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Did We As Fans Get Spoiled?

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I look at many of our comments and blogs and how negative they are or how much we all feel like things need to be better or improve. We complain about current stars and reflect on old times and wish why things couldnt be the way they used to be. Are things that bad in wresting? Should some things be changed and improved? Or did we as fans simply get spoiled somewhere along the way?

Take The Rock for example...Ive heard and read it all; many are so happy to have him back but then there are those who are upset he left at all and just wish he would go back to Hollywood. The spoiled kids in us wish he never left and say he betrayed us in some way. However we know this is far from the truth. If Rock had stayed around what might have happened? We could be sitting here complaining in similar fashion the way we complained about Triple H or Undertaker. That he has been around for too long and should be helping putting over young talent. Even worse we could be complaining the way we complained about Hogan back in the 90's before he went all NWO. The truth is we just became spoiled kids...instead of appreciating that he is back for however long, we complain and throw tantrums.

The same could be said about the champions they pick now a days...The Miz, Shamus and Swagger who were all champions this past year and we just couldnt take it. We bitched and moaned and said what about someone else. How happy were those of you when Cena or Edge were champion? You wanted a change and got it but because you didnt like the change you cried anyways.

Lets face facts though...the attitude era spoiled us more than we realized. We had talented superstars that made us go this is the way wrestling should be. But when those stars started to leave for various reasons, for injury, retirement or movie stardom and the attitude era faded we were left with something less than what we were used to...PG. Now we have Cena and he is constantly forced down our throats with no one else to take his place. Orton and Punk are shadows of what the attitude era was and the midcard talent just seems to stutter step as they push and drop the stars like nothing.

Dont get me wrong though...things could improve all around as far as story lines and rivalries go in the WWE. The IC and US championships need to be seen as more important. The mid card matches should last longer than an average 3 minutes. And perhaps more consideration in who they push and make champion. We just need to see that they care more so that we care more. But overall, we just need to be less spoiled and more patient about things. Eventually even Cena will be gone and we will be looking at how different things have changed again. But will we be bitching about how Cena is better than whoever takes his place or will we be grateful that things did change? Do you think the wrestling fan has become a spoiled brat of himself or are we justified in the bitching that we partake in?

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  1. mrbluto's Avatar
    Great wrestlers that paid their dues spoiled us. Wrestlers are pushed on camera before they are ready.
  2. BrickCity4Eva's Avatar
    I would have to say we are spoiled to hell. The Attitude Era some say was the best ever, yeah, it did push the envelope, but at the same time we forget the many distasteful storylines we got out of it and the many shitty gimmick matches we received like for instance a Battle Royal at WM 15 and the last 2 men got to face the Tag Champions later on the show....

    The New Generation (post Hogan era in WWE) made just as many stars and the Attitude Era may have made those guys bigger stars. Some of us haven't come to grips that "Attitude" is dead. It's finished, it's over. Done with. Will we get a more edgy product again? sure, but not "Attitude"...

    Also for title changes, and wanting someone new, The Titles changed hands A LOT in 99 in WWE and no one complained about it then. We got new faces as champions, and we didn't complain then, now 11 years later, we get some new faces as champion, it's "why is he champion, he doesn't deserve it" coming from the same people who hated that 13 month Cena reign years back.

    We need to be more patient, whenever something new happens, we are quick to shit on it, and not give it time to grow or that person to grow.
  3. maar13's Avatar
    The thing is that we as fans now have so much access to Wrestling, that sometimes that blurrys the mind, I mean you have seen so many angles in so many ways, shap or form that when yuo look at a familiar one you deem it as repetitive. So many moves from all over the world that when you se someone using something like the GTS, you doom it as "He got it from Kenta" and as nothing innovative. So much to complain that you can't get enough of it either.

    like BrickCity4Eva said, the title has changed a lot, that being a something 12 years in the making, with the Rokc as an example hosting 9 world titles in 4 years,1 of which was part time so pretty much 3 per year since 1998. And sorry for the correction but Cena's longest reign (his first one) lasted 10 months and 5 days.
  4. Dax's Avatar
    There's no such thing as spoiling the people you are working to entertain -- I mean, that is the goal after all... Not to put out a boring and moderate product.
  5. Chaston80's Avatar
    Dax- there is such a thing as spoiled fans...I mean seriously yes we want a product that is entertaining and the best it can be...but if you look at it fairly, you cant expect the WWE to always hit the mark year in and year out. They will make mistakes and the product will sometimes suffer. If you look at it from another stand may love Koby Bryant or whoever but you cant expect them to win every game. You may love any rock group or singer but they wont always put out a hit single or album. But if you expect them to then you are being unrealistic.
  6. DR.X313's Avatar
    in my opinion its not that were spoiled its that wwe has added about 60% water to the mix its about the work rate that these guy are allowed to preform at in wrestling names and faces change its the level that they put them at is what the prob is stone cold used to wipe his ass with vinny mac's tie now even if stone cold passed the torch to cena he will never be at that level i have no real prob with john cena but his sorry ass finisher same with the miz and shamus only randy ortan has a good finisher and he hasn't been a face in years you got to give the fans what they want and thats exciting wrestling finishers remember the diamond cutter or the rock bottom they could bring it back and i don't know why they haven't not one person does a powerbomb for god sake if they bring back sweet moves the casual fan will tune back in

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