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Christian's Last Window

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It doesn't take much, actually scratch that, any effort to find someone (or a large group) of people saying "Christian should be [WWE Branded] Champion!" in-fact it's almost become a bit of a running gag. However, I'm not here to argue whither or not he deserves to be a champion. What I'm here to argue is that window is about to shut... permanently.

To understand my reasoning, I must first go back in time, and you may notice a trend.

This is the Entire List of WWE/WHC that earned their first WWE Branded World title since Summerslam 2004, followed by their age and time since joining the TV Roster, in order by date of title obtained.

Name - Age (Appx) - Tenure (Appx)
Randy Orton - 24.2 yo - 2.3 yrs
John Cena - 28.0 yo - 2.8 yrs
Batista - 36.2 yo - 3.0 yrs
Edge - 32.2 yo - 6.8 yrs
Rey Mysterio - 31.3 yo - 3.8 Yrs

RVD - 35.5 yo - 4.9 Yrs
Great Khali - 34.9 yo - 1.3 Yrs
CM Punk - 29.6 yo - 4.0 Yrs
Jeff Hardy - 31.3 yo - 10.3 Yrs
Sheamus - 31.9 yo - 0.5 Yrs

Jack Swagger - 28.0 yo - 1.6 Yrs
The Miz - 30.1 yo - 4.5 Yrs
Dolph Ziggler - 30.5 yo - 5.4 Yrs

Average: 31.1 Years Old - 3.9 Years Tenure

Now you might be asking: What trend?

Of those listed above, 3 of them earned their titles based on circumstance: RVD -- ECW Revival, Khali -- India market, and Mysterio -- Eddie Guerrero. Then there's Jeff Hardy, the odd ball for tenure. Well, he became champion simply because of his massive popularity. While it may be argued if he was sober he would have became one earlier, the WWE generally doesn't put "First Titles" on a superstar who has been there forever. The reason? The Ceiling. You know what you're getting in an more tenured superstar, and if they're not world class, it's doubtful they ever will be. Christian has solid popularity, but he's not 2009 Jeff Hardy level, nor does he fill a circumstance.

Of the "non-circumstance" champions, this is your average:
30.1 yo, 3.4 yrs

Here's Christian: 37.3 yo, 12.5 yrs

This is important when you compare Christian to other potential champions:**
Alberto Del Rio - 33.8 yo - 0.6 yrs
Daniel Bryan - 29.8 yo - 1.1 yrs
John Morrison - 31.5 yo - 7 yrs
Kofi Kingston - 30.2 yo - 3.2 yrs
Wade Barrett - 30.6 yo - 1.1 yrs

**Your Personal List may vary

Now granted he held the NWA Championship, and I not going to dispute his world-class skills. However, since he hasn't held a WWE one yet, he has everything working against him. For discussions sake, let's say Christian earned his first at Summerslam 2011. He would be just under 38 years old, with about 13 years of WWE/TNA competition weighing on his body. Captain Obvious states he wouldn't have much left in the tank to give as a World-Title Level athlete.

Now of course he hasn't had too many injuries and could probably go for a few more years. However though, there are two major issues. The first is that his promotion to World-Title level is going to take away or delay a younger and less worn out superstar's opportunity. [See Above] The other is the lack of long term financial return of investment, older athletes miss more house shows, and also he might be one of the worst sellers of merchandise given his popularity in WWE history. Don't believe me? His current adult T-Shirts for sale on pre-date

Despite all of what I said though, you can feel it, and WWE has hinted it over the Edge/Del Rio feud. The Edge and Christian reunion is pretty much a guarantee (a Retro E&C T-Shirt is on sale), and it's probably Christian's last chance at a major push. This very well could end with him earning his first world title if it ends with a Edge or Del Rio feud, and lead to possibly even multiple reigns if it's well received. However, you can also feel if he squanders it, or creative pulls the plug on it... It's over, the window will be shut, he will never be a WWE Branded World Champion, and he will be the 2011 equivalent of Vader.

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  1. wrestlinggrl77's Avatar
    I think they should give Christian the title at Wrestlemania, what better way to start his "push" then to win a wrestlemania match. Edge is winding down so it's Christian's turn to shine. Finally! Captain Charisma all the way!
  2. NigelBarks's Avatar
    i agree with knox, and plus he has a good finisher thats better than most wrestlers, wade barrets "wasteland"? so simple
  3. Beezie"TheFuture"Carter's Avatar
    Good job!! I am a huge fan of Christian's since the E&C days and especially since 2003 when, at a House Show in Mobile, I saw him bring down teh house with an opening match with Charie Haas that was simply the greatest WRESTLING match I have ever seen in my 30 years of fandome. I also agree with the E's disreguard for the prestige of their titles. The Tag Team Championships have become a joke. The IC/US Titles, while being respectfully held by Daniel Bryan and Kofi, have become afterthoughts in the wrestling conciousness. Instead of thrusting the younger stars into the WWE/WHC spotlight, why not build their background with legitimate reigns as IC/US Champs like those before them, ie Brett Hart, Macho Man, HBK.
  4. Bob Bowman's Avatar
    He deserves it. point blank.
  5. Trips88's Avatar
    That was a great blog! Not to often you get to read a blog with mathematical reasoning as well as good point making. Great job!
  6. Rick BoA's Avatar
    If they give christian the title i think it will only be out of respect for what he has done for the company. He doesnt have the look, isnt marketable and is not that popular.

    But i would not be against giving him a few months with the belt.
  7. trasler's Avatar
    @Rick BoA - I completely disagree. People fail to see the bigger picture, sure he wont have the same Mech sales as Rey, Cena and Orton, but him being the champ wont effect their sales either. He is marketable for the furture, by making the title more credible, it allows the future champions to be able to really be marketed as real champions.

    - pluss once E & C finally get back together your telling me that thy will have poor mech sales?

    - not that popular? are u actually kidding, considering how little WWE push him, his crowd reaction is pretty fucking impressive.
    anyhow, he will be like a Beniot champion, have a standing ovation everytime out of respect rather than a women and children cena / orton pop.
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