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WWE: The Main Event Flinch Test

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I went very math and stats based on my last blog, but this time I'm going to go with the gut feeling side. I had actually wanted to include this originally with the Christian blog, but felt it deserved it's own time.

The topic I will discuss today is called "The Flinch Test". What is the Flinch Test? The Flinch Test is when you see a #1 Contender's or World Title match, and you see who the participants are, do you flinch? (MITB and Battle Royals do not apply)

For example:

If you saw CM Punk vs John Cena for a World Title match you would say "Yes, both of them are obviously worthy of competing for a championship" (sorry Cena-Haters). Well obviously the multi-time world champions are going to not make you flinch.

On the flip side, if you saw Primo competing in a #1 Contender's match for the WWE Championship you would definitely flinch. Primo has no business being at that level yet, because he obviously hasn't earned it. Of course picking a 3rd tier star is cheating too.

What about the Mid-Card? Well the mid-card is essentially pretty large in the WWE. This is where the flinch test shines. Using the WWE as my example: Kofi, Daniel Bryan, Dolph (yes I know he's technically a 1-time champ), Christian, Del Rio, Mark Henry, R-Truth, Morrison, and the list goes on... Some of them you can see competing for a world championship match, others you can't.

While you might be able to validate your reasons why it might take awhile. This is where your gut feeling, or rather "The Flinch Test" comes in. If you saw R-Truth competing for a World Title Match now, you'd probably flinch. That may not have been the case when he had his US Championship matches awhile back, but it wouldn't feel right now. Sure he's had plenty of big-time matches over a great number of PPVs, but it just wouldn't mesh now. You'd probably go: "No."

The Miz's championship run is probably the best example. People have been clamoring to see a new champion, someone who at least had been there awhile. Then the Miz starts shining after The Dirt Sheet breakup, although slowly. When he earned the MITB people we're generally pretty happy, as people thought A) He'd lose his real match, and win the WWE later. or B) He'd get a good long build up.

Then he won it, out of the blue. People flinched. While many we're indeed happy, it didn't sit right. Yes, he had a long established climb going through the US Title, he had a good recent fued with Daniel Bryan, yes he was good on the mic, but it didn't sit well. Everything the IWC wanted and used as reasons why Sheamus and Swagger shouldn't have been champion, Miz had. (except exceptional ring skills, his are just average to above average) Even still, people flinched.

I've seen many reasons of why it doesn't sit well. Lack of clean wins, average ring skills, etc. etc. However, many of us can look back on YouTube and see Orton's skills we're mediocre, Cena only recently got decent ring chemistry. In fact outside of maybe CM Punk, nearly all the new-champions in the past few years had a major flaw.

It's been mentioned in the WWE about the "IT Factor" the unexplainable notion that you know someone can be a star. Well the IT Factor is not the whole thing. Many current and former Mid-carders have the IT Factor. That's how they won their US/IC Championships and sold merchandise.

Miz had the IT Factor, but he still made people flinch. The IWC wants people to pass the flinch test before they became champions whither they know it or not. Miz didn't do that. However, you can single handily point out when he finally did: Miz passed the flinch test when he "cleanly" beat down Cena and had that great promo on Rock.

It was that point when people finally decided he was worth it. He no longer would make people flinch in a main event match. Some stars may need the long build up of clean victories, raw skill etc. etc. Others, may need one shining moment, but all are accepted (in some form) if they can pass The Flinch Test. This is why Swagger got thrown out of the picture. He never stopped making people flinch.

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  1. SgtGohan's Avatar
    very interesting blog indeed. and i tend to agree
  2. jonestown420's Avatar
    i agree with some points. In my opinion, The WWE forgot how to make a popular face character and thats all they do now is create really good heel characters. John Cena is their top face, And that's a joke beyond comprehension. A wigger guy should never be the leader of any company
  3. dres1214's Avatar
    @jonestown420 he isnt a wigger anymore. He's superCena! lol
    Good blog and good points. I do agree with what you have stated. I never really looked at it that way but now that you have brought it up, i completly agree with the "flinch test"
  4. blink's Avatar
    I think the wwe set swagger up to fail the flench test. He was booked to lose and look beatable but then failed to establish him as a credible champion
  5. Deano x's Avatar
    Good points. I tend to agree by saying that the build up of Stars needs to be gradual rather than overnight. It also seems like the creative side of wwe loses sight of where they are week over week. Morrison and Ziggler are superstars one week and at the card bottom a week later. Ziggler was world champ last month!
  6. miraistreak's Avatar
    Thanks guys, I had a really hard time wording this one, and I still don't feel it was as good as it could have been.
  7. Chaston80's Avatar
    It makes sense and I agree with this blog...
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