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Wrestlemania 27. As it stands...

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WWE Championship
The Miz (c) vs John Cena
The 'Awesome' has come a long way from his debut as a Tough Enough competitor back in 2004. Since then, he has racked up an impressive resume including United States, Tag team, Money in the Bank, and WWE Championships. Defeating a number of top superstars on his journey, Miz has proven to the world that he can hang with the best of them. Headlining Wrestlemainia as the top guy, Miz goes in against the one superstar he has yet to beat in the ring. That man...John Cena. Cena, has been to 'Mania as the champ, and has come out on top many times. But the rivalry both superstars have built with none other than The Rock has the potential to cost either man the match, and the title. What involvement will The Rock have on this match? Will we see another Cena title reign, or will The Miz silence his doubters once and for all and prove that he really is Awesome?

World Heavyweight Championship
Edge (c) vs Alberto Del Rio
An intense rivalry where it appears that not only Edge and Del Rio play in this match, but Christian who have a deep seeded rivalry with Del Rio, and Brodus Clay who has taken on the role of Del Rio's muscle. With the two men involved in the match constantly trying to get the better of the opponent, it would seem natural that other men would be drawn into this rivalry. With Christian making an impact since his return, and actually beating Del Rio in two matches, will he play into the title picture, or will Clay help ensure that Del Rio wins his first ever singles title.

United States Championship
Sheamus (c) vs Daniel Bryan
With the Celtic Warrior back to winning ways after his King of the Ring curse,Sheamus has managed to prove he is back to best by winning champioship gold. However the technically gifted Daniel Bryan looks to regain the title he lost by invoking his rematch clause on the biggest stage of them all. Both competitors have the potential to put on one the best matches of the night with the the smaller but crafty Bryan looking to wear down the physically dominating and barbaric Sheamus.

The Undertaker vs Triple H
The streak has always been the one the great attractions of Wrestlemania. If not, THE attraction of Wrestlemania with all respect to the title matches. But with The Undertaker on an amazing 18-0 undefeated streak, Triple H looks to try his luck and bring that amazing 18 year record to an end. Unlike any other match on the card, there has been been a face off, and a battle of words words, but no physicality between the two. But despite this, people are still talking of whether the streak is jeopardy against a man who has demonstrated in the past that need be, he can be one of the most vicious and brutal. Add the fact that the no holds barred stipulation means that there are no rules or restrictions, against one of the most cold hearted competitors in history, and one one must wonder if The Undertaker may have come up against a man who has shown him in the past that he really is a 'Cereabral Assasin'. Then again, The Undertaker is one of the most intimidating, and can be just as cold hearted. The 18-0 undefeated streak speaks for itself and could very well become 19-0 this year

Randy Orton vs CM Punk
The seeds of this rivalry were planted back in 2008 at Unforgiven. Orton punting CM Punk in the head shortly before his title match meant the Straightedge superstar could not compete and had to vacate his heavyweight championship. Come 2010, Punk subtly reminded everyone that someone in the past had wronged him, and that they would pay. Fast forward to Royal Rumble 2011, and we would soon learn that the person Punk referred to was none other than Randy Orton. For three long months, the two have been locked in a bitter battle including multiple beat downs and members of Punk's New Nexus being systematically being taken out by the viper ensuring the two face of one on one. Will Randy put a stop to Punk's revenge mission, or does the straightedge superstar have another plan to get what he's been planning for three years? Don't be surprised if Punk finds two more of the original Nexus members who were never removed from the group. Namely Skip Sheffield, and Michael Tarver who has been seen lurking around backstage. Coincidence...?

Cody Rhodes vs Rey Mysterio
Cody Rhodes, no longer 'Dashing', thanks to Rey... Or so he says. Donning a creepy looking protective mask, Cody's transformation from a vain, pretty boy, to a dark, brooding character who can no longer even stand a mirror has taken this to a whole new level of personal and has been looking to exact revenge on Rey for the last few weeks. Even going as far as involving his Hall of Fame father, Dusty Rhodes, to double cross Mysterio. Getting his match on the grand stage, Cody looks to heal his fractured psyche, whilst Rey must simply survive against the man who blames him for taking away his 'Dashing' looks

Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler
(Special Guest Referee - Stone Cold Steve Austin)
One could say that this is one of the most anticipated matches on the card. After months and months of torment, everybody is waiting for The King to finally get his hands on the self proclaimed "Voice of the WWE". With Jack Swagger already in his corner, Cole has had the upper hand hiding behind his muscle bound trainer whilst hurling a torrent of abuse and embarrassment at Lawler. Add the volatile Stone Cold Steve Austin as the referee, it looks as if Jerry Lawler's first ever Wrestlemania match will be one Cole will regret being a part of.

Dolph Ziggler, Vickie Guerrero & LayCool vs John Morrison, Trish Stratus & Snooki
The WWE has always been an attraction for celebrities. And this match is no different with Jersey Shore's Snooki participating in a Wrestlemania match. As soon as she set foot in the ring, the loud and annoying and jealous Vickie Guerrero took an instant dislike. And after being embarrassed, made the challenge for the mixed tag team match. Throw in the mix, the talents of Dolph Ziggler, John Morrison, and one of the all time great womens champions in Trish Stratus, the outcome of this match will have attention from the the world and definitely the Jersey Shore

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