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Jeff Hardy & TNA (One Week Later)

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This is my first foray into blogging wrestling opinions, so I hope you all enjoy it. Ive been a fan since 1985 (i was 3) and I will say that 1) the whole Sting / Hardy segment was the most poorly executed management decision I can remember and has me even more worried about the state of TNA than ever before. Now let me emphatically state that while I WAS a Hardy Boyz fan during the Team Xtreme phase, I haven't cared about a single thing either Hardy has done in the ring in years, to the point I somehow forgot Jeff did indeed win the WWE title.

That being said, no logical human being should say Hardy was solely responsible in any way shape or form for what we saw broadcast on PPV. If anyone of us showed up for work "unfit to perform job duties" we'd be sent home no questions asked. ESPECIALLY with the fact that TNA even gave him gold seeing as how hes facing some jail time. He basically shit on everyone who gave him an opportunity, HE EVEN GOT HIS OWN CUSTOM CHAMPIONSHIP. The responsibility for the fans being screwed over is all in the hands of management who decided to allow Hardy to even be introduced. The whole team should be fired.

When Hardy works, not only his well-being is concerned. He is responsible for not hurting the people he works with and I do not blame Sting one iota for his desire not to be put into that situation. This goes way beyond wrestling or the wrestling business. This is a glaring example of the real issues going on behind the scenes and that must be address if TNA has any chance to stay afloat.

As it is they can't draw with a crayon (other then when they wrestled where Brooklyn Cyclones play in Coney Island), and last night I'm sure put off many people who were actually paying to watch. Creative had the prior match end in a draw, why couldn't something... anything better have been done? I don't know where delusional fans get their idea that the company is so amazing because they like the talent within. TNA does not equal their talent and their Talent does not mirror anything about corporate. I completely understand being an Angle, Sting, Styles, Joe mark but what are those people currently doing? Joe has been rendered completely boring, Styles is feuding with "Cold Blood" (really??) Matt Hardy, Angle is feuding with his ex-wife in an angle that is involving his adolecent children, Sting is a World Champion that people cut eyes at because he walked away for months just to be handed a title solely for TNA to rub "We Got Sting" in the WWEs eyes, which is a stupid move cause it was the internet, not WWE that whipped up the Sting frenzy.

Plain and simple, I went from being an Original NWA/TNA fan to really questioning if its ever worth my time anymore, lord knows it isnt worth purchasing. I remember The Flying Elves' and MVP before he was Montell Vontavious Porter, the X-Division that put the company on the map and sitting in complete awe that WWE had passed up on any of these guys.

I consider myself a fairly educated wrestling fan and tend to gravitate to better run companies, because even with all their failures, WWE would NEVER EVER be left in the situation TNA is in now. Something would have been thought of, I mean WWE finished a PPV after Owen Heart died. I don't take kindly to being called a fanboy of one company or another because truth be told, I don't really like either one more or less than the other. For a long time TNA was my source of better wrestling and I have long understood WWE is for entertainment. With all my heart I have hoped TNA would become viable competition to WWE and therefore hopefully raise the level of the industry.

Watch Low-Ki, Jerry Lynn and AJ Styles in the triple ladder match from the first year...then compare that to ANYTHING we've seen from TNA in a long time.

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  1. Cpeyton34's Avatar
    Agreed TNA is not the same they are slowly changing like WWE
  2. knox's Avatar
    great blog, truly the company should be shut down. I never understand why WWE is so government regulated, but TNA isnt. TNA letting jeff perform is the most foul move ever. That company cares more about ratings, than the health of their stars.
  3. candlelarbra5212's Avatar
    It seems to me TNA can't say no. You have a locker room of washed up has beens doing whatever they please because they were good 30 years ago. TNA needs a boss with some balls and a major locker room culling.
  4. Jaitsu's Avatar
    another "TNA SUCKS, JEFF HARDY SUCKS" rant, big surprise. wheather i agree with it or not its been said a thousand times already.

    TNA fucked up, they need to encourage Jeff to receive help. as for Knox, if a company has low ratings, its cancelled, therefore, ratings are highly important or a bunch of guys end up out of work at once.
  5. NaterD4's Avatar
    Going to jail maybe the best thing for Jeff Hardy.
  6. Slobernocker_30's Avatar
    Hardy is going to jail. TNA will move past Hardy without blinking. In a couple years TNA might hire him back, but I doubt it, they've seen firsthand what happens when you give a second chance to great talent on rehab (Hall) and I don't see them doing it again, especially after Jeff's recent f-up. WWE won't touch him with a 10 foot pole either, so his career is likely over. Got a tweet for that Matt???
  7. wallyman's Avatar
    jail is not the best solution for hardy. imo the best solution for him and his family is rehab. we all speak as fans and dissapointed person. but remmember he is human and has a family. how many of us would not help a family member in need. the truth is drug abuse is a disease that needs treatmen. aside from weather he meessed up or tna messed up i dont wanna see another eddie or chris benoit tragedy. i hope tna does fire him or keeps him under contract with the idea of him gettin some rehab. i ordered the ppv victory road and i was pretty dissapointed. but after watchin the re run of that ppv many things came to ma head. as i saw jeff hardy almost fallin and his eyes look so weird. point is he needs help. and i hope he gets it. also matt hardy has shaped out way better but it seems to be that this 2 need to help each other more. and jeff needs to apologize to the fans
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