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Why Not Jake the Snake for Hall of Fame

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Every year the WWE hall of fame comes and goes and among the great wrestlers left out is Jake the Snake Roberts, my question is why? he was one of the top 3 mic guys in the history of wrestling along with Hulk Hogan and Rick Flair, he was one of the top 10 wrestlers of all time. Lets don't pretend Jake was not a pain in the ass which he was but so were Flair, Hogan and HBK. Is it his drug and booze problem? hell how many wrestlers in the HOF had or have problems. what does the WWE have against the Snake? my last thought is no matter what Jake has done in his career he deserves to be in the WWE HOF more than Coco B ware, what a freaking joke.

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  1. rockymaivia's Avatar
    I'm glad someone posted this, because honestly if it wasn't done soon I might have just myself. You're right, Jake is right up with there with the greatest of legends ever to be in the wrestling business and he should damn well be inducted in the Hall of Fame. It should have been done a while ago now but it's never too late! I think it is his history with drug and alcohol abuse that may have stopped the 'E inducting him. Pete Rose but not Jake the Snake? WTF??
  2. Saiga's Avatar
    jake roberts was semi retired the last few years. he only just retired fully towards the end of last year. give it another 2-3 years and we'll see how it goes.

    i'm still waiting on rick rude being inducted into the hall of fame and a dvd set too.
  3. NaterD4's Avatar
    Jake should go into the HOF and the promo you posted is awesome and probably his best.

    Rick Rude should be in the HOF as well and IMO a very underrated performer.
  4. Chaston80's Avatar
    Im sure WWE will induct him sooner or later...there are many I think who should be inducted that are not yet. Rick Rude is definitely one who should.
  5. Bammer's Avatar
    i am a massive Jake Roberts fan and i tend not to read any spoilers so im always pretty excited when the HOF video packages start on tv but its never him :\ hopefully next year!
  6. Sydnister's Avatar
    Well said!!
  7. HuGrad's Avatar
    To even hint that inducting KOKO B Ware deserve HOF entry less than Jake Roberts is damn well insulting. U should actually be congratulating all those supporters of KOKO B WARE as well as many of the old school wrestlers who "finally" got recognized as HOFers after many years. He did a lot in Memphis before WWE and he headlined the first WWE album PileDriver and he maintained longevity in the sport which is a rare thing.
    Not avoiding the subject, u still have other wrestlers deserving of HOF based on their contributions, not championships , in wrestling. In that argument, I would consider , not necessarily go for, Lanny Poffo, Davey Boy Smith, Slick, Steve Lombardi, Renee Goulett, Joey Marella and Danny Davis (I really dont know if the later 3 were in or not).
    Now back to the subject. KOKO, Rick Rude, Ron Simmons, Vader, Bobby Eaton and Jake Roberts should all be in and the easiest reason is this: the fans remember him and an instant crowd reaction is created. These guys paved the way for wrestling today. For Rick Rude, I am really especially pissed off that he wasnt put in earlier as he truly was a champion. Now granted that Jake Roberts has a history of drug/alcohol issues, he isnt the only one. But whats killing his chances is when he was clean and then relapsed, it comes across as if u didnt mean what u said. unfortunately he is labelled in a negative way. Even Jerry Lawler commented during a match saying, "thats Jake Roberts on a Saturday Night", implying that he gets drunk all the time. Although it was during a match, that was bad and tasteless, but hey, at least he didnt murder anyone so he should be given the opportunity to get in. I only hope they dont wait for him to die and then they place him in the Hall Of Fame.

    To the author of the post, please dont take this as a criticism. I am a huge JAke Roberts fan as well as a huge old school wrestling fan, but it isnt fair to pick on a fellow competitor from a similar era and judge in that way. This is still a victory for the business, even if Jake isnt inducted this year, that at least 1 old schooler gets in the HOF.
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