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Why Not Jake the Snake for Hall of Fame

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Every year the WWE hall of fame comes and goes and among the great wrestlers left out is Jake the Snake Roberts, my question is why? he was one of the top 3 mic guys in the history of wrestling along with Hulk Hogan and Rick Flair, he was one of the top 10 wrestlers of all time. Lets don't pretend Jake was not a pain in the ass which he was but so were Flair, Hogan and HBK. Is it his drug and booze problem? hell how many wrestlers in the HOF had or have problems. what does the WWE have against the Snake? my last thought is no matter what Jake has done in his career he deserves to be in the WWE HOF more than Coco B ware, what a freaking joke.

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  1. LSC's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by rockymaivia
    I'm glad someone posted this, because honestly if it wasn't done soon I might have just myself. You're right, Jake is right up with there with the greatest of legends ever to be in the wrestling business and he should damn well be inducted in the Hall of Fame. It should have been done a while ago now but it's never too late! I think it is his history with drug and alcohol abuse that may have stopped the 'E inducting him. Pete Rose but not Jake the Snake? WTF??
    I agree..they have Koko B Ware in there, never more than a novelty at best, all the celebs..I won't argue too much with Pete Rose, he deserves far more than the WWE HOF (a joke at best...) but I wonder at the honor anymore...this year seems to be a good class, to a degree. Jake would have made it better, but they already have their main event guy, and he IS a main event guy. Until they can all decide on HIM as the main target, it won't happen. He believes they'll try to do it posthumously anyway..and doesn't dwell on it by his own account. As nothing else they do makes sense, why would this?
  2. LSC's Avatar
    Thanks for the article. I agree, I do write from time to time, and have been extremely tempted to step up and say something myself, but for those that know me, they'd simply say I'm biased and dismiss my comments as such. I've been a Jake the Snake fan longer than most, I know him very well, and he pretty much agrees with you, but here's where it ends. He doesn't dwell on it. He's busy getting his life back on track, mending fences with his family (and doing very well at that) and is COMPLETELY retired out of the ring, and will continue to be such, no matter what you may read. There's a line of betting in Vegas going now, has been for a few months, on how long it will take him to get back into the ring and wrestle. He's pretty inclined to make sure those guys don't get PHAT on him. It won't happen.
    Thanks again, great article. His interviews for Mid South were better than the WWF stuff, its just what people remember...
  3. mrbluto's Avatar
    I have been a wrestling fan for 41 years and had the honor of watching live the career starts of many great wrestling stars including Jake the Snake Roberts. You could see right from the start Jake had IT, a few years went by before he put all the pieces together but when he did it was amazing, wrestling skills that could make a good match with everyone from Andre the Giant to Million Dollar Man, mic skills maybe only second to Rick Flair, ring psychology second to none, if you were watching a Roberts match you knew it was going to be great. I have to disagree with one poster, there is no way you can say Koko, Lanny Poffo, Steve Lombardi, Renee Goulett deserve to be in the WWE hall of fame. I don't mean to bash guys that bled for the wrestling industry but Koko was the best of that group and he was a one trick pony. Lombardi and Goulett were first match guys and nothing more, Poffo was somewhere in the middle for a very short time.
    Go to 2:20 on the video and see The Snake V Shawn Michaels.

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