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The Joy of TNA

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Given the usual negativity coming from the Online Wrestling Community I wrote a blog post about "The Joy of WWE." I figured that I'll be fair and do "The Joy of TNA." So without further ado, lets get to it.

The Face Turn of Fourtune

Lets face it, the members of Fourtune are the most talented and entertaining in-ring competitors in TNA and when they were heals they often had to reduce to cheating and retreating in order to win matches and hold on to their titles. Now that they are once again faces they are able to showcase their talents and win legitimately making for better matches and storylines.

No Hardy Holds a Championship

I have not been a fan of either Hardy since they were a tag team. I have always found their promos mediocre and their best matches usually had more to do with the quality of opponent rather than anything they did individually. Now with the controversy at 'Victory Road' it seems that Jeff will be out of the spotlight for a while and Matt has not even had a chance to compete for a championship since joining TNA.

As of right now, Kaz holds the X Title, Beer/Money has the tag team belts, Sting is the World Champ, and Gunner or Murphy holds the TV Title (I forget which one). These are all quality in-ring competitors that should be able to put on very entertaining matches.

The Tag Team Division

TNA has awesome tag team competition. They have been hinting at breaking up a couple of the teams, but as of right now they are stacked with talented teams and the titles have legitimacy. That's a hell of a lot more than WWE can say at the moment.

The best part of the tag division in TNA is that they are all truly tag teams and not just a bunch of singles wrestlers randomly thrown together.

Deep Roster of Talent

We all know about Fourtune and then some of the TNA mainstays like Abyss. But with midcarders like Samoa Joe, Matt Morgan, Pope, Hernandez, Bully Ray, etc. They have a lot of individuals that at any point could jump to main event status and make a convincing run.

Bully Ray

Many people have commented about what a great heel Ray is. And with the exception of the crappy name I agree 100%. And now that his feud with Devon seems to be over I am looking forward to seeing how his singles career progresses. He certainly made an impact by power-bombing AJ off the ramp and I expect more of that to come.

There is certainly things to dislike about the product, but they could be doing a lot worse. And an important thing to keep in mind is that Flair, Hogan and Bischoff are old and can't be around forever....can they?

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  1. jonestown420's Avatar
    I think they should reunite jeff and matt hardy if they are going to keep jeff hardy, because neither one of them can talk on the microphone, watching "cold blood" matt hardy do a promo is like nails on a chalkboard
  2. Hesterica's Avatar
    Only two things can happen to TNA this year. They go down, or hit the high road. I'm not their biggest fan but I have high hopes that they're going to do it this year.
  3. derek6's Avatar
    I think that with booker and nash taking off and jeff falling off the wagon they were forced to go in a different direction and I love what they've been doing in reaction to those losses. Bully Ray would not have gotten the spotlight if had jeff not failed and look at how strong of a main event heel he has the potential to be! When fortunes music hits i get chills its like theyve finally done it, i actually like kaz? Wtf? And the big babyface injury angle on aj reminded me of the old days when earthquake crushed hulks ribs and i sent him a get well soon letter and got a postcard back saying dont worry hulkamaniac ill be back in action soon! Just think how cool it will be when aj walks out, ribs taped and beats bully rays ass, thats pro wrestling and if this is the new direction that hogan and bischoff are taking then i love the new tna!
  4. Eric Bischoff's Avatar
    It's ridiculous that you think either Gunner or Murphy are good in-ring competitors.
  5. Anyrysm's Avatar
    I think that once Gunner and Murphy start becoming known more as wrestlers than the personalized security they'll turn out all right. But who knows? They might end up being as popular as 'The Shockmaster'
  6. maar13's Avatar
    Samoa Joe at Mid card? Unfortunately true but that is not right, is no right at all.

    But Hell, good ppint, they could be Hell lot worse, good thing to get the possitive out of the negatives.

    Hope they improve and continue with their head high, really star taking pride on being part of TNA, that is also somethign needed to succeed.
  7. teacher_on_da_rampage!'s Avatar
    Matt hardy has had 2 Great matches in tna!
    vs RVD and VS AJ styles! 2 amazing matches! i am suprised!

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