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Mr. McMahon

WWE needs to get rid of commericals during matches

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I talk about commercials during matches and the solution to them.

One thing that I still can't stand is those fucking commercial breaks during matches, it happens during almost all matches and I hate it. I'd rather have a 3 minute segment with hornswoggle than a commercial break between a match. I understand that breaks are needed but not when you are really interested in a match, it just kills the momentum for me and I loose interest when the break goes on.

And the commerical break is so predictable, I guarantee you this is how it happens 99% of the time:

- Two guys wrestling
- One or both the guys go outside the ring
- Commercial break takes place either now or after they enter the ring and are laying there.

I especially hate this during a over the top rope battle royal as we miss out some eliminations. The only way around these commercials are pay per views where its commercial free. These commercials during matches are mosquitoes, they just won't go away.

It all started shortly after the attitude era in 2002. There used to be a small commericals during the main event match and that was all, but since the years went by the commercials starting happening frequently during all matches and most segments.


The solution to this is easy, remove all commercials during matches. Instead have longer commercials after the matches are over and after a promo. Have a commercial every 15-20 minutes, and if its a long match then just wait till its over.

Would you rather have a long commercial or have those annoying commercials during a match and during an entrance/important segment? I would pick the first option so I can watch my entertaining segment/match without any interruptions.

The worse thing is that sometimes these commercials happen right after a commercial just took place, for instance. A commercial takes place, there is a 30 second segment backstage of John Cena walking towards the ring, another commercial just takes place, then John Cena makes his entrance, another commercial takes place, then Cena does his promo and calls his opponent in the ring, another commercial takes place and then finally the segment happens. This has happened many times and I've heard many people complain about it.

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  1. MindlessRanter's Avatar
    Wow, for once I agree with DM Tea.
  2. AOF666's Avatar
    WW been doing that for a long time now. It does feel like there has been more commercials than usual. They need to fill 2 hours of Cena, HHH, Nash, Johnny Ace, and Punk segments.
  3. Van-Wilder's Avatar
    The ads piss me off too. Unfortunately it is required to make money/ keep sponsors happy so we have to live with it. I have noticed recently that there are a lot more ad breaks than there used to be. The best way around this for us viewers is to record the show so you can fast forward through the ads when you watch later.
    It won't get much worse though because too many ad breaks will put people off watching which will mean a decrease in advertising revenue.
  4. nosellshogan's Avatar
    One thing for sure.They definetly break for commercial 99 percent of the time when a wrestler gets thrown out the ring and it kind of gives it a tv show feel instead of a wrestling show feel.Honestly thats my beef with it and wish they could format it another way but that being said its what wwe has to do to keep sponsors happy and whatnot.I get your gripe dude but it's the way world works nowadays
  5. Mr. McMahon's Avatar
    You are a moron, why is it that everytime someone mentions anything about attitude era that idiots like you think we want the whole era again? When did I ever mention in this blog about me wanting the whole attitude era again? Maybe you should quit being an idiot and read posts properly. There is more bullshit in this era than attitude era, the numbers don't lie, which proves that more people love watching WWE back then, which also proves it was more successful. I guess you must be 14 years old cause you love watching hornswoggle since you so much support this pg crap. You're probably the guy who would also support porn going pg so that more kids watch it

    Quote Originally Posted by DM Tea
    Thank you, DUBS. This is a notice to ALLLL of you motherfuckers who want it to be the Attitude era again: SHUT THE FUCK UP. 1) they ripped off ECW when they did Attitude. 2) It was fun but there was plenty of stupid shit, botchy wrestling, and bullshit "hardcore" going on, too. 3) the E has come to be a lot more reasonable about PG. they're not stopping matches for blood anymore, the top guys are allowed to say minor swears, etc. Quit fucking crying over a bygone era and show some support for this one.
  6. madnonsense's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by miraistreak
    1) You don't understand TV Advertising at all.
    2) WWE today makes more money (even when adjusted for inflation) than WWE of the Attitude Era from advertisers simply because they can charge 7-11 more than say "10-10-321 Long Distance"
    3) USA dictates some of the advertising rules, as in, OK we're not going to put an ad in the middle of a promo, but we need some in the middle of matches to keep pacing of ads going so we don't get like 7 in the same block.
    4) It's on Cable TV so essentially you're just paying pennies for the broadcast, and you're still going to watch it, nor would it stop new people from watching -- So No Incentive.
    Your so right on this! Secondly, I watched all of my WWE shows (both RAW and Smackdown) on my DirecTV DVR. Pay up another $5/$6 on a DVR and record all of the shows, then fast forward the commercial breaks. You guys waste over 20 minutes watching commercials anyways. Take the advantage and get DVR.
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