause Taker to loose, then there's others rumors saying he will cause HHH to loose. I really don't think that will happen, and if it does, it will be done where HBK is sitting in the crowd minding his own business, and one of them (probably taker) gets distracted.

The Randy Orton / CM Punk Match looks decent for a mid-card. No real complaints... I also really haven't gotten siked for their match either.

I won't even bother with the mixed tag match. I understand it's WrestleMania, and it's time for celebrities. I just wish they were doing more with John Morrison.

The WWE & World Title matches should be decent, but again I was hoping they spiced it up with some kind of stip, or specialty match. Lets face it SmackDown has had Cage matches and Falls Count Anywhere matches in the past couple of weeks. This is WrestleMania, I was hoping, they would have raised the bar...But we still have 1 week left.

I guess when you look at WrestleMania 27 has the possibility of being another good ppv. I myself am just not ready to say it's gonna be a great one. I'll make that call for myself when it's over.

Well That's It For this Edition Splashers! Please remember We have LIVE show's Every Wednesday's and Saturday's From 8-10 pm Eastern time, Catch all the action at And if you have Skype you can JOIN in on the action as well! See ya When I See Ya -Rick Starr

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  1. tad locust's Avatar
    Orton vs Punk will be the match of the night.HHH vs taker wont be near as good as there match at WM17.ADR vs Edge will suck because Christian hasnt been added. cena vs miz will be decent. The other stuff is random booking and proves WWE shouldnt have removed MITB.
  2. Rick Starr's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by tad locust
    Orton vs Punk will be the match of the night.HHH vs taker wont be near as good as there match at WM17.ADR vs Edge will suck because Christian hasnt been added. cena vs miz will be decent. The other stuff is random booking and proves WWE shouldn't have removed MITB.
    I have to agree the HHH/Taker match wont be that great. With HBK obviously being thrown into the circle I keep smelling "Screw job". One of my readers said that this is a transitional period for the WWE. So Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to the MitB and eventually the Undertaker, as this is expected to be his last year. Now ithere has been talk he may go one more year...we will have to wait and see for that. nonetheless, I agree with him.
  3. jonestown420's Avatar
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