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March 27th 2011, Jonny 3:16

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Now, a few weeks ago if I wrote this I would probably say this has been the best build up for a Wrestlemania I can remember. Unfortunately it has tailed off since. Maybe I'm nit picking as WWE has been on top of it's game for quite some time. The highlight that sticks in my mind recently is the SmackDown Elimination Chamber match a few months back, which is a contender for Match of the Year. Well it will be unless HHH gets his way in seven days. I might be wrong but that is what the match with the Undertaker is all about, getting a big thumbs up from Dave Meltzer. But I don't expect this to be a one off or a two off. I get the feeling HHH is going try to better the two classic matches between Kenta Kobashi and Mitsuharu Misawa and HBK's battles with the Deadman by going for a hat-trick of Matches of the Year. I'm not expecting the streak to end a week tomorrow but I am expecting a helluva match.

As for The Rock I was apprehensive when he came back. The expression 'You can't go home again' comes to mind. But alas, he is just as good as he ever was. The same cannot be said for Stone Cold. I was just as excited about his return. But the fears I had for The Rock came true in Austin. It's great seeing him drinking a few beers and hitting a few Stunners but that's all he does when he returns. He was one of the best talkers going, arguably better than The Rock. So why didn't they let him rip?

Which brings me to Cena. I was definitely in the anti-Cena brigade a few years ago. Let's face it though he has improved, ten fold. So it disappoints me that one word from The Rock and the fans start booing him again. How fickle can they be, did you forget you hated him or something? Cena's rap retort in Fresno was incredible. It basically said whatever you got Rock I can beat it. Respect for Cena sky rocketed in my mind and made me think it's on! Since then it seems that he has taken the foot off the gas. It's like the powers that be didn't want Cena to get that good a reaction. They want him to be good but not as good as The Rock. Either that or they feared the edgier Cena might alienate the younger audience.

Which is something TNA have to no fear of. I have mixed feelings over TNA. A few years ago I could jump right into a TNA PPV and get into the matches. Watching Victory Road last week was like watching a not very good episode of SmackDown. The main event of Jeff Hardy and Sting was simply awful. If that doesn't win worst worked match of the year I'll eat my cat. Frankly I think Jeff Hardy has been lucky to get that top spot. He got to where he is with his crazy high-spots but there not going to keep him there. He maybe a good worker but he isn't a great worker. I was excited about the ladder match with Mr Anderson at Against All Odds, but it was a big let down. I feel sorry for Anderson, he took the brunt of some hard bumps in a match that will be forgotten sooner rather than later. The main reason why I hated it is a lot of it didn't make sense. Like the shoot style TNA have going on. I don't have a problem with it, in fact I think it's good. But they cannot mix the shoot style with the soap opera nonsense they have going on with JJ and Angle. It's contradicts and conflicts the show. But that's just the tip of the iceberg, if your stealing your ideas from Jersey Shore man you are in trouble. Cookie? How long did they spend coming up with that name. Instead of watching TV and movies I might suggest they read a book sometime. Besides the lack of creativity and originality, story is the main problem. Without a solid story the viewers have little chance to get involved and care about what is going on. Two victims of this at Victory Road were 'Cold Blood' Matt Hardy and A.J Styles. This match should of been better than it was. It's sad to see A.J lately. Not so long ago he was one of the best in the world. Maybe he's been there too long, maybe he's peaked. Either way he needs to get out whilst he still has some ability to work a great match. TNA is bringing him down.

Believe me I could go on slamming TNA but I'm going to give it some props. Samoa Joe who I thought was on A.J's level a few years back is better than him now. RVD has certainly stepped up with his in-ring performance. Mr Anderson is a genius on the mic. All he needs to do now is get better in the ring. The Bully Ray gimmick is awesome. Ric Flair is a natural and has a lot to offer as a manager. He could be this generations Freddie Blassie. The tag team division is damn good. It's great to see TNA originals Beer Money doing so well. Something about James Storm and Robert Roode tells me there destined for greatness. And do you know what I'm liking Hogan, he's a good talker. The confrontations with Anderson and Sting were top quality. But what I love to see most are people who never got the chance in WWE getting over in TNA. People like Shannon Moore and Matt Morgan. It shows that TNA has it's place and if they get focused and rid of the deadwood (Namely Russo) they can be a player. And that's Jonny 3:16, 'cause I said so!

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  1. BackYardWrestler's Avatar
    let the records show that if "Sting vs. Jeff Hardy - Victory Road '11" doesn't win Worst Wroked Match of the YEar, you will eat your cat :P

    nah but seriously, very good read
  2. candlelarbra5212's Avatar
    The fans who turned IMO where mostly the adults because they know how much better Rock is.
    Cena hadn't rapped for years why start then? It's because he has no mic skills.
    When Rock came back I hped Cena could hold his own but last Monday he showed he couldn't when he had to win an argument with a bunch of self-ritious PC shit. Super Cena came back to life and I don't think Rock could think of a comeback. But I believe most saw through Cenas shit. I for one lost alot of respect for cena when he couldn't think of anything else and had to bring up the old 'who has the right'. We do you twat, you put yourself in front of the world every week your going to get jugded and compared to other greats, if cena thinks thats wrong he need a reality check. I think it would have been great if Rock said I have the right as your superior.
    One more thing. I know Cena won't read this but the reason you get critisised on your audience of kids is because you drove all the adults out of wrestling and the only people who would cheer you are kids.

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