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Three years after Chris Beniot

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Hey all EWN and IWC readers, I understand that it's been 3 years since the tragic death of Chris Beniot, BUT with the recent release of Chris Jericho's new book "Undisputed" (great read pick it up!) the thought of Chris Beniot has creeped back into people's mind.

The season of Wrestlemania is upon us, and a name that has become anonymous with Wrestlemania is also Chris Beniot due to the fact that he participated in one of the top 3 Main Event Matches of Wrestlemania History (HBK/UT II and HBK/Bret Hart are the other two IMO). Along with Wrestlemania comes the rich history as well. Multiple magazines and videos and etc. are released remembering past Wrestlemania's. My question is what the hell are they going to do with WWE Magazine where they're promoting "EVERY MATCH from EVERY WRESTLEMANIA"? What the hell are they gonna do for WM 2000 when Beniot Angle and Jericho tore up the place in a two falls triple threat match for the IC and European Title?
Or X-Seven? When Angle and Beniot but on a wrestling clinic?
Or WM XX when Beniot won the World Heavyweight Title?

All of these questions bring up the question that I intend of trying to answer: "Should the WWE 'blackout' Chris Beniot?"

My answer? Yes indeed they should. Let's take a look at why.

1.) Almost causing another govt. investigation of NOT ONLY WWE but the ENTIRE wrestling world.
When Chris Beniot did what he did to his family the entire country stood in awe of how and why this could happen, and one of the main points was drugs and steroids in wrestling. Now granted there are CLEARLY some juice heads in all of professional sports, none more evident then in the glorified body building business that is WWE.
So because of these investigations people who worked hard to get their bodies without steroids now can't be on TV or in the ring because people will believe that they are juiced up causing wrestlers to lose out on possible money opportunities to feed their families.

2.) Erasing the hard work of others.
There can't be a wrestling match without two people. Beniot (through his actions) have ruined the chance for younger audiences to enjoy some of his matches (unless they use Youtube or some other form of file sharing be it legal or illegal). What are these matches you ask? Well how about for starters: Money in the Bank I? In my honest opinion the GREATEST Money in the Bank Ladder Match in the history of all them. The match that gave Edge his ticket to the top. In twenty years Edge will have another DVD disc set come out and when the WWE or Edge wants to talk about his rise to the top they cannot put that match on the DVD. Why? Because Chris Beniot was the last man on the ladder before Edge took to a steel chair to him to win.

I recently bought the 10 Year Anniversary of Smackdown 3 Disc DVD set that counts down the 100 Greatest moments in Smackdown history. It includes some full length matches, one of them NOT being this classic match that SHOULD have been right at the top of the list.
TLC III- The Dudleyz vs. Edge and Christian vs. The Hardyz vs. Beniot and Jericho
The TLC match that injured Beniot's neck, the TLC that gave Y2J and Beniot the WWE tag titles and set up the injury that would change Triple H's career for ever. No longer can be watched on DVD unless you own a DVD that is pre 2007.

The Final Match on the list is one that maybe isn't remembered as much as it should be: Smackdown 11/18/05 Chris Beniot vs. Triple H. Why is this match up important? This was the closing match up to the Eddie Guerrero tribute Smackdown. A TRUE classic and testament to Beniot AND Hunter's skill. At the end of the match up Dean Malenko came down and stood in the ring and cried in remorse of losing their best friend Eddie Guerrero. A true moment that should test the sands of time, no longer will be viewed unless found on Youtube or on the VHS tape that sits in my bed room that contains both the RAW and Smackdown Guerrero tribute shows.

3.) Almost destroying the industry that he loved.
What many folks don't know or remember about the aftermath of the indecent is that the ENTIRE wrestling business was in a state of taboo. Here in my home town there are at least 3 "big" indy promotions and all three canceled their shows for the next few months unsure of how the fans would respond. And I know of a few other cities that shut down their wrestling community too in fear of losing more money then making any.

The entire WWE along with TNA re shuffled their cards, and had to re think what type of product they were going to put on the screen.

Should Beniot be black listed in the WWE? Yes. Yes he should, he alone almost tore down the entire buisness we all love.

Should Chris Beniot be remembered for the wrestler or the monster? My answer? Despite everything I've just said: The Wrestler. Chris Beniot the wrestler was one of THE best in the world EVER. Not a lot of people could match Beniot in the ring, and to this day not a lot of people can. Beniot was an amazing wrestler that should never be forgotten for the things he accomplished INSIDE the ring not the way he ended his life.

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  1. gokhanx99's Avatar
    thetriple threat for the IC and EU title was my favourate perioud for the IC belt. ham and Y2J wow there matches were legendary in my eyes.
  2. AngrySamoan's Avatar
    Yeah, it is fairly pointless. It's been almost Four years since that whole incident as well. If you were arguing for Benoit to not be blacklisted, I could see this story having some sort of goal. But to me, it's just rambling on about a few matches that won't be on dvd, yet can be watched on youtube.
  3. trasler's Avatar
    yeah i agree with the above comments...You make some good points (and im pretty sure it was closer to 4 years than 3 aswell) the guy was an amazing wrestler, he did fuck the wrestling world over - if you remember Vince got blown up in his limo the week before and the funeral storyline and huge storylines was meant to follow, but that all had to be re edited and was totally ruined...BUT I'm sure that to the family of the Benoits thats the last thing they care about.

    Pluss I thought they were starting to phase showing him in small clips, not to promote him but in order to tell other wrestlers history's (like in the Randy Orton DVD - as orton defeated benoit to become the youngest champion)
  4. therockiswwf's Avatar
    I will post what I posted, yesterday, on almost the same exact blog, on page 2 (currently).

    He went batshit crazy. It was brain damage.

    But he can't/wont/shouldn't go into the hall of fame. The WWE was right to black him out because no matter what, he still killed his family. I do feel some pity for Benoit (I heard some stuff in Chris Jericho's new book about him, I don't actually have his book, I just heard some of the stuff he wrote). In the book it says that Benoit was extremely bi-polar (especially after Eddie died) and basically he went nuts. I have not even seen a Benoit match since I found out what he actually did. I just can't. I don't think he was a monster, I think he just went mentally insane. I think the WWE is right here, you can't justify what he did and the backlash to the WWE would be WAY bigger than blacking him out.
  5. SESAfro's Avatar
    I agree the he should be remembered for his in-ring ability instead of him murdering his family, but the business should emphasize on his wrestling career. Sure, he killed his family, but it was so long ago. At first I understood. Now he shouldn't be blacklisted. Most people have forgotten, others forgave, what he did. Losing a best friend and performing for the masses day in and day out, slowly loosing sanity should carry on his legacy.
  6. Stihltygre's Avatar
    if he had control of his actions then yes he should be blacklisted, but he had severe brain damage... he had no control, his family were victims of his injury... the injury he sustained because no one at the time knew any better. partially because of what happened we now know more but still not enough.
    simple fact brain damage is not the fault of the person with the damage, no one had any idea about how severely repeated concussions will affect a mind so he slowly killed himself and his injuries caused him to kill his family. it's that simple, if he were driving a car and had an anurism that killed his own family no one would twitch, but because his injury caused insanity everyone is all about how it should be hushed up.

    benoit should be remembered for his skill, for his passion for his industry, and a cautionary tale about maintaining the health of your performers and fully allowing them to heal when they receive injuries.

    i'm sorry if this seems over the top but the type of injury he had has affected my life personally, we as fans need to understand what happened and why there are no more chair shots to the head, or roids, and why the industry we enjoy so much is changing. we need to accept this so our favorite stars can be healthy and it can never happen again. we MUST remember history or we will be doomed to repeat it.
  7. brodius's Avatar
    I loved Benoit and like everyone else was in shock. Now that all the information about concussions is available, we need to look at it all again. Last year his father was on a primetime special. His brain was donated to science. Recently a few football players went bat crazy and killed themselves. When they looked into this the brain had similar traits to the brain of Benoit.

    On another note about him not being on DVD's. The Hell in a Cell DVD has the Armageddon 6 man match on it. They just cut the commentary of him out. I think if the match was important enough to be on the DVD then it needs to be in it's original form. Am I saying there needs to be a Benoit 3 disc set. No, but there is so many matches that are important that are lost forever.
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