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5 Things That Wrestling Fans Need to Accept

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Sometimes the wrestling fans annoy me. Actually a lot of the time wrestling fans annoy me. Sometimes you need to fight the fight. But some things, you just have to accept. Here are few things that I think wrestling fans need to accept. You may not like it, but trust me, you'll be better off for it.

1. There Will Never Be Another Wrestling "War" That Involves the WWE

World Wrestling Entertainment has been around for decades. They are engrained into American society. They have stars that are house hold names. They also have a multi million dollar marketing machine behind them. The only way that any other wrestling promotion could compete with that is if they, like Ted Turner, start with millions upon millions of dollars. Like Ted Turner, the owner would also need their own TV network so there is no chance of them being canceled. If you already have that much money, why would you get into the wrestling business and go after WWE. As much as I am a fan of TNA, (Impact is my favorite wrestling show) I don't see them ever being big competition to the WWE. They simply don't have the money to do so. WWE is so far beyond them that they could only catch up if WWE just stopped moving forward. That simply will not happen. You may not like it, but if you want another wrestling war, you better hope that some other promotion gets a show on Thursday nights to compete with TNA. People always say that WWE needs competition to become better. TNA could also use some direct competition as well

2.TNA and ROH Cannot Grow If They Only Cater to the “Hardcore” Fans

The hardcore wrestling fan is a minority. WWE is as successful as it is, because they also serve the casual fan. Doing so requires them to do a lot of things that hardcore fans don’t like. Things like, dance offs and guests hosts and the Great Khali. The hardcore fans don’t like him but there are thousands of people in India who will spend money on WWE because he’s there. Everyone says they want TNA to get bigger, but they hate all of the things that would actually help them become bigger. If you really want TNA to be big enough to compete with WWE, then they need to get mainstream publicity.
People go on and on about how great ROH is and how great their last IPPV was. But how many buys did it get? How many tickets does an average ROH show sell? ROH caters to the hardcore wrestling fans. They do nothing for the casual fan and because of that they will NEVER grow. I think it would be great if they got a new TV deal. Especially if it were on Thursday nights to give TNA that competition that I mentioned in the first slide. But, if they don’t cater to the casual fan as well, they will be in the same boat as TNA is. They won’t get as much hate from the IWC but they won’t make money or get high ratings. Paul Heyman won’t get TNA high ratings. The hardcore fans will like the show more, but they will still be getting 1.2 ratings. Speaking of Paul Heyman, another thing that fans need to accept is...

3. ECW Is Dead

And it died a much needed death. Why won’t people let this thing go? The wrestling media wanted to crap on TNA for doing Hardcore Justice last year. I hated it as well. But, why did they do it? Because of the people out there who still think it was the greatest promotion of all time and won’t let it go. I wish someone would burn that damn bingo hall down.

4.Going PG Was a Smart Move for WWE. “Attitude” Is Dead

I think that all promotions should learn from the WWE and move to a more PG product. There is much more money in marketing to kids. I’m 25. If I go to a show you sell 1 ticket. I have self control, like most adults, so I’m not going to buy a lot of merchandise. I might get a snack, but that’s it. If a kid goes to show, that 1 ticket. Some adult has to take them so that another ticket.. The kid is going to want snacks and so will the adult and with the prices of arena food, that going to equal another ticket. Then the kids going to want merchandise. Those Cena shirts aren’t cheap. That’s about the price of another ticket. In today’s America, PG is where the money is.

Also, everything “attitude” that can be done, has been done. TNA has run into this problem while trying to be more adult oriented. All the good stuff has been done and they bashed for rehashing old stuff. However, the envelope has been pushed so much that anything new will be disturbing and in bad taste. There is nothing new that is both “Attitude” yet doesn’t cross into the realm of disturbing and tasteless.

5. Not All Wrestling Fans Are Alike

The promotion that you love, someone else hates. The wrestler that you hate, is someone else’s favorite wrestler. The story line that you think is the worst, is the one that someone else thinks is the best.

This is why I hate the phrase “listen to the fans”. It assumes that all wrestling fans are alike and that we all want the exact same thing. Some people want the heavy in ring action type of wrestling show that you get from ROH. Some, like myself, prefer the heavy storyline type of wrestling show that you get from TNA. Some, like the variety show that you get from WWE. None of these methods are wrong, they are just different. Each promotion has a fan base that likes the show the way it is.

Why is this so hard for people to understand?

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  1. Tenzach's Avatar
    Everything you said was true. Well done, nice blog.
  2. CRock128's Avatar
    And thats the reason why WWE says they have entertainers instead of wrestlers, so I guess that we should stop calling them wrestlers now too and start calling them entertainers if you want to follow in the foot steps of WWE, Not saying what your stating is wrong but they have taking the wrestling out of wrestling as of late and started selling movie and stuff like that, and the quality of the matches have suffered, and you say the attitude era is dead but who is coming back now to help the WWE????? THE ROCK!!! AND HE'S FROM THE ATTITUDE ERA!!!!!
  3. NaterD4's Avatar
    Well said.
  4. nrb6304's Avatar
    Great points. Too much hate for the Bingo hall though, but I understand what you're saying. ECW wasn't the BEST promotion EVER, but it was quite good I must say. ECW was able to give fans: Hardcore Wrestlin (Axl/Ian Rotten) but amazing wrestling matches as well (RVD/Lynn,Guerrero/Malenko) ECW is dead though that I agree with. The ONLY ECW match that I would actually want to see again is RVD vs. Lynn. IDGAF what anybody says I'd buy that match.
  5. The O.V.'s Avatar
    I like the way you describe WWE as a variety show. Very apt. Although I have to disagree when you say 'Attitude' is dead. It's diminished certainly, but not quite dead. Attitude was extremely popular and WWE knows this. That's why Attitude is being paid lip service now with the various Rock and Stone Cold appearances. It'll never come back in full, as you rightly said, it's run it's course, but expect to be drip fed little Attitude moments from time to time.

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