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TNA: Simple

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Everything I read seems to be negative on TNA. Which is a shame because even TNA fans know that they cannot compete with WWE at the moment. I am going to address a couple of things that is said about TNA in a negative manner and give my take on it.

TNA is WCW-Lite: Understand this one major thing that makes TNA different from WCW. WCW was owned by Ted Turner and thus when he gave up on it, it went down the tubes. TNA has Dixie Carter, she is completely behind TNA and will not give up on it anytime soon. WCW was not ruined by Bischoff, Hogan and Russo. WCW was ruined by its own creator. Those three may have had something to do with it, but Turner was the ultimate downfall of WCW.

Russo, Hogan and Bischoff will send TNA to an early grave: Like my point above, Turner gave up on WCW and let those run the show to its grave. TNA has Dixie Carter. While she may not know much about wrestling, she does run the show. If she sees that business is going down, she will step in and make things right. Russo has been with TNA since it started and gave us the best matches that TNA had. Bischoff is in charge of promotion and nothing more. Hogan I believe is tooting his own horn and I don't think he is head of creative. If he is, he will have to answer to Dixie if anything goes wrong.

TNA is WWE-lite: Talk about bullcrap. Look at the wrestlers that came from WWE to TNA and most were not used properly in WWE or wanted a chance to prove themselves. Anderson got fired for something that was an accident and Orton should have told Anderson to use the other side if he was worried about that botch. Orton was mad and I get that but the slightest accident could cause his shoulder to dislocate as it had been injured many times, not a one time thing.

Christian felt that he was being misused and came to TNA to prove himself. He did and became one of the most popular wrestlers on the roster. To clear things up, Christian left for money reasons.

The Pope was shown to have potential but WWE failed to pull the trigger (makes me think WWE is racist as an African American hasn't held the WWE title since Booker T and even then Booker was a 5 time WCW champ. The last African American to not hold a world title and win the WWE Championship was The Rock 13 years ago.) In TNA, Burke is a high midcard guy and has the potential to become a World Champ in the near future.

Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy are the only guys from WWE that held the World Title before going to TNA and are still in TNA. Flair no longer wrestles fulltime and Hogan has no need to be in the ring.

There are a few more that I will post at a later date.

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  1. Dragongrave's Avatar
    Wrave. You need a lesson in Wrastling History. WCW died because it was just a money pit after they lost the war to WWF. They hired all old WWF guys for TOO MUCH MONEY. Do we see a pattern here in TNA, I think so. The following is a list of guys that should be taken off TV IMMEDIATELY AND FIRED to make TNA better.

    Jeff Jarrett (creative role)
    Kurt Angle (creative role/manager)
    Sting (love him, but his time is done)
    RVD (Unless you turn him heel, he bores me as a face)
    Borash - he tries too hard to be Ryan Seacrest and no wrestling fan likes Ryan Seacrest
    Taz & Tenay - Both blithering losers
    Ric Flair should ONLY be a mouthpiece like Mr. Fuji, nothing more, EVER
    Devon & Ray can stay as singles, more Ray though as he does a good job
    Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy can go home and do their crappy internet show with Shannon Moore who can go home too, guys who are drug abusers should not be setting examples for kids.
    Re-Package Gunner & Murphy into something but drop the Television/Legends Title as it is stupid.
    Karen Angle & Mick Foley - Bye Bye
    Rob Terry - Too many steroids, you're fired
    Orlando Jordan - the gay thing doesn't work in wrestling, sorry bro, not against gays, change the character and you stay
    Scott Steiner - Loved you, but your time is also past
    Tommy Dreamer - Washed up.

    Get some other younger guys who have the look and the mic skills, and are willing to put in HARD WORK to learn the business.

    Then have storylines that MAKE SENSE. God, Fourtune is THEY, boy did that suck. Don't have your storylines leaked until YOU HAVE THE PLAYERS SIGNED FOR IT.
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