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Ending the Streak!

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The Undertakers streak at WrestleMania is more than legendary its mythical in proportion and no one will ever be able to repeat it or duplicate it. Cena was on his way to doing it but thankfully Randy Orton ended his winning ways at WrestleMania 24. But as WrestleMania approaches and Triple H will have his second opportunity to end the streak, which I dont think he willl, the question begs...Who could end the streak? Who deserves to end the streak? Should the streak end at all?

With the Undertaker trying to stay in there for another year and reach WrestleMania 28 the first qustion stands who could end the streak? Potential candidates range from Randy Orton, John Cena, Big Show, Rey Mysterio, Kane, and if he stays around and I hope he does The Rock. Each have long term and respected careers in the WWE and each have the respect of the WWE Universe. But seriously who would the WWE Universe want to end the streak? Mysterio is beloved but even the ultimate underdog would not be seen as the man to defeat the Undertaker. Kane? He already had two chances and failed twice. Big Show? Never had a shot to end the streak and honestly could pose the most potential threat.

Could end the streak doesnt mean should. After all who deserves to end the streak? Randy Orton is the resident pyscho of the WWE and has what it takes to punt the Phenom to 19-1. I realize he already tried once but he wont be the only man to try twice, just the only man who could succeed with a second try and in my opinion deserves to. No other superstar has evolved or gotten better than Orton over the years. Big Show might have the knock out punch to put the Dead Man six feet under as well. WrestleMania hasnt always been kind to Show but Show has been great to WrestleMania with his matches against Akibono (not sure if I spelled that even close to right) and Money Mayweather Show has helped WrestleMania be very successful. He may be the most deserving man to end the streak. Cena is WWEs superman and is this generations Hulk Hogan. But does he deserve to end the streak, he is a company man and the children love him. But does that give him the right to do what no other has done. The Rock? The Peoples Champ could very well end the Undertakers streak as The Great One is the only one to beat both Austin and Hogan on the Grandest stage of them all. Beating both the Icons who dominated their respected eras could very well earn The Rock the opportunity to defeat the man who dominated WrestleMania.

Should the streak end it really necessary for Undertaker to lose at all? Undertaker really has no reason to pass any torch as no one will ever be able to take the place of the Undertaker. His spot in the WWE will never be able to filled by anyone else and his absence will be felt.

You be the judge...tell me what you think and give me some feedback.

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  1. Saiga's Avatar
    how can you compare cena's winning ways to undertaker's streak???????????
  2. William17's Avatar
    I am hoping that a young star that needs the push to become the companies next big thing gets to break it. Someone like Dibiase or Jack Swagger.
  3. furlaa's Avatar
    Your kidding when ya say Orton has evovled over the years, yerh he has uptil 2009
    now hes stale and boring, people say SuperCena
    please its SuperOrton now, soo over this guy, no more tweener
    heel or nothing!
  4. nrb6304's Avatar
    I honestly think that Undertaker's streak WILL be broken. He'll be 20-1. BUT, I think that whoever DOES beat the streak will be the choice of The Undertaker. Not McMahon, not Triple H, not Gewaritz (or however you spell it), but The Undertaker. I've said this before somewhere else on the sight but Undertaker is like Andre The Giant- If he doesn't wanna lose he won't.

    I don't think that Swagger or Dibiase are the next "face" of the company. Swagger? Been there done that look what happened. Dibiase? Not really that good in the ring or mic. Nothing like his dad.

    I think that IF it happens it would be Sheamus. It's the only thing Sheamus CAN DO that won't look like a step backwards
  5. NaterD4's Avatar
    Big Show has had an opportunity to end the streak. Big Show and Albert took on Undertaker at Wrestlemania 19.
  6. dai hbk frayne's Avatar
    the only man that sud end the streak is hbk they two match of the year the two greatest wm matches ever thou 25 was better than 26 but 26 still great if hbk doesnt then leave the streak there ftu! And show tried wm 19
  7. Dax's Avatar
    How is punting people in the head not being a tweener? Lol.
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