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The Crap of WWE

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Since I saw the two articles of "The Joy of TNA" and "The Joy of WWE" I figured let me point out the negatives instead of the positives. I will start will WWE, and I'll make a TNA one later on.

No Prestige For Any Titles

The WWE title and the WHC have just become an accesory at this point. Edge being an 11 time champion in like 5 years really doesn't help that title very much. Not to mention Jack Swagger's reign. Then you have the WWE title which was held twice by a not over Sheamus, and now a very good midcarder in my mind in The Miz.

Both IC and US titles are in better shape, but the problem is that they are never treated as important. I can't remember the last time WWE had a storyline involving either title. WWE only has like two tag teams, so those belts are pointless. And don't get me started on the Divas championship.

Burial of Talent

John Morrison, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, Drew Mcyntire, Kofi Kingston. All of those men are great wrestlers and great talents, but apparently WWE sees more in The Miz and Sheamus than those guys. I am hoping Christian gets his shot at Wrestlemania, but we shall see. I see no real point in ruining your future talent.

Other Factors

The tag team divison is a joke, the divas divison could be good, but as of right now it is a joke as well. The Miz being champion is a joke, as well as Edge being an 11 time champion in 5 years. Not to mention Ziggler being champion for 10 minutes... Add in the fact that Alberto wins the rumble in under his first year in the company really makes me worry about the WWE.

There are some good things about the WW, but I wanted to focus on the negatives this time.

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  1. helmsley's Avatar
    well having a title reign a year from your debut (adr) is not a bad thing in general,i mean is fresh and its new

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