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TNA: Why?

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After revising the Hardy situation, and the current Angle ordeal, I have been scratching my head over this for a while, and asking myself....


Why was Hardy not released for the atrocity that happened on Sunday? I understand he is the most recognizable face to a mainstream wrestling fan that TNA has, but the income and outcome of his performances is weak at best.

If TNA was smart, they would give him the same choice that the WWE gave Jeff in 2003, and if he denies, they release him. Without a question, I think Jeff (with an extended run in rehabilitation), could get better, and clean up his act.


Why has TNA not taken any sort of action on this Kurt Angle problem (that we know of)? TNA has put Angle in a spot he doesn't want to be in (working an angle with Karen), and he has voiced this on multiple occasions. He is not happy with the company, and there are even reports that he has wanted his release. I completely understand that Angle has proven himself, time after time, but this sort of conduct shouldn't be accepted from even bigger names, because they bring a sort of bad press to your company, that TNA shouldn't/can't be taking right now.


Why has TNA not implemented a wellness policy of sorts? All of these issues at hand could have been simply be avoided if TNA had some sort of drug policy in check. After seeing what is happening in that company, and TNA's laid back attitude on the subject, you have to ask yourself...


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  1. maar13's Avatar
    Where are those news of Kurt wanting out of TNA? Because everytime he has an interview he put s the company over like crazy and even says it is where he wants to retire.

    I thing the have a testing system because on some interviews they have said they have Drug policiy but has never been clear if there is any sort of punishment for talent in the case of testing possitive, Therefore if there is nothing on paper, in reallity they can't do anything to Jeff or Kurt, since there is no real action againts it, the only thing they can do is stop booking them and for waht they are paying them and the so little dates they have, they can't affort to lose them, in the case of Jeff, they are starting to do so but believeme, on the monetary side, it is probably cosnting them more than helping their case, so that is also why you can't lose both, maybe one but not both.

    All the points that you mention nails the fact that TNA has cornered theirselves in this kind of situation.

    Also, you have heard rumors on how TNA is when it comes to pay for medical bills of talent and to pay for talen not being used, do you really thing they are going to spend money to send someone to rehab who ever that is?

    And do you think they want to piss Jeff off with something like that? That is one of gthe reasons Jeff is not in WWE, because for him they over exagerated with that policy (guy broke it twice, mind you), that and the fact that Punk actually referred to him on a PPV interview.

    So Dixie is probably so scared of firing him or pissing him off that she pretty muchplays it blind when this kind of things comes to light.

    So in Jeff's case the best the can do is ask him to take WWE offer for Rehab (like I said, TNA wouldn't give him a dime for it and WWE offer is for all former talen, working or not) and hope he goes there, if not, well they are losing money eerytime he is not on TV.

    With Kurt, well, don't really know what they can do, hope for the same I guess and keep him there working.

    They pretty much can't do nothing since they have conrnered theirselves in this situation.
  2. DXFan619's Avatar
    ''Also, you have heard rumors on how TNA is when it comes to pay for medical bills of talent and to pay for talen not being used, do you really thing they are going to spend money to send someone to rehab who ever that is?''

    Yes, and it sickens me to think that TNA doesn't think they're responsible for the injuries their own talent suffers.

    And thanks
  3. Bob Bowman's Avatar
    Jeff should be fired.

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