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Movie Reviews: Faster & The Chaperone: A Rick Starr Blog Splash

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Yes Splashers I'm back! Some of you love me, some of you hate me, the rest of you just love to see me drowned in a pool my my own vomit! But that's what makes the Shining Starr so unique, because each and every time, you just keep coming back to see what I'll say next!

Over the past week or so I have been heavily ribbing Dwayne Johnson (aka "The Rock") in my Blogs...And here's a few more! No just kidding I haven't watched tonight's RAW yet, to see what he will do....oh wait NOTHING!!! Sorry I just had to rib the guy just once. Sorry Rock-a-Holics, I really came into this with the best intentions.

Review on Faster
On a serious note I would like to take this time to actually Applaud Dwayne Johnson, for his latest movie Faster. It is now out on , and I just rented it last night, and I honestly have to say it is one KICK-ASS MOVIE!!

The movie is about a convicted bank car driver (Rock), who just got released from a 10 year prison sentence. During the heist, his crew and brother were double-crossed by another crew. His whole crew & brother was killed, leaving him the only survivor, in which he had to goto jail for 10 years.

Once he is released, he goes on a merciless hunt, with nothing but blood-thirst revenge to sooth his mind. All too quickly he is catching notice, 1. From the police in the form of Billy Bob Thorton. 2. The other is a highly disciplined Contract Killer, who is having some personal issues of his own.

I've watched several of Rock's movies, and to date Grid-Iron Gang, The Rundown, and Even Scorpion King are all in my library. I have Doom and I have Beyond The Mat (Which is a phenomenal documentary). But Doom, wasn't that great, and B.T.M. was a documentary. Walking Tall could have been a much better movie, but the problem with that movie is it was way too short.

The Most of Rock's other movies I thought, just weren't my taste. The more I saw him do Disney movie to lame comedy to Disney Movie, I began to think to myself "You left the WWE to do this? But once I saw the preview for Faster I knew he was going in a whole different gear (Sorry for the bad pun). If you like Action and Violence, and love The Rock, then Faster is your movie! Just keep the kids at home! It is a rated R Film for a reason. Sorry no boobie action, you gotta watch Batista's flick for that.

The Chaperone

I'll Be Honest with all of you, If I didn't have Netflix, and this movie wasn't available for instant stream, I wouldn't have bothered with the movie. I heard about the poor reviews it got, but a friend watched it and said it wasn't that bad...I have to disagree with him.

The truth is I don't Blame HHH at all for the movie. It was a bottom of the barrel script to begin with, that WWE Films obviously picked up for that price. The harsh truth is you could have put any Athlete (an NFL Quarterback, or MMA Fighter) in HHH's place, and the movie would have been the same quality. HHH did not jump into his character, he was just going through the motions, and that's probably not his fault. The only thing that really sold this movie was HHH's face on the cover...and let's face it the movie didn't really sell.

HHH plays Ray "Ray Ray" Bradstone. A man just released from prison who is trying to reconcile with his teen daughter (Ariel Winter). At the same time his friends from his past show up, asking him to help him with "A job". Ray tells them to get lost, and tries to make up for lost time with his disgruntle daughter. She continues to give him the cold shoulder, not showing any interest no matter how much he tries to prove how much he's changed his life around. The only people who do want to listen are his old friends who just won't take "no" for an answer.

Ray manages to meet with his daughter's teacher, and get's invited to become a chaperone for her next field trip. Seeing his way in to spend more time with his Daughter, Ray jumps in. And that's when the story takes off...

For a Kids movie I guess it was ok, just very dry, with little humor. I was hoping HHH could have taken the script and spiced things up a little bit, but the "fanny pack" was the only stand-out comment. The action itself, lacked suspense. The second something I guess "suspenseful" happened, it was solved like 2 minutes later. This movie was Rated PG-13, If you ask me it could have easily been rated PG, maybe even G.

I saw on RAW that they compared it to Kindergarten Cop "only better". Well I'm sorry but this movie is not even close to to Kindergarten Cop. I don't know how much the WWE payed that person off to make that statement. But they either hated Kindergarten Cop, or was looking for the payoff...I'm guessing it was the latter.

This is strike two for Hunter, His first movie, was Blade:Trinity. Again not his fault, the movie itself sucked ass. I loved the Blade series, but that one just crashed hard. I hope if Hunter does decide to go for the third bat, he decides to pick a script that will fit his personality.

Well That's It For this Edition Splashers! Please remember This Wednesday we have a show coming up from 8:00pm to 10:00pm Eastern Time! Catch all the action at And if you have Skype you can JOIN in on the action as well! See ya When I See Ya -Rick Starr

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  1. Saiga's Avatar
    the chaperone was indeed hard to watch. so i agree with your review.
  2. printz1224's Avatar
    I haven't seen the chaperone, but it's always been my opinion that you can't blame an actor if the entire movie's bad. And the chaperone just looks awful, nothing about it makes me wanna watch it. So kudos on not blaming HHH. If anyone's to blame, it's the casting director for the Thor movie...that might've prevented this awful excuse for a film from being made.

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