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Hello to all of the Ewrestling news nation. This is my very first blog & I hope
you guys and gals enjoy it. Feel free to leave a comment afterwards and thanx for taking time out of your day or night to read it. A little bit of history about me: Fan of ROH, TNA, WWE, NJPW...Pretty much any promotion that puts on good matches. I've been a fan for about twelve years yada, yada enough about me.. I wanted to talk a little bit about gimmicks in the WWE today (as u see from title) and get some of the communities thoughts. This was something I have thinking about for quite some time and I was just wondering... Who is going to be that next superstar that changes their gimmick and is pushed to moon? Do you guys remember the Rock when he was Rocky Mavia before the nation of domination? He had curly hair and colorful tights (it was pretty bad) BUT with one gimmick change BOOM he becomes the most electrifying man in allllllll of sports entertainment. Remember when Stone Cold was the ring master? Once again, a gimmick change turned this guy into the rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin (I know there are plenty of others but these are the first that come to mind) So my question is why don't they do this more often? Now, I do want to make it clear that im just stating an opinion. Im not a genuis when it comes to how the WWE develops their superstars character but i really think that changing the gimmicks to some of the mid/lower card guys can help them get noticed. I mean just think about all the guys who are stagnant at the moment... Jack Swagger, Primo, Mcgilicutty (I know he was a tag team champ but no one cared), Mcintyre, Hawkins, Dibiase, Baretta, Kidd, Tatsu, etc. All of these guys are talented in the ring but maybe what they need is a gimmick change? Im just saying... Look at what it's done for Cody and R-Truth. Something else I wanted to mention was how far apart the characters were back in the day. I mean you had a Goldust, you had the headbangers, you had Kane, you had Ken Shamrock, you had Marvelous Marc Mero w/Sable, you had Stone Cold, you had the big bossman, you had Steve Blackman... All of these guys gimmicks were so unique and so far set apart from one another and IT WORKED! It just seems like the WWE kinda pumps out the same mold of guys nowadays BUT IDK maybe it's just me... I'm out for the time being please leave comments and opinions. thank you once agin for your time.

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  1. Ain't No Grave's Avatar
    Hello Dub and welcome to the EWN family I my opinion gimmicks are a thing of the past. When I think of the most colourful gimmicks i.e: Doink, Razor Ramon, Goldust, my mind casts back to the early 90's wrestling to the attitude era. From what I have seen from most wrestling promotions, realistic characters are now favoured over these over the top, colourful characters. I wish it wasn't the case, I do not believe in having a product so realistic. we all know that wrestling is fake so why not add a bit of fun to it? Good blog anyway, look forward to reading more
  2. silverine's Avatar
    Well Cody Rhodes Disfigured Gimmick made him stand out more and R Truth Insanity/Conspiracy gimmick also. But even with a gimmick this wouldn't help some of these superstars as they won't get a chance to ever display them
  3. AOF666's Avatar
    WWE major problem is that they are trying to recycle old gimmicks in a new package.
  4. dub's Avatar
    preciate the comments
  5. AntonioRivers's Avatar
    I must say its true, great blog by the way.

    Gimmicks are a thing of the past, I've been a fan of wrestling for the past 21 years. The first thing I ever saw in wrestling was Survivor Series 1990. I've seen gimmicks come and go, we had Tugboat who then turned to Typhoon. Earthquake who in the attitude era became Golga, Dustin Rhodes who went through a few gimmicks, and Goldust ended up being his best one. Val Venis who went by his real name, and I thought was going to have a pretty good run as Sean Morley, but then they messed up by having him become Val Venis again. I remember Mabel before he became Viscera...or Big Daddy V

    I mean there has been many gimmicks in our day and in the 21 years I've been a fan. I think the direction that they're going in right now is pretty cool, I mean you got the cheesy fan favorite who's a quote un quote all american..John Cena....The Hulk Hogan if the 2000s.

    It also looks like we're beginning to see the beginning of a new attitude era here in the 2010's. Capitalizing on CM Punk being the new Austin for this age.

    I think gimmicks are just a thing that was cool, and was in back when we were young kids watching wrestling. Some of us have been fans for decades, and see the change this industry has taken, and you know what I think it's a lot cooler to be able to relate to more of these wrestlers.

    Perfect example The Undertaker

    His gimmick worked back in the 90s that whole decade was awesome when he was the Deadman from Death Valley.

    I always liked his whole darkness appeal, however he's at the age now where the whole Deadman gimmick is just not working out for him anymore..he can't even rock the make up he use to. He's rockin a tan now, and doesn't move around like the guy we remember in the 90s. They should have kept that whole American Bad Ass gimmick, because at least that way he could tone it down, and have more raw promos, like the ones he had with Triple H before his match at Wrestlemania.

    Those gimmick changes worked for those guys, because they carried their own charisma, and were able to pull it off. We have a lot of wrestlers who are still too green to be able to pull it off. Cody's works right now for him, because he puts on a great promo. Ted DiBease can't pull off his gimmick right now, because he has no mic skills.

    Same thing going on with JoMo he's a great performer, but can't cut a good promo, and thats where it all comes down to.

    Who can cut a good promo, that's where they will notice when its time for a change. Until then they'll remain where they are, simple as that.

    By the way sorry if I rambled on and went off subject.

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