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Countdown to Wrestlemania 27! (pt.2 of 3)

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So last week we looked at Wrestlemania I-X (85-94) this week we're just going to dive right into Wrestlemania XI-XX (95-04)

Wrestlemania XI (1995)
Diesel(c) vs. Shawn Michaels
WWF Title

Again, the world of professional wrestling found itself in a slump. Nobody cared about anything that was being done ins ANY federation. But at Wrestlemania XI HBK and Big Daddy Cool gave WWF Fans their money worth. Even though the main focus of Wrestlemania XI was LT vs. Bam Bam, HBK and Diesel showed the world why THEY are fighting for the WWF title, and they continued the process Bret Hart and Ric Flair started in 92 by bringing the WWF Title prestige.
HBK was Diesel's best opponent.

Wrestlemania XII (1996)
Bret "Hitman" Hart(c) vs. Shawn Michaels
WWF Title
60 Minute Iron Man Match

If Ricky Steamboat and Randy Savage defined what great wrestling was in 1987, 9 years later HBK and Bret Hart defined what great wrestling was in 1996. HBK and Bret Hart brought out the best in each other (in the ring) and the worst of each other (outside). Like Steamboat and Savage, every true wrestling fan has this match AT LEAST once. And if you haven't you need to.

Wrestlemania 13 (1997)
Bret Hart vs. Stone Cold Steve
"I Quit" Match

In 1997 the WWF was openly getting their ass beat down by WCW. And there wasn't a single superstar that could turn the tide for them. That was until Wrestlemania 13 and the birth of the Austin..I mean Attitude era began! This match is nasty, brutal, bloody, and down right amazing. This match is what a lot of guys consider Austin's shining moment. And I don't disagree. It wouldn't be long after this match that Stone Cold began to vie for the WWF title, and it would only be one year later that Steve Austin would win it. This match, was truly the star of the show.

Wrestlemania XIV (1998)
The Undertaker vs. Kane

Though Undertaker's win streak is known and recognized at Wrestlemania his matches honestly weren't AMAZING. Nothing horrible, but nothing really to write home about and NOTHING to write in the marquee (except for his WM 13 WWF Title match). It wasn't until Wrestlemania 14 that Undertaker's match TRULY stole the show. His match with Kane was the match that EVERYBODY was looking forward to, and it delivered. Sure HBK and Austin closed the night and had the most hype thanks to Mike Tyson, but it was the battle of brothers that in my eyes made Wrestlemania 14 as great as it was.
(HONORABLE MENTION: HBK/Austin good match. NOT GREAT. But damnit any guy that can work a match with that much VISIBLE pain on his face deserve honorable mention. PLUS my blog, I can honorably mention who I please)

Wrestlemania XV (1999)
The Rock(c) vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
WWF Title

I'd like to say that I think this Wrestlemania should be ranked with one of the worst Wrestlemania's ever. Just bland really. But it was noticeable for the very first WWF Title Match meeting between Austin and Rock. The two BIGGEST names of the late 1990's and early 2000's. These two guys tore into each other and just gave us a piece of what was to come later. This match was the best BY FAR on a night that also held X-Pac vs. Shane O' Mac.

Wrestlemania 2000(16) (2000)
The Dudley Boys(c) vs. The Hardy Boyz vs. Edge and Christian
WWF Tag Team Titles
Triangle Ladder Match

WOW. What can I really say about this match that hasn't already been said? This match was just amazing! And what made it REALLY amazing is that the entire Wrestlemania was awesome. This is my personal favorite Wrestlemania. These 6 guys tore down the house and won over the hearts of millions and millions. It was this match that ushered in the Golden Age of Tag Team Wrestling. Jeff Hardy's Swanton HAS to be on EVERYBODY's Wrestlemania moments list. What isn't as recognized is Matt Hardy's INSANE bump from the top of the scaffold. That was just straight up sick. This entire match is worth a watch. No doubt THIS match stole the show.
(HONORABLE MENTION: HHH/Foley/Rock/Big Show, great great great Main Event. Was ALMOST the match that made the list.
HONORABLE MENTION: Y2J/Angle/Beniot. Did you read those names? I shouldn't have to say more)

Wrestlemania X7 (2001)
The Dudley Boys (c) vs. The Hardy Boyz(c) vs. Edge and Christian
WWF Tag Team Titles

When you can basically have the same match on 3 different cards. And 2 of those cards are Wrestlemania's (Summerslam was the other) you know you have something special. EXTREMELY special. This match was just....orgasmic. (Yeah I said it) And some of the spots here are just jaw dropping. Edge's spear to a hanging Jeff Hardy leaves you going "you're f**king kidding right?!) Wrestlemania 2000's match was so nice they had to do it twice, and what a rematch it was.
(HONORABLE MENTION: Angle/Beniot, this was a great VERY techinical match. Hell they should have used a point system.
HONORABLE MENTION: Austin/Rock 2 was incredible minus the Vince McMahon ending)

Wrestlemania X-8 (2002)
"Hollywood" Hulk Hogan vs. The Rock

I've tried very hard to stay away from Hogan during this list, but dude when you get it right, you get it right, and at Wrestlemania X8...Hogan and Rock got it right! The build up alone to this story was just like WOW. The NWO ramming a semi into the ambulance had me screaming "HOLY SH&*" for weeks. The crowd honestly makes this match as amazing as it is. The back and forth of this crowd is almost as amazing to listen to as the match is to watch. This match SHOULD'VE ended Wrestlemania In what I consider to be one of Rock's last REAL matches it was one of his best. I'd also like to say that this was one of Hogan's best matches as well.
(HONORABLE MENTION: Y2J/HHH could've been an awesome feat, but after Rock/Hogan everybody was drained. Nobody could've topped that.)

Wrestlemania XIX (2003)
Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels

In his second WRESTLING match since his return HBK went head on with Y2J and man it was something to watch. Seeing HBK and Y2J battle on a Wrestlemania stage where the card was JACKED is something else. Y2J was one of HBK's best opponents and I think sometimes people forget that. This match shows how well the two gell together. I've debated with my friends that Y2J should've won this match as a true passing of the torch to Y2J, but what they did later in 2008 was good enough for me. This match had A LOT of competition in making the show stealing list, but Mr. Wrestlemania and Y2J prove to the world they are two of the best in the world at what they do.
(HONORABLE MENTION: Kurt Angle/Brock Lesnar, those two guys are animals. They're not human.
HONORABLE MENTION: Stone Cold/The Rock. These two gave their all in what turned out to be Steve's last match)

I am literally staring at the screen trying to think about this next one.
Literally just watched both matches in contention and am still NO CLOSER to a decision.
Just rewatched both matches and am no closer.
Okay choice has been made

Wrestlemania XX (2004)
Triple H(c) vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Beniot
WWE World Heavyweight Title
Triple Threat Match

Before I start this I'd like to point the following out. Beniot's death had NOTHING to do with my choice. And there for any comments on his death WILL be deleted.
WOW! What a triple threat match. What a performance these three gave. HBK's moonsault to the outside. The double suplex to Beniot through the table. Oh man, just wow. This was at the height of HBK vs. Triple H and then you throw in Beniot it just was truly something special. Being a HUGE Chris Beniot fan it was something extremely special. To see him FINALLY win the big one was great. He deserved it. And the WWE gave it to him TEN TIMES better then WCW did.
(HONORABLE MENTION: Angle/Guerrero. God That was really hard to decide between the two. I watched both matches, TWICE, and feel that I could've gone either way.)

So there you have volume 2.
Next week is Wrestlemania and the final installment of this series. You're gonna see Wrestlemania 21 (2005)- Wrestlemania 26 (2010) and I will give my thoughts on the show stealer of 2011 and MAYBE predictions. If you guys wanna hear em.
Love it? Hate it? Disagree? Agree? I wanna hear it below guys.

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  1. dai hbk frayne's Avatar
    u got everymatch spot on apart from wm 13 & 20 to me the best matches were sid vs taker awsome and kane vs taker pt2 just the return of the undertaker afther that awfull badass gimick that i cant even watch any matches with him in to me taker is taker stay that way and 2nd bret rules austin sucks balls hes never been anygood the guys hes wrestles make him look good(like cena) sorry but again wont watch any of his matches boaring and what made taker,sid match classic was the fact of afther 6 years wwe finally gave him the title again well deserved the rest u said fack spot on dude!
  2. dai hbk frayne's Avatar
    and also my all time fav wrestling match is hbk vs hart wm12 watch it live on skysports when i was 8 woke up creeped downstairs turned tv on bam the match was on and ending best ever i cried simply put the best thing in my childhood fact as lame as that sounds its a memory thats there forever and ive watched the match at least 60 times over the part 15 years never gets old classic dude again spot on!

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