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Dream Announce Team for Raw & Smackdown?

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Hey guys, hope all is well. I've been looking at the Raw & Smackdown team and it is definitely lackluster to say the least. I love all the current announcers but some of them clearly should not be together and maybe mixed up with a few additions.

Now keep in mind these are my dream announce teams I'm about to write. Not sure they all can possibly go down seeing as some aren't in the company and some people can't work that schedule.

First of all, the three man announce team in my opinion has always been gold. I love hearing three men debate on wrestling other than two. Also it's brings a much more entertaining product.

I believe Smackdown is getting better and better as the days go. Their ratings have improved beautifully but I feel the WWE needs to give Smackdown the A-List Announce Team to improve ratinngs.

Dream Announce Team for Smackdown: Michael Cole, Jesse Ventura & Booker T

In my opinion, Jesse Ventura is the greatest announcer ever. He has so much power in the words he speaks, he knows absolutely the right name for every move and he is the perfect heel commentator. Booker T started off slow but I think he fits in well as an announcer and finally isn't shy anymore. His first night announcing on Smackdown, he barely made a peep but now he sounds like he's coming into his own. Michael Cole is complete gold and honestly he needs to have his voice heard. He sucked as a face but is doing amazing as a heel.

Dream Announce Team for Raw: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler & Kevin Nash

Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler has been a high demand for a long time. They truly mix together well and without Jim Ross, Lawler can be pretty boring but together they are so relaxed. Kevin Nash pretty much will do what the WWE tells him as he is excited to be back with WWE. I would love to see Nash doing something that isn't dangerous lol. His time has passed as a wrestler but he is one of the greats on the mic. This ofcourse would be an all face announce team but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't get boring at all.

Also, I would like to see Kevin Nash & Booker T somehow involved in a general manager position if the announce thing doesn't work. Point blank, they need an on screen job as long as it isn't wrestling.

Thanks for reading and I appreciate you all. Be safe and check out my youtube links below to some of my music. Thanks.


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  1. miraistreak's Avatar
    Vince McMahon would also be a good replacement for Punk in a heel commentator role. He could threaten Josh with termination instead of just telling him to shut up like Punk does. =)
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